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Stunning and Scared
by bobo
Citation:   bobo. "Stunning and Scared: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp11642)". Sep 11, 2020.

Eighth oz oral Mushrooms (dried)


This was the first time I ever tried shrooms. Well my friends and I took a short little road trip and we took some shrooms at a hotel. My friend told me to bring some vitamin c, so I had some 1000mcg of vitamin c chewable about 20minutes before I ate the shrooms. At the hotel my friend opens up some little box and a bag. He divided up the shrooms and handed me a bag. He told me to eat it all not just the spores but everything of the mushroom. Chewed everything in my mouth like crazy and drank some Dr pepper with it and then some more vitamin c. I ate about what my friend thought was an eight, he told me later it was a lot more he thinks. This was about 10pm. Well we had a babysitter who just drank vodka and watched us so none thing to worry about like jumping in front of cars or anything.

After awhile watching TV I started to get a body high like 40minutes later, I sat in a chair and looked at my friends just thinking I was getting drunk and we left the room and got some food at a gas station. I was walking up a small hill and the gas station suddenly looked farther away then I thought. I also felt weird walking up the slant of the road. I was getting a good body high and felt like I was getting drunk but not out of control, I did have some trouble walking.

When I got back to my room maybe around 11:30pm I entered in and it looked cloudy and reddish. I sat on the bed and lay back and the paintings in the room looked like they were 3D, I was feeling warm and sat up and looked in a mirror and everything behind me looked like it was some other dimension and I stared at it for awhile and then I looked at my friends just staring at the TV.

I then glanced at the guy drinking vodka and next I knew my other friend flew like a lightening flash and jumped on the guy drinking vodka, I was like HOLY SHIT what happened? Then next I knew I saw myself moving lighting fast standing up and hopping around and flying waving my arms and sat down. I then said again HOLY SHIT what happened? I thought it was really funny and fell on the floor laughing for awhile while my friends complained I got the best shrooms and probably more than an eighth.

We left the room for the outdoors for some better visuals. Well we stood outside in a parking lot for awhile and I looked at a tree and it was all bright red leaves at the middle of the night. I walked over and wasnít getting much visuals and I needed to take a piss so I went behind some bus and took a piss and looked at my piss. There was a bunch of flies or something swimming in the piss and then I said to myself they werenít flies but maggots or something then I was disgusted about it, next the maggots turned into red snakes swimming in blood. I almost freaked out when I thought one came towards me.

I then glanced at my friends and I had been standing straight up without moving for some long time and they freaked out looking at me. They said I looked very scary, but I myself also during this time started to get scared. I had this eerie feeling someone was standing right behind me and it was scary as I felt someone touch me like it was some ghost I was so damn petrified and I would glance back totally terrified.
I felt someone touch me like it was some ghost I was so damn petrified and I would glance back totally terrified.
I then walked over to my friends and we talked for a second and my friend also went and took a piss trying to trip also.

I then looked at a bunch of grass, saw a cows head in the tree and the grass suddenly brought sunlight from heaven in my mind and the grass turned into a woolly blanket and a sprinkler looked like a little man and I couldnít here what he was saying to me. I freaked when he talked I had a shot of adrenaline or something shoot through my system. I then after watching him went over to my friend who was staring at a car and I glanced at the car and we talked. As we talked I could see what we were talking about.

We talked about the car turning into a monster and staring us down. I got pissed and said I'm going up to it and checking this out since I was sure it was then I wasnít sure. As I walked down the hill I looked at the street and saw this white bump, it looked like a slug eating the road and moving down the road. I ran up close to it and glanced at it. Suddenly when it I stood looking at it I saw a bunch of rainbows jump up and swill around like some computer screensaver and damn I was amazed watching this show and after awhile watching the show I walked around and looked at it from different angles watching needle thin rainbow colors swilling around in circles and then into a big spherical globe of threads moving around.

I glanced at the slug on the road. I thought what is this thing that looks like jello moving around. Well it moved down the road and seeing this was amazing since I was just looking at something that just maybe moving in the wind. I then ran up to it and kicked it and it was just a white shopping bag with some cookies in another bag. I opened that bag and dumped it out on the road and it looked like a bunch of small little houses and I was in a plane looking down at it that was cool.

I then heard a police siren and took off running back to my room in total panic. Apparently something else happened that one of us did while on our trips that deserves a whole other story. Well sitting back in the room probably around 1:30am I felt nothing and figured it was over. After eating some chips and listen to my friends I just chilled then. Well I walked and got a soda at a machine came back and when I lay on my bed I started to feel another trip.

I closed my eyes and listened to music I then got some great mental trip, I was thinking of some forest painting and I jumped in and the colors all run and I was thinking about being in the forest and walking around it felt very real and incredible. It was like dreaming when I was asleep but I was awake felt like I was in control of it. I then heard some techno and I opened my eyes and closed them and I felt like I was in some spherical shape and the sides were folding and it was black inside that felt weird but it was short.

I lay on my back and felt like I was sinking back into the bed I lay with my eyes closed but I was sure I was actual looking at the end of the bed but with my eyes closed. That was awesome and scary as I would open my eyes and believe I was looking at someone who was sitting on a chair at my feet and when I opened my eyes the person was suddenly vanished and that was weird. I lay back and held my hands over my eyes and was there for awhile and I was feeling nice all over my body and it touched my body and I thought some weirdo thing Ė I thought a small midget Indian was pulling my toes but I sat up and looked at the edge of the bed and it wasnít there.

Well I lay there and next I knew I had this girl I knew in my lap like I was fucking her and her face turned into other girls I knew but that lasted for a short time I opened my eyes since my friend jumped on the bed. I told my friends and they started to screw with me. I lay again and had my eyes closed and one of them leaned over with his face next to him and yelled boo and that was nothing but like five seconds later I thought he did it again and he didnít and that was spooky and something else happened as I imagined my other friend saying some funny stuff and I fell off the bed laughing.

Well after that long laugh I went to the bathroom and started to feel really bad about myself. I felt very depressed and unhappy as I thought about stuff. I lay on my bed and thought I was a huge loser and shamed everyone I knew. I just slumped into bed and took awhile to fall asleep. I started at 10:00pm when I ate the shrooms and fell asleep at something like 3-4am. I lay on the bed from 1:30 to 3:00 and near the end it was going in waves, I would lay there out of it and now and then I would trip, I was trying to trip just concentrating on it and eventually getting lucky as it would come and go. From 3-4am as I lay there I was just feeling really unpleasant about myself for an hour.

I donít think I will do shrooms anytime soon as this drug was really not much fun, totally not much of a party drug and not something to feel good. I felt bad about myself for awhile after doing it. It was such a thinking drug and I had to concentrate on things to get images, that was a lot of work. Iíd rather get drunk and hit on girls then stare at trees and cars in the middle of nowhere. Also the feelings of someone standing right behind me or around made me petrified out as I would glance around. I donít think I get the scared feeling across in this synopsis I had gotten, now and then I felt like my soul was pulled from my body when I had the feeling a ghost or someone was standing behind me. I was so frightened with my neck snapping back to see who was behind me and no one there.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11642
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 11, 2020Views: 1,310
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Mushrooms (39) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Guides / Sitters (39), Entities / Beings (37), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), General (1)

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