The Golden Land, Adam in the Garden
Mushrooms & Cannabis
Citation:   Netalius. "The Golden Land, Adam in the Garden: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp12957)". Feb 3, 2005.

T+ 0:59
3.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 0:50 1.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 0:59   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I wrote this report up to discuss the first time my friends and I ate mushrooms. To add a little background on us we had been avid pot smokers for almost two years and stumbled upon a batch of Mushrooms most unexpectedly.

So the story goes.. I met a friend at the local county College who happened to have a batch of mushrooms. At first I was skeptical because I had heard rumors of people faking psychoactive mushrooms for other kinds of shroom, but a friend (the one who introduced me to the guy selling the shrooms) had already tried an 8th and said it was good. We, to our regret, paid 50 dollars for an 8th. This is terribly bad in price as most 8ths go for around 30-35$ (as I am told). But we were very excited, as we had never before tripped, and they were out of season (January). We got four 8ths on a Thursday and decided to eat them in the woods the following Saturday. I had recently learned that being comfortable was very important so we overpacked. On Saturday afternoon I packed two backpacks with the following items: 3 blankets, food, sealed water, Weed and a bowl, WARM clothing, and a hat. For experimental purposes I also packed a large pad of paper, colored markers, yellow tinted ski goggles, a bottle of lemon juice. (I unfortunately forgot my guitar). My friends, who I shall re-name Bob and Eric, showed up around 3:00pm Saturday afternoon. We all had warm clothes and backpacks and set off into the woods at 3:30.

We got to our smoking “spot”, a large forking tree that had fallen over a deep stream bed around 3:30. We decided the tree could act as a “base camp” and we could do whatever we wanted as long as we returned to camp when it was time to go. We got to eating the shrooms at 4:00 exactly. We, to our joy, smoked pot at exactly 4:20. Bob, Eric and myself were propped on the tree (one part you stand on, the other you learn your back upright against, its more comfortable than it sounds) We were prepared for very bad tasting mushrooms, and they didn’t smell great. Each 8th consisted of about two full (cap and stem) mushrooms that were about 4 inches long. Eating them was a feat at first, they tasted like something dank and stale and odd. After a few bites, and a shared bowl of weed from our bubbler I thought to myself that they tasted a little like almonds. A little off from them exactly, but not all too bad of a taste given the new perspective. Munching the rest of our shrooms went fast as we were excited to trip. After that was all said and done it was about 4:40 and we didn’t have such a great sense of time from the weed. By the time 4:45ish rolled around we weren’t feeling anything and Eric became a bit skeptical.

I didn’t know what to look for so I could not tell myself if anything, besides being high, was taking place. I figured that since my stomach was quite empty, though I wasn’t very hungry, I would be feeling something. Eric thought because he was a bigger kid, 230 pounds, that he may be more resistant. We had four 8ths with us separated into plastic bags so after eating we had one 8th left over. I told Eric to munch a little of that and he did. He ate one cap which left the bag with a cap and two large stems. At around 5:00 me and Bob split what was left of the 8th and I told him to hold the paste on his tongue with me. The sun started its decline and I was anxious to start tripping before total dark (we started too late). The weed was decent hydro and I think at first we put off some initial effects to that.

One thing that told me something was happening (around 5:30) is that I was a little anxious and jumpy. I walked across the tree to the ground and planted my feet on the earth… It was weird for me. The ground felt more solid than I had ever known it to be. I liked the feeling of walking around on the hard solid ground and did so for a little while; meandering about and throwing some sticks out into the trees. The sun was casting a nice golden color through the trees and I liked looking at it through my yellow tinted goggles. At this point I still attributed nothing to mushrooms, I just felt unusually high. In retrospective I wish I had not smoked at first to better understand the initial effects of mushrooms. After my little excursion on the ground I climbed back on the tree and smoked a little more. We were quiet, I remember that; just kind of passing the bowl and looking out at the trees. No one thought anything was different than normal days at the tree.

