Mushrooms - P. semilanceata & Cannabis (extract)
Citation:   Jason N.. "Meltdown: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. semilanceata & Cannabis (extract) (exp116480)". Jan 10, 2023.

1.5 - 4.5 g oral Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (dried)
  0.13 g   Cannabis - High THC (extract)
Magic Mushroom Meltdown

I had been around friends that were under the influence of Shrooms quite a few times. So I had many opportunities to try it. I had done some research and figured it wasnít for me. I hadnít done any drugs in my life at the time except for Marijuana. I had been smoking heavily for a little over a year at this point. It was the weekend before my 22nd birthday and a few friends were asking me to trip some Shrooms with them to celebrate my special day early. I wasnít down for it and I waved it off. I enjoyed the night sober watching them trip.

Later on that week two days after my birthday had passed, my cousin had came across some more Mushrooms and asked me if I was interested. This time I said yes. I didnít feel pressured. Iím not sure why, but I had a glimpse of interest that day. I didnít really enjoy my birthday so I figured it would be a cool experience and something different that would make up for it.

So my cousin and I were sitting at home later that night. As bored as can be, we made our way to the kitchen and cooked us a pizza to cover the taste of the mushrooms. Being my first time I was nervous, so I only ate 1.5 dried grams of shrooms. My cousin has a hard time swallowing the shrooms because of the taste. I personally didnít mind it too much and it wasnít a bother to consume. We ate them as if they were normal pizza toppings.

I was anticipating the trip too hard and getting nervous, realizing it was too late to turn back. I started to feel the high from the shroom dose about 40 minutes after consumption.
I started to feel the high from the shroom dose about 40 minutes after consumption.
This made me more nervous now that Iím feeling some effects. Naturally I tried to ignore it and just have fun gaming with my cousin. As the come up started to be noticeable I was filled with laughter and happiness. No longer scared of the trip. During the come up I saw almost no visual effects. I felt a fuzzy high in my head and a relaxing body high during the entire come up. It gradually got more intense until the peak. Nothing overwhelming and it was a great fun experience. Nothing intense happened at all.

Two days after my 1.5 gram trip, I wanted to try it again. This time I ate 2.5 dried grams of shrooms. I didnít mind the taste the first time, so I ate them straight up this time. 40 minutes after consumption I felt the high kicking in. Lots of yawning and eye watering came with this trip. The high intensified the same as last time, until I reached my peak. This time on my come up, I noticed lights to be slightly brighter than normal. It was visually pleasing. When I reached my 2.5 gram peak, I noticed walls seemed to vibrate slightly, lights were brighter, and faces and objects seemed to be slightly wavy. I felt in a state of confusion two or three times. Thatís mostly all that happened, nothing intense.

The very next day after my 2.5 gram trip, I wanted to trip again with my cousin and two friends. I felt that the 2.5 gram trip was boring and that I could handle more. Friends were down to eat 2 grams but not anything more. I personally chose to eat 4.5 grams. One of my friends who had tripped a number of times more than me, said he knew a way to get more from your shrooms. He introduced me to a practice called LemonTek. You soak your shrooms in either lemon or orange juice for half an hour before consumption. It makes the trip twice as intense, so I was told. I soaked my mushrooms in orange juice and 30 minutes later we were all ready to eat our shrooms. I kinda had to drink mine but it all went down. There I was, waiting patiently for my trip to begin.

20 minutes after ingesting the 4.5 dried grams of mushrooms, I could already feel the come up happening fast and intense. I felt a strong overwhelming amount of energy inside of me. Extreme excitement and joy overcame me about 35 minutes after consumption. After about 45 minutes I was experiencing many more things than I had before. Everything was waving and breathing very intensely. Everything that was white had a rainbow glare to it. Lights seemed extremely bright and looked as if I had astigmatism. Sounds were highly intensified as if they were coming from inside of my head. My peripheral vision was blurred and my field of view seemed widely expanded. This was much stronger than before.

