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Hitchhiking in St. Johns
Mushrooms, DXM & Cannabis
Citation:   Illchay. "Hitchhiking in St. Johns: An Experience with Mushrooms, DXM & Cannabis (exp14613)". Jul 13, 2008.

T+ 0:00
5.5 oz oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 2:00 3.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes (plant material)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I've been smoking pot for 5 yrs or so, and within the last year, I've done shrooms on a few occasions, but I usually got the bottom of the bag or just weak tea. These experiences merely left me with some CEV's, and vibrant surroundings, which weren't half bad but I really wanted to have a good trip. I had been really lucky to have rolled for the first time the week before, and apparently my luck was still in full effect the following Saturday.

More anxious than ever, I had decided I was gonna try the old Robitussin trick; I went online first to read all about DXM so I would know the dangers and proper dosage, and just to learn about its effects in general. Before I get to good part, I should inform all that on that day, I had eaten some cereal and milk in the morning, which was followed by 7 hours of intense outdoor work and a good lunch, and another bowl of cereal at about 5:30. I decided to take about 5 1/2 oz (always staying well hydrated).

Well, at 7:00, I downed about 5 1/2 oz of Robitussin DM; I really didn't have much trouble with the taste so it was down the hatch in no time flat. I then sat reading reports, listening to Crystal Method, waiting for the effects to come on. It took awhile to kick in and the effects were modest: lights seemed very bright, I was somewhat tippy, and had lightly slurred speech. To sum it up, I was kinda bored, and was looking at lights and shadows in attempts to amuse myself.

I then got ready to go to town b/c some friends were relying on me to get them some herb. Well town on St. John is a different kind of experience in itself; I went to the park and there were some hippy type folks dancing around to the beats of a rasta playing a bongo drum, along with entertainment from a friendly crackhead. It was the first time I'd seen such a congregation but it didn't surprise me at all (come to Virgin Islands sometime, you'll love it).

It was probably about 9:00 and by this time, I was having a hard time saying what I was thinking, while the rest of the effects seemed minimal. Then someone came up, and asked me what was up (wide eyed). I said, searching for words, 'Well, I'm chilling, but I'm here looking for something.' I meant marijuana, but he said that the rasta playing drums had shrooms. Well temptation got the better of me and during 'intermission' I bought a handful of shrooms with the weed money (I would go on to make up for it later). I sat in the park jamming for a while, once again waiting for the effects to come on.

At 10:00, I still wasn't feeling anything. Then, a girl I was talking to offered me a cigarette. I'm a light social smoker and I accepted, and about halfway through I felt a light rush to my head, somewhat like the onset of E. Shadows slowly began to shiver in a subtle manner, and my head felt good. The crackhead woman was coming up with crazy little freestyles and I giggled a little bit. I had never thought cigarettes could be a catalyst, but that is what I believe happened. I decided that even if this was it, I was happy, but the night had just begun.

20 minutes later, a new friend took me smoked me up on the beach. He only had about half a bowl's worth, but it was pretty good. As we were walking back, the waves looked really pretty, and the light reflecting on the water began to look like one of those fluctuating line musical visualization things (I hope that's clear), although there was no music; my body had that weed tingling feeling, although much more intense than usual, and my legs seemed to almost pulling me with them as I walked. I ended up at the park and I sat down on the garden wall, talking some, but ended up looking at the walkway (pebbles in cement), and noticed patterns developing; some were very evocative of Aztec patterns.

As good as tobacco was, weed was taking me all the way. I actually started noticing the stones moving, before it seemed that it changed with each glimpse, and while the park jam was winding down, the crackhead was making people laugh, I could hear dance music coming from Duffy's, and all the sound was drowning or echoing in my mind. I can't really describe it; suffice it to say it was trippy. I though I might just sit there all night, but as people started leaving, I started walking up the road. My legs were moving all on their own and I saw colorful patterns in everything, and faces seemed to be appearing everywhere. This all made me extremely happy; it felt wholesome in a sense. I could tell people knew I was tripping but it didn't bother me. My legs were in full effect, and I wondered if I could stop moving; the momentum was intense although I wasn't walking that fast.

I ended up at the Front Yard where this cheesy Caribbean style DJ music was playing, along with a disco ball that was reflecting yellow bubble looking things on the ground; they revolved around the room and the few dancers on the floor. It really wasn't as interesting as I had thought it might be, although a purple light there seemed to be shooting wavy light that moved with the music. It was loud there, and one of the vocals seemed to actually be in the back of my head rather than behind me where I thought it actually was although the rest of the music seemed to coming from in front of me. I got some ice water and it felt so good b/c I had a feeling I was getting dehydrated. I closed my eyes and the transition was seamless; the purple light filled my vision while it was changing colors, and I saw many 3D patterns that were originally people's shirt designs. From this point on, psychedelic patterns would come from just about everything, eyes open or not. I decided I wanted to go home to enjoy the trip within the security of my own home; this would prove to be the craziest journey of my life.

I walked to corner where I usually hitch home. Hitchhiking is very common in St. John although it's very hard to get to where I live at this time of night, which I figured to be 2:30 or so. While I was waiting for a ride, I looked into my cup of water; the water rippled and waved and morphed, and... wow. I then looked at the wall behind me. It was heavily textured smooth yellow cement. It turned gold, rose from the rest of my vision, while creatures that resembled my drawings emerged in the ridges and morphed and... wow. Sounds of people talking and cars were eery, strange, and filled my head.