Somewhere between 5:20 and 5:40 we started to get really high. I felt my high pushing upwards and it reminded me of my first time. I thought this was the trip. I thought I was peaking, I was wrong. We took for granted that this new and exquisite high was what tripping was and were a little disappointed thinking it would be a bit more dramatic. We hopped off the tree and walked around base camp. I put on the yellow goggles and could not believe the sunset. Everything around me was golden and amazing looking. I called wearing the goggles the “golden land”. I know it sounds stupid but I really felt that having the yellow tinted ski goggles was like being somewhere alien and beautiful. I put on soft gloves and a hat and than showed my fiends the light. Eric and Bob liked it a lot; so much that Bob stole the goggles! Bob put on the goggles and ran away a few yards into the woods. I was annoyed because the sun was coming down and I wanted more of the light, but I let Bob play. I stalked Bob out in the woods for a good 10 minutes of so and was shocked at just how amusing the childish game was. When I got back to the tree with Bob, and got my goggles back, I knew I was tripping. I think I was the first to admit it.

Its hard to describe it at first. I felt very much so in place with everything around me. I felt like an animal, a product of nature. At 5:50ish the three of us on the tree started to laugh at an odd thing: The wind was shaking the little leaves on the trees and we perceived this as the trees shaking the branches at us. Right around here we all admitted that something was happening besides the weed..

Things are a little hazy from this point on but I will do my best to accurately recount. To avoid bringing any fiction to this report I will leave out instances I can not honestly remember well enough. We got off the tree and I started to crawl around. I felt very attached to the Earth. I was feeling primal and crawling around on the ground was incredible. It was cold and I was near fully sealed up in warm clothing so I didn’t actually experience the cold ground, my clothes did. I had no cares to think about, I didn’t even care if my clothes got very soiled, though I was careful not to get wet. My head was pulsing and I felt very happy and very excited. I couldn’t tell if we were loud and we didn’t care. After crawling around we went back to the tree to talk about our trip. It was getting dark then. Near sunset. Eric was the first to get a visual. He looked at a network of roots coming out of the slope to the stream bed and perceived these little roots as moving. It seemed to him as if little ants were moving things around on the inner wall of the stream bed. Later he thought there was a perpetual mini landslide in the same spot.

We all felt GREAT. We were under the impression that drinking vitamin C would help our trip so we started to down lemon juice. It was a lot of fun. It opened up our saliva glands and we just kind of hung our heads down and let it rain out. I cant tell you why this whole process was so fascinating.. but it was. Things get choppy here so I will add the highlights. It did in fact get dark and we could see distant cars on a road through the trees. The lights from the cars were big globes of light that made trails as the streaked down through the trees. The forest seemed new and alien to me. I remember having the deepest and most profound connection with nature and all its devices. I was not as philosophical as it was meditative. I felt like a part of everything around me, it was unexplainable. Hugging little trees was fun and rolling around in the ground was like sex with nature. I remember saying,” my senses are having sex with all of this guys”. My ability to perceive on all levels was simply doing something it never had. All politics about anything were gone, I was just me in a place. If I could imagine Adam in the garden it must have been something like this.

Having my entire body covered against the cold was a great idea and I learned it had its extra merits too. My favorite thing was crashing into a viney bush with all this on.. I felt the bush holding me up and my body conformed along its contours. It was sublimely comfortable. From there all I could do was moan and roll back into my mind. The darkness was interesting yet I would like to shroom next time in light to see this “melting” thing I hear of.. When I got up Bob was gone and Eric was listening to slayer on headphones back at the tree. Seeing Bob gone distressed me and I searched for him. We found him 20 min later. He was about 50 yards off base camp. Standing in the dark facing off into the trees on some other level of being. We got him back and went to base camp. I fitted Bob and Eric at different times with the goggles, gloves and hats I was wearing. Its amazing to have your whole body covered than just roll around on the forest floor. When they had the stuff on I pushed them into the same bush and they had similar experiences. We went into a small panic when we found out that the weed was lost and it was too dark to find. We looked for the bag with a cigarette lighter to no avail. But we still enjoyed the trip. Later we found the bag and it felt like Christmas.

We decided at around 9:00 to leave the woods and we left all our stuff at base camp, which I cleaned up later. We than went out for food with a friend driving. Most of the time was spent at the restaurant and the car but it was nothing like the woods. We were coming down. Overall the trip was incredible and I am eager to try it again some day.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 12957
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 3, 2005Views: 14,423
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