I had to pee, so I figured I would go before things got too intense. I went to the bathroom already tripping pretty hard. When I got in the bathroom, I looked in the mirror. For some reason, my reflection didnít seem to be moving. I felt and saw myself moving in person, but my reflection was still. That scared me a little so I turned away from the mirror and proceeded to pee. After urinating, I looked into the toilet and flushed it. The white porcelain toilet appeared to turn pitch black, swirling, and pulling me into the drain. I blinked and snapped out of it, slightly scared. It felt as real as anything Iíve ever experienced. So it did startle me. I realized I need to go be around friends so I walked to the door and stepped out into the living room where my 3 buddies were. It seemed as if I stepped out of his bathroom door 30 times. Over and over and I couldnít make it stop. I was thrown into a loop. This also startled me and caused some anxiety. So I went and sat on the couch accompanied by my friends.

As I sat quietly on the couch, I felt and saw everything start vibrating more and more intense. Everything got brighter and more colorful until all I could see were bright colors mixed together. I heard sounds all cluttered together getting progressively louder. It felt, looked, and sounded like I was being blasted out of a rocket flying through a cartoon at hyper speed. Suddenly all of the chaos turned calm and quiet. I suddenly saw myself in 3rd person as if I were standing behind myself sitting in the floor. I felt like it looked like me, but I knew it wasnít me. I came to a realization that I wasnít the body, I was the mind and soul.

I saw myself literally become transparent and disperse into millions of particles. Then everything went completely black. I could no longer see my friends or the reality we live in. I could no longer hear them. I could no longer speak with my words. I felt as if I didnít exist anymore. I could hear myself think, which made me know I was still here. I just didnít know weíre here was. At this point I was in a great panic. Extremely overwhelmed and completely psyched out in my mind.

After this panic started, I had extreme experiences. My perception of time was altered so greatly that I felt like thousands of years had gone by. I felt like I was in a black hole alone for eternity with nothing but my imagination and thought. I was convinced that that was the beginning and the end. I felt like I was at the source of all creation. As if I were just energy and consciousness in a non physical form of life. Being that it felt like I was there for eternity, I had became okay with it. I accepted my experience as my death because thatís what I thought had happened. I was fully convinced that after thousands of years like this, I must be dead.

This is where it got spiritual. After being convinced and fully believing I was dead, I had to accept it. Accept that I didnít get to say goodbye. Accept that I didnít get to accomplish so many things. Accept that I would never see anyone again, it was just me and my consciousness alone forever. It humbled me and made me sorry for many things. It made me wish I were a better person when I had the chance. I felt regret stronger than Iíve ever felt it. I felt sadness stronger than Iíve ever felt it. I felt fear stronger than Iíve ever felt it. This experience allowed me to feel emotions much stronger than the human body is naturally capable of feeling. I felt like I had thousands of years to think and question and make sense of all that Iíve learned. Which lead to new knowledge and realizations.

The experience seemed to calm down after 3 hours of intensity. This is when I snapped back into reality. Coming back to reality and realizing I was still alive was the weirdest experience of my life. I felt so happy and grateful to be alive. Yet after being somewhere else for thousands of years, being back here on earth just didnít feel like home. It didnít feel real anymore. I was confused because I was sure I wasnít coming back.

As the weeks passed on, I started to notice I felt strange. I still had waving visuals, extreme fuzziness in my forehead, constantly day dreaming or zoning out, sleeping a lot, uncontrollable thoughts, panic attacks, lucid dreams, expanded field of view, light sensitivity, etc. I feel as if I still had effects of the trip. I believe that I developed HPPD, PTSD, DDD, psychosis and PD from the trip. It was a very traumatic experience for me because I didnít know everything I needed to know before I had this experience. I learned to deal with it and slowly and gradually after 8-10 months I felt like I was back to normal
after 8-10 months I felt like I was back to normal
. I no longer feel any effects from the trip.

I didnít express my full experience because I canít even remember my full experience. I saw and heard things that are not explainable or perceivable to our minds. I feel I have genuinely experienced a breakthrough, enlightenment, opening my third eye, and ego death. This experience is not for everyone.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116480
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Jan 10, 2023Views: 333
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