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Hugged By The Universe
by ShroomHug
Citation:   ShroomHug. "Hugged By The Universe: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp116962)". Jan 26, 2023.

10 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


A few days ago I had my third mushroom trip and it was an amazing experience :)

The first time I tripped on Shrooms, I took 3g. The second time was 5g, but this time I decided to go big and do a 10 gram trip.

I cooked myself some chicken for lunch (maybe this was a mistake...), then had some fruit in the afternoon a couple of hours before starting. In the evening, I ate the 10g of Shrooms. I'm not a huge fan of the taste so I did need to drink some juice after every few mouthfuls to take the earthy Shroom taste away. I loaded up a nice chill-vibes Youtube radio channel while the effects started to kick in over the next 20 minutes.

After 30 minutes my vision had started to get fuzzy and more vivid/colorful. I started to write down some aims for myself regarding self-improvement and things for this year I want to do. My body was starting to feel really heavy this point (I was sat on the floor), so I I turned off the lights, lit a candle (which created a really cool atmosphere and lighting) and then moved onto the couch to get more comfortable.

I entered into a deep meditation and started to think deeply about a lot of things in my life, my goals, how much I love my family, Christmas, the future. I had my eyes closed thinking these things and felt like I was in a deep trance. It felt like I'd opened a door into my brain/psyche and walked in and started looking around inside my own head at my own thoughts, it was very interesting. The music was also setting a good tone for this, it was very positive-sounding music, but wasn't too fast or overwhelming.

I was removed from my meditative state against my will when some anonymous number rang my phone. I ignored it and was about to resume my peaceful tranquility when they phoned me a second time immediately after. I turned my phone off at this point so it wouldn't happen again and I used it as an opportunity to get some water and use the bathroom instead.

While walking around in the dark, I could see colorful shapes and patterns in the periphery of my vision, purple, orange, blue, green lines and even some kind of religious symbols. I got back to the comfy couch, and where I was kind of sitting forward in deep thought earlier on, I sunk back deep into the seat this time, wrapped in a blanket surrounded by pillows. The first half of my trip had been deep self-analysis, now I was entering the second half of the trip and I started to experience some of the most blissful and relaxing sensations my body and mind have ever felt.

I was wrapped deeply by my warm blanket and felt like the whole universe was giving me a loving warm hug. Despite being alone, I felt an incredible amount of love and loving energy wash over me. The music I was listening to helped set a perfect mood for the trip. I couldn't stop smiling, I had the biggest grin on my face for around 20-30 minutes straight, I just felt so incredibly happy. I genuinely can't remember the last time I smiled that much, it must have been years. This year has been a bit of a tough start for me but it all felt so irrelevant to the incredible happiness I was experiencing.

At this point, a small fart eked out of me without warning and I was snapped out of my blissful trance. It was one of the worst smelling farts I've ever let out and I was holding my nose for the next 5 minutes while it went away. I think this was a sign the chicken was a bad idea because I never had this problem on my last two trips. I also started having a yawning fit not too long after, yawning 4-5 times in the space of a couple of minutes, so I took this as a sign I might be dehydrated. I got up to pee, grab some water and grab another pillow.

I sunk back into the warm couch, engulfed by the blanket. This may sound lame, but after I broke up with my boyfriend a couple of years ago I haven't felt ready to enter another relationship and have been single. I used to love hugging him in general, but also when we took MDMA together the hugs were super magical. Last night I started hugging the pillow tight and it felt so soft and cozy against my face and hands (obviously my pillow is not a long-term replacement for my ex-boyfriend, but last night it did the job well). I was feeling so good, I had so much love inside of me, I was thinking stuff like "Everyone should try this, this is amazing. I love everyone."

My first two Shroom trips were good experiences, but this was on another level.
Some of the best body and mind euphoric feelings I've had in my life were on MDMA, but this Shroom trip rivalled it. I also liked how I could get wrapped up super warm and cozy, whereas doing that on MDMA is a health-risk. I was smiling so much for the next 30-40 minutes my cheeks almost started to ache, feeling so happy, hugging my pillow with the chill music in my headphones. I never wanted it to end.

The only bad part of the rest of the trip was when my laptop died and within 10 seconds of the music stopping, I could hear my neighbors having a loud and aggressive argument. Luckily it was near the end of my trip and I resumed the music pretty soon after, but it's not the idea thing to hear while tripping. I also had to quickly move upstairs a couple of times near the end when I felt like I needed to fart again, I couldn't have that smell coming out again where I was sat. No chicken next time the day of tripping...

One good thing was the first two times I took Shrooms, I ate candy at the same time as the Shrooms to mask the taste. Those two trips I ended up throwing up. This time, I didn't eat any candy and I didn't throw up thankfully.

On the comedown I felt very relaxed and refreshed. I had a beer and went to bed a couple of hours later after browsing Reddit and slept with no issues. This is a big difference to my comedowns on LSD where my mind races and I have to knock myself out with a Xanax to be able to fall asleep.

10/10 trip. One of my best ever drug experiences. It's a crime against humanity that Shrooms are a controlled substance imo.

Exp Year: 2023ExpID: 116962
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Jan 26, 2023Views: 165
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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