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Waking Death
by phirst tube
Citation:   phirst tube. "Waking Death: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp12044)". Oct 8, 2018.

3.5 g oral Mushrooms


This was my second experience with mushrooms and boy was it overwhelming. The first time I ate less than a half and eighth and only had mild effects. Mostly lighting changes and shifty movements. Anyway, prior to the experience (the day before, tripped friday, so this is thursday), My friend and I spent the whole day driving around doing various things, shopping to going to the movies. The movie that we saw, was 'waking life' this movie is nuts. Basically what it comes down to is the main character cannot tell the difference between his waking life and his dream life. He's stuck in a dream and cannot escape. This movie played a major role during the course of my trip.

Me and four other friends, ate the mushrooms around 7:30 and then around 8:00, they took it's first effects. We decided to venture outside and head towards the videostore, a mere 8-10 blocks away. It was totally frigid out side, around 30 degrees, so we bundle up, about three layers and head for the store. So far things and going pretty well. We're walking and talking, when we get to the video store and as soon as I cross the threshold, I'm catapulted into an explosion of light and color. The videos are rumbling and seem a bit shifty. We rent 'the big lebowski'. My friend is cashing out and I'm busy staring at the floor and it's swirling spinning. We venture out in the frigid cold and head back to my house. The walk home was interesting, every 5 mins, someone would honk are yell at us from cars. Some people seem to have nothing better to do.

After many conversations about the cruelty of some people, make it back to my house. The four of us head into my basement. Meanwhile my parents are up stairs oblivious to wants occurring. We pop in the movie, turn on the black light and get comfortable. I'm curled up in a nice comforter on the futon. So the movie gets going and then I'm in the middle of the trip. I start having crazy visuals (due the blacklight and the black light sensitive paint splattered across the walls and ceilings of my basement.

Eventually, I tune out my friends and the movie and begin to recall the movie from the night before. I start pondering whether or not I'm in a perpetual dream. I'm debating in my head whether I'm dead or alive. After many thoughts I begin to rule that I'm caught in a dream and nothing is real. I'm beginning to freak out. I'm disconnected from reality and all that surrounds me. Meanwhile my friends are talking about god knows what and all I can think about is that I'm sitting here caought in this never-ending dream from which I will never wake up from. I begin to give thoughts of love to my parents and loved ones. Eventually I begin to regain control of my thoughts and become aware that in fact I'm alive and in control. It took my the longest time to convince myself that I was just on mushrooms and eventually these thoughts will dissapate. Soon I came back to the real and was happy to find everything in tact. The time is between 1-2 that I finally drift away from the trip and return to baseline.

After this experience I've had seconds thoughts about drugs in general, particularlly strong psychedelics. I have planned to stay away from them for a very long time, even marijuana for a while. This was just to overwhelming. I guess I should have followed the guy's disclaimer before eating an 1/8: 'I don't recommended eating an entire 1/8th. These will rock your world'

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 12044
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 8, 2018Views: 643
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