Testing a Home-Grown Psychedelic Part 2
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
Citation:   Soma91. "Testing a Home-Grown Psychedelic Part 2: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp116654)". Erowid.org. Sep 20, 2022. erowid.org/exp/116654

T+ 0:00
2 g oral Mushrooms (tea)
  T+ 2:30   smoked Cannabis (tea)
After successfully harvesting a good amount of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms for the first time, my boyfriend M decided to give it another go this year. As he was more experienced this time, he could substantially improve the whole process and the yield was considerably increased.

Once the first batch was harvested, they were left to air-dry for a week before we tried them. This time we decided that we’d make a tea with them instead of directly ingesting them. So, around 6 pm on a Saturday afternoon, M chopped some of the mushrooms – 3 g for him and 2 g for me – and placed each dose in a mug. Then he boiled some water and after letting it cool down for a few minutes, he added it to the mugs along with herbal tea bags, honey and a few drops of lemon juice. We let the teas sit for 15 minutes and then proceeded to drink them. It tasted like a regular tea, only a bit cooler.

T: 0 – + 1:00: The come up was pretty fast, and within 20 minutes we were already feeling it. My stomach felt strange, I felt uneasy although not nauseous. We decided to lay down on the bed and put some music on, as was the original plan. The entire come-up lasted about an hour, during which I felt tense, especially in my hands and feet. I was also clenching my jaw. It was the familiar yet uncomfortable bodily sensation before reaching an altered state of mind.

T: + 1:00: The come-up was finally over, and we were able to relax. Keeping my eyes open made me feel dizzy at this point, so I kept them closed. The music started working its magic: subtle but colorful closed-eye visuals perfectly illustrated all the amazing sounds, and my brain felt like it was getting a full massage. I did not feel confused at all, but instead very awake and clear-minded. Our bodies were completely relaxed and felt heavy; I particularly enjoyed feeling my calm breath as my chest slowly moved up and down.

T: +1:30: Probably the most moving part of the trip. My eyes were closed, and I felt a small breeze on my forehead for a split second. I thought that the window might be open, but as I opened my eyes, I realized this was not the case. Then I thought it might have been a mosquito. However, I allowed myself to wonder, funnily, ‘what it if was my grandma trying to reach me?’. She passed away five months ago and I obviously did not believe it was actually my grandma, but the mere pondering of this triggered a special, almost mystical experience. I started re-living in my head many times that we shared together, and in my thoughts, I thanked her for taking care of me, and I told her that I loved her again and again. I cried, silently. The episode was somewhat reminiscent of previous Ayahuasca experiences (the triggering of emotional thoughts and feelings), although the atmosphere was a lot calmer. Tears fell down my face as I smiled, and M did not even notice; on an Ayahuasca journey these emotions seem to be more ‘violently’ expressed, meaning that the crying is louder and stronger. It was a beautiful moment, and the music was the perfect company all along. Oh, M later confirmed the breeze was indeed a mosquito, as he had seen it.
The sun was almost fully set, and the sky showed us all sorts of colors, from deep violet to pink, orange and red. Once it became dark, we spent some time observing how the city was beginning to light up. Everything was nice to admire. We thought about all the people living in the apartments we could see from our windows as they turned the lights on. So peaceful.

T: +2:00: We were in the plateau, very relaxed. Until up to this point, although we were holding hands, each of us was in their own world. As keeping our eyes open became more comfortable, we sat up on the bed and started talking, about the experience, everything and anything. We agreed that these mushrooms are special because they allow us to spare some time just for thinking and wondering about people and life. They are therapeutic in this sense, at least. In everyday life, it is difficult to lay down and just think about things without distractions. If there are really no distractions, closing our eyes usually makes us sleepy, and so we cannot dwell properly on the thoughts. But the mushrooms can do the trick: you can be comfortable, awake, and fully engaged on your thoughts. It is really remarkable.

At about this time, our cat came with us on the bed and it was beautiful, as always. He felt super soft: textures felt incredible under the influence. He also looked mighty, more like a puma (cougar) than a cat. We also ate some candy.

T: +2:30: We were starting to come down. We had thought of re-boiling the mushrooms to get the most out of them, but we did not feel like coming up again at the time. So, instead, we lit a joint, and kept talking in bed while we continued listening to music.

T: +3:00: We finally got out of the bedroom to find our other cat sitting under a moonlight beam that came through the living room window. She was beautiful and seemed happy to see us as the purred and stroked herself against us. We petted her and again admired the softness of her black and white fur. We played some nature videos on mute to visually enhance the music and watched for a while.

T: + 5:00: We were hungry, and we devoured some handmade chicken curry that was left over from the previous night. It was DELICIOUS. Our senses continued to be aroused with the texture, the taste and the spiciness of the food. This is one of the few psychedelics (that I have tried) that actually stimulates my appetite, which I think is wonderful. We were so delighted that we even ordered some ice cream, and also enjoyed it greatly. We did not feel heavy from all the eating, but quite the opposite, we felt comfortably full. We watched an interesting documentary and finally fell asleep around midnight to some more music, completely relaxed. We slept for ten hours straight.

T: +16:00: As we had breakfast, we re-boiled the remainder of the mushrooms in a second tea. Though we were definitely afterglowing, I could not really affirm that they really kicked it.

The following weekend we tried a smaller dose, making tea with 1 g mushrooms each. Surprisingly, I felt just as high as the previous time (with 2 g)
The following weekend we tried a smaller dose, making tea with 1 g mushrooms each. Surprisingly, I felt just as high as the previous time (with 2 g)
, and even felt a steeper and nauseous come-up, which caused me to throw up only 20 minutes after ingestion. This did not seem to alter the effects at all, however. The setting was just like the previous experiment, and this time I took time to think about my dad and things we could do together, and I even found some answers. We centered the trip again around the music, and this time we chose to listen to The Dark Side of the Moon – a psychedelic classic. The sounds were from out of this world. Our little Bluetooth speaker transformed into a huge, surround professional soundsystem. We could feel each vibration in our body and pick up particular details that we had never heard before. And again, since we could only focus on the music, it felt like the rest of our minds were truly resting; therapeutic indeed.

Overall, we are really happy with this season’s harvest, and it’s not even over yet. We are currently looking forward to trying smaller and smaller doses each time and comparing the effects.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116654
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Sep 20, 2022Views: 709
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