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I Didnít Have the Epiphanies/Visual/Audio
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by ChooseMoose
Citation:   ChooseMoose. "I Didnít Have the Epiphanies/Visual/Audio: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp115806)". Oct 9, 2021.

T+ 0:00
  oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 2:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (dried)


This was my first time trying mushrooms, not weed but I used the weed later into it (from what I read it either enhanced or canceled the mushroom effects). Iím a little scientific so I noted times and what I felt, not everything but generally what I was feeling after certain times.

[Background] I felt fine, maybe a little tired from the day but not too bad. I was by myself this first time but I made sure to make it a good environment. I set up a whole station of stuff to do including watercolor, guitar, Lofi hip hop music on the TV, and a mystery book to read. As for taking it they were dried and I chewed it really quick (one bag / tasted like moldy drywall, taste not texture) and swallowed which was hard and washed with some water. Maybe I should have chewed more but it was kinda nasty. This is 0 minutes I used. I also heard they taste like actual shit but I thought more moldy/sweaty taste, still not great but better than poop.

[0 minutes/baseline] slightly tired. Laying on the couch. Still setting some small things up.

[12 min] Little head high almost like a beer, slight ball in my throat (probably from choking it down). I have lofi hip hop playing and am reading my mystery book. Not much of a sick feeling but stomach felt scrunched.

[1 hr] A bit tired, definite head high, no hallucinations/normal stuff I read that happens. I put down my book to watercolor, feeling a bit more mind visualization things when I close my eyes. I lay down occasionally on the couch but not falling asleep just laying with my eyes closed.

[1hr22min] feeling the Ďtripí but not so much when my eyes are open. Closing them I can direct what I see otherwise it looks like a real player audiovisualizer if I donít focus (playing to that lofi hiphop). Itís kind of like a fever dream or one where you nap just the right amount of time to really see your dreams and remember them vividly in my experience, maybe able to direct them if you donít wake up. I thought I was losing my breath though a little for a while and felt like I was breathing really deep or forgot to breathe sometimes I guess as I was laying down.

At some point I started doing watercolor and could just sit up with my eyes closed to imagine really cool paintings but Iím not that good to not draw/sketch what I saw within 5 minutes so I lost a lot. Mainly I saw black canvases (or a black mass that seemed to flow like water paint things) with regrowth or decay ie. (1) a hand in a slight curled position flaking off as ash (these were black) like in horror movies but with a barely recognizable person falling as an asteroid in the left hand side of the picture and (2) burnt woods popping up bright green saplings from a scorched earth. I also thought about my gf a lot and how I really appreciate her along with a visualization of a beer can trying to enter my force field area around me (not sure where that came from but Iíve been wanting to cut back on drinking a bit now and it probably entered my thoughts).

[about 2 hours, undocumented in notes] I smoked a bowl of weed to hopefully boost the mushrooms effects, but it seems to have killed the effects of the mushrooms drastically instead. They were waning but thought a boost might help. I did eat a little bit of animal crackers since I was feeling hungry but not much. Kind of just head high and not so much of the mind visualization as before.

[2hr45min] The weed has kicked in and I ate a burrito. Not much left of the trip.

[next day] I feel pretty good, appreciative of what Iíve learned or thought about. Still canít draw/watercolor but thatís ok Iíll finish it another time since I noted what I thought of. Maybe itís the time of year or some coincidences but I feel like Iím smelling stuff I havenít smelled in a while or am more aware of it at least, I guess feeling more?

[summary] Dried they taste like moldy drywall (taste not texture), personally I didnít have the epiphanies/visual/audio that seem to be associated with what I hear a lot or as much, but it did help me reflect on what I find important. For me I really only had much of anything closing my eyes and just listening/thinking, otherwise it was just kind of a head high it seemed. And for me when I smoked weed it killed the other part of the Ďtripí even though it seemed to be waning. OveralI feel a bit more connected to life/feeling whereas before small things may have gone unnoticed. Iíll do it again (for what I have left) but maybe find a better way to get it down that isnít too prep intensive.

What I did: (1) Listened to good music, I liked the lofi hiphop channel I had, I just made sure it was repeated or the 24hr streams they do. (2) Had more things to do than not, if I got bored I wouldnít want to be running around the house trying to find a certain activity. (3) Didn't have people calling me or interrupting, (4) I didnít need them but I wrote things to myself to calm myself down if need be i.e. donít panic, you got this, you're just on shrooms just in case I did start feeling anxious (5) This one I did for myself because I thought it would have more of an impact with the experience but it was a mild one: I thought of what I want to change or be better at. Whatever I thought of really did seem to manifest in some way as a thought and it seemed pretty obvious what those were.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115806
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Oct 9, 2021Views: 315
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Combinations (3), Music Discussion (22), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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