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Meeting the Eternal Mushroom Tribe
Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Cannabis
Citation:   Daisuk. "Meeting the Eternal Mushroom Tribe: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Cannabis (exp116447)". Jan 10, 2023.

1.3 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
I'm not an extremely experienced tripper, but I've done LSD probably 7-8 times, mushrooms 10-12 times, mescaline a few times and so on - but I've not experienced anything like last night.

My wife and I ate 1 gram dried Golden Teacher and 0,3 gram of Treasure Coast (it was supposed to be a good combo, according to my plug). It was strangely a quite mild trip, but also, absolutely incredible. It's the first trip where I've tried to use blindfolds, and just lie back and experience - and holy cow!

One of the first things I experience when putting the blindfolds on is this net of what seems like mycelium is just padding me, cradling me in, and my whole body just feels cuddled by this presence - then all of these tiny people just emerge with these incredibly kind smiles on their faces, and they approach me and while they're all giving me kisses and hugs, they tell me that they are either my actual forefathers or a way for me to communicate with our forefathers, I wasn't entirely clear on that. And there's this warm embrace that lasts for a good while, and I'm finding myself deeply touched, uncontrollably crying, but at the same time absolutely euphoric. It's like connecting with someone from the past, that you thought wasn't there, but they were after all.

Anyway, I draw a lot, and these mushroom people are telling me how either my art (or quite possibly art in general) is the language of the universe, it's this universal thing that connects us with the past and the future simultaneously. Anyways, I'm encouraged to keep on drawing and creating, as it's a form of spiritual communication, if you will, they tell me this over and over, like they want me to spread some sort of gospel, and I'm like "yeees, I accept, I will help you do this", haha.

Then it's like I'm taken to a banquet, full on absurd-theater with the most spectacular sights that can't really be described, it's just so gorgeous and beautiful - and it's like a party, but there's always something in the way ... I can't quite see the party, so I wonder what the problem is. And I always get stuck thinking about something, thoughts are racing at this point, so what exactly that gets me stuck is hard to describe - but what this mushroom entity is trying to tell me over and over again is - try to step back, listen to the silence, quiet down the noise - and when you do that, welcome back to the party! As soon as I managed to quiet down my mind, the party just erupts in these explosions of colors and joy, and I feel absolute bliss like I've never felt before.

And there's always this presence. It feels extremely powerful, but kind. I've felt presences on trips before, but not like this. Many times during the trip I was absolutely certain that I was in the presence of another sentient being, many many times more intelligent than myself. A lot of the time, it feels like I'm part of a sort of ceremony celebrating the universe and creation. At one point I'm seeing the life cycle of a person, and how the atoms that makes that person is recycled into the universe, and how the universe is this huge garden of different molecules that all interact with one another, and humans are this branch of reality that can actually push and direct the molecules. We're also just these experience pods that the universe uses to experience itself somehow, I saw humans on top of a cross section of the earth, and they were all tethered to this gigantic net of mycelium that perforated everything in the universe - and we were all part of the same breathing organism.

That was a recurring theme. It kept telling me, "the mushrooms is just a tool, what we're trying to tell you is that the entire universe is dependent on everything in it, and we're all part of the same thing". And there was this ... jokester funny vibe every now and then, like I was being lead in on a secret or something, I was laughing quite a lot, and every now and then the entities came back to me and either hugged med or kissed me or something.

It was also emphasized a lot how much noise there is around us, and that we all had the capacity to quiet the noise simply by being aware of it existing. And that's like the secret. There's this plane of consciousness that's always accessible to us, if we just remember it, and at that place, in its own way, it's always a party or a sense of being allowed to just exist and be happy. "You deserve to be happy" just kept repeating itself.
"You deserve to be happy" just kept repeating itself.

Every once in a while, I had to go take a piss (in the real world), and met up with my wife - and incredibly - she had the same fucking experience! She had also met these mushroom entities, had hugged with them, and they had also spoken to her about the noise and about living without fear and so on! What! Incredible.

I was repeatedly told to seek out fellow mushroom heads to speak with them about my experience, so this is that. I was told repeatedly that there could come a time where using mushrooms in a religious context on a mass scale could be of great benefit to the human kind, but that it could also be used for sinister purposes, and that we should be aware of that. Having visited this plane is not some sort of VIP club pass, but an experience that should nurture compassion for all living beings in the universe. We're all struggling. Show compassion. Don't concede to cynicism and exclusion and so on.

Another thing that was repeated was how humans and mushrooms are this perfect symbiosis, it's a level of evolution or development if you will of the universe, where it can experience itself, and should therefore be cultivated. The mushrooms were sort of the guardians of this relationship, we're simply the experience vessels, but I also got the message that the mushroom entity took great joy in experiencing through us.

I know all of this sound a bit crazy, of course. I kept thinking how I would communicate this experience to people without sounding like a lunatic, but I'm not sure I can. The thinking during the trip is a thing to behold. It's very clear and concise, and a lot of times I felt I was being communicated through not only by what I was seeing and what I was being told from the outside (however that happened), but also by my own actual thoughts. Like there was this order and clearheadedness to my thoughts that aren't there in every day life.

Oh, and whenever all the information about how the universe were stitched together wasn't there, and the party erupted, the message was clear - it's all love on that plane of consciousness. It's all about love. Being friendly with everyone around you, kind hearted and showing compassion for other people's struggles. And every time I embraced that, the entities just kissed me back in this huge cataclysmic erupting vortex of kisses - I had goosebumps over my entire body.

What an incredible experience it was. Yet, at the same time, I was never scared, and it actually felt like a pretty mild trip! I don't know how that can be, but it just felt so nice and gentle, I was never as far "away" as I've been on LSD, for instance. It was just so mellow, yet blissful at the same time.

So yeah, mushrooms eh? Damn. We can change the world.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116447
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37
Published: Jan 10, 2023Views: 565
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66), Cannabis (1) : General (1), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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