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Not Everything Unexpected Is Bad
Citation:   jimothyhalpert. "Not Everything Unexpected Is Bad: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp116894)". Dec 29, 2022.

1 g oral Mushrooms (capsule)
Time of ingestion (roughly) 8:30 am local time. 1g of powdered mushrooms in capsule form. Note that prior to ingestion I had let my wife know that I was taking mushrooms, so she would be aware of any potentially strange or erratic behavior. I should also note that this was the first day of my weekend and I had an extremely stressful and difficult week at work. I also slept poorly last night and woke up at about 5 am. I have been up ever since.

~9:30 am- I begin to feel a little bit of a come up. Historically, even when microdosing, I can feel the come up slightly, so I assumed that this would be similar. I take a deep breath and remember that this is going to be unlike any dose I致e taken up to this point. I pour myself a glass of water.

~10:15 am- The difference in doses becomes immediately apparent. The come up hits me like a brick through a plate glass window. I start to get cold chills, which strangely is something that has been my experience with marijuana edibles but I had not experienced it with mushrooms.
I start to get cold chills, which strangely is something that has been my experience with marijuana edibles but I had not experienced it with mushrooms.
I put a sweatshirt on and bundle up in some cozy blankets. My eyes and nose are watering, it feels like I have a slight cold and I can not stop yawning. I知 fighting off sleep and I remember that I had a terrible night sleep last night and think about making myself another cup of coffee but decide against it.

~10:40 am- I feel slightly nauseous. I remember that I ate before this trip, which I know is inadvisable. I feel my heart rate start to slowly rise, which for some reason stresses me out, and I repeat to myself that I知 safe, that I知 being guided, and remind myself to let my body take over. I check the psychonaut wiki page for mushrooms, strangely reading more information about what I知 consuming comforts me slightly. I read a couple of good trip reports as well, this adds to the comfort. I then go to the bathroom and have what is the first of several bowel movements.

~11 am- I知 restless on the couch. I assume it痴 my body telling me to move around, so I listen. I do some laundry. I put my clean clothes away and wash our sheets. I am in a very good mood during this, I知 humming and singing to myself and note that the nausea has started to subside, although I知 still very cold and my eyes will not stop watering. I put away a pair of my wife痴 pants and I notice that I知 very interested in how they feel against my skin. I take another bowel movement.

~11:20 am- Another bowel movement. I知 finished with my laundry. I have a thought that my trips to the bathroom are the mushrooms flushing out all of the stress and negative energy from this past week (or it could have been the excessive amount of junk food I consumed the day before lol). I return to the couch, and my wife and I chat for a little bit before she goes back to work in the office. I start to feel significantly less nauseous, particularly when I find a comfortable spot on the couch.

~11: 45 am- I知 laying on the couch watching a light, familiar show, and I again feel my eyes getting extremely heavy. I知 not much of a napper, but I知 all about listening to my body today, and I slept like shit last night, so I close my eyes. My blank space is immediately lit up by visuals. They are an interesting mixture of nature and geometry. I see red, cube shaped waves of water lapping against my feet. Because this is so immediate and involuntary, I reflexively open my eyes and murmur 努hat the fuck to myself under my breath. I then have to remind myself that I知 on mushrooms and close my eyes again. I wouldn稚 describe it as sleeping, I would describe it more like drifting. I see the waves again. I begin to move through them, eventually it痴 like I知 moving at hyper speed, the colors begin to look like a laser show. Even though it痴 chaotic, it痴 beautiful and calming. Every now and then, I open my eyes for something (like one of my dogs pawing at me or a funny joke in the show I知 watching). I close my eyes and get back to drifting.

~12:10 pm- A new episode of the show I知 watching comes on. I feel strangely invigorated despite my lack of sleep. I do a couple of things around the house (vacuum, clean the bathroom, etc) and my productivity feels good. My wife comes back in and we discuss our plans for the rest of the day and how her day of work is going. I feel a tangible plateau and come down starting at this point.

~1:00 pm- At this point, I would say I知 somewhere between 80 and 90 percent sober. My nausea has completely subsided and I知 significantly less tired. The episode of the show I知 watching has a scene in it with a bad drug trip and I laugh at it. My sweatshirt is off and I chuckle at how sweaty my undershirt is. I知 hungry, which is actually a welcome feeling. I have a snack and feel a little jolt of motivation.

~1:30 pm- Now probably between 85-95 percent sober, I decide to go on a run. I let my wife know and tell her I have my phone if she needs anything. I set off on a run. I am not wearing headphone, which is strange for me, but I decide I want to be immersed in nature. My house is near a great running/cycling trail and I am immediately and acutely aware of the nature around me. Squirrels and rabbits run past me, and I notice that I知 paying more attention to them than I normally would. I think about how fortunate I am to be able to go on a run outside. One of the reasons I began microdosing was to help improve my mood as I have some depression issues that worsen in the winter. It痴 currently unseasonably warm and I知 thrilled to be running outside in just a windbreaker and some sweat pants. My running pace is terrible (do not recommend mushrooms as a cardio supplement lol) but I find that I don稚 really care. I go just under 6 miles, and as I approach home, I think about how fortunate I am to have a great home, a great wife, and great dogs to go home to. I feel a sense of warmth crawl over me as I come around my block and up my street. I arrive home at about 2:30 pm.

The rest of the day is pretty ordinary. My wife and I grab a drink at our usual spot, then we go out to dinner for a family member痴 birthday. I recognize that I知 in a much better mood than normal throughout the rest of the day, and go to bed early, fully rested and ready to start a new day.

All in all, the experience was unexpected. There was a distinct lack of some of the more conventional mushroom trip experiences (which, honestly, might have been a dosage issue). However, the pros outweighed the cons. I don稚 think I would do it on a regular basis, but will definitely do it again to see how my experiences compare.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116894
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Dec 29, 2022Views: 596
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Alone (16)

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