I eventually got a part-way ride in the back of a truck. Although the wind felt good, and patterns seemed to be overlaying the furiously fast moving background, I wished it would slow down so my mind could work with it more. The guy dropped me off at his turn off (there's only one main road on St. John), and I sat waiting for a ride. I waited for what seemed like 20 minutes, when I remembered how much fun walking was. Although I was walking pretty fast, patterns still flying everywhere, I didn't seem to be getting anywhere fast. The sounds of crickets were so intense. It had felt like forever since this whole thing had began. No complaints here though, as I was thinking this was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced, something I had thought before merely one week ago while I was rolling.

I kept going up the road when I looked through the dense tress to see what I perceived to be a gypsy camp with a huge bonfire. I didn't see any people and I realized that I was reeeally tripping at this point. The distant sounds of a tractor trailer began to fill my head and I kept wandering and wondering when the hell I was actually gonna see it. After what seemed like 30 minutes, I saw it and although I don't usually hitch with tractor trailers, but I was desperate. It actually picked me up, and I got the privilege of holding onto the handle on the side, hanging off as I rode down the road. I couldn't believe how this night was developing. I stared at the speedometer and all the other dials and meters, while all the indicators went bezerk. The wind felt like a pretty powerful force.

I then realized that the two guys in the cab were toking up. The smell was sooooooooooo gooooood. At this point, my thoughts were eccentric and I would laugh in my head and it would echo continuously in my mind. I was fighting the urge to ask the guy for a toke, but remembering what happened before, I couldn't help myself. These guys had rolled a phat spliff (I usually don't say phat, but it is so appropriate), and I struggled to get a good look at it before I grabbed it b/c I sure as hell didn't want to drop it. I then looked at myself in the big flat rectangular rear view mirror as well as the small round perspective one and I looked like a happy mofo, but then my reflection started smiling MORE THAN I WAS. I cracked up as I handed the spliff back to the driver, and he warned me to hang on before I fall and die. I realized my grip was looser than I had thought, and decided I should focus on that for the rest of the ride. They eventually dropped me off as they went to a worksite of some kind.

They went down the drive as I was listening to the sounds of the truck as I thought they were amazing. I looked back and I realized I could see them driving along beside me, only seperated by a thin strip of trees (I had seen the site in the day and knew this was not so). I then realized my vision had a very warped perspective and I seemed to be walking around an endless sharp turn. The truck behind me was making crazy sounds and I could see it moving in a weird way I can't describe. The trees along the road seemed to be moving past me in an endless blurry loop, and I felt like I was stuck in time. At first, I was freaked, but I had heard about this with trips, although I didn't expect it from shrooms, and calmed down and enjoyed the ride. Time was at a standstill, and I wondered where I was, and then wondered if I was tripping so much that I might not notice a car coming. Besides, who knew where I actually was in relation to the road. I had no grip on reality. None of this worried me though and eventually a car came and brought me back. Faces appeared in the shine of the car; they were happy. I was pretty happy, extremely amazed, but I felt happIER on E.

Next I hitched with a taxi who said he'd give me a free ride. Taxis on St. John are like trucks with canopes in the back and seats that go the length of the back. Well the light was glaring through a clear plastic sheet 'window' that was above the cab of the truck, and I was looking through and it was doing the endless loop again of trees along the road. Then I realized the flapping of the window was forming a sort of primitive hip hop beat. The wind whistled through my ears and the crickets sang. It was amazing; not to mention the glare was now fluctuating to an amazing degree. I noticed I could control the speed of the car simply by speeding up the beat, for some reason, it didn't even seem weird that I could control the beat ;) Well this went on and eventually there'd be a well lit spot that would bring me back, I closed my eyes and would return with more intensity. I longed to be home but was enjoying the ride. Towards the end I enjoyed the landmarks that give me more orientation. I liked to know that I had a grip and would know when to stop the dude. Laughing started echoing again, life was good.

Well I got home and the walk up the road was eery (good eery). I saw things running in the woods. It got my blood running, I started running. I got to the driveway and it's pitch plack with a ridge and some stairs that look like the steps to hell, all crooked and steep. I ran all the way through; I ran past the car which was a dim fluctuating electric glare. I pounced down the steps skipping 2 or 3 at a time, while the devils laughed. I enjoyed the darkness if it and my legs were efficient and fast.

I went into my room, the AC began to hum, the music started; Jazz Pharmacy, and I started playing Nitrous Oxide. I couldn't play for shit but the menu and pause screens were great. They fluctuate normally but then they start moving on their own down the tunnel, much less shooting and confusion. I also liked watching the 3D model of the ship fly around; it had flown right out of the ship select menu when it was only supposed to spin. I music started morphing into weird remixes in the back of my head, sometimes time would freeze again, and the game did an endless loop and songs would go on for 20 mins each, but they each would morph and wouldn't be the same song at the end.

I closed my eyes and the music controlled my mood and visions. I saw places and things I can't describe with mellow purples and blues and greens. I then listened to Phish and shone the flashlight at one of my mom's abstract paintings with all these red and yellow faces, and I realized these were the faces I had been seeing all night. They hung above my bed and they were on my mind, literally it seemed. They hung brightly alone on a black background. It grew and fluctuated and then I put on Beastie Boys Hello Nasty, which was good while on E so I thought it would be good now, it put me to sleep. It wasn't the same.

I went into a deep dreamless sleep and woke at 8:30. I had some energy but I needed coffee. My mom told me that I came in at 12:30. I then figured I was asleep at 1:15. I thought it was more like 5:30, and that was only cause I included the time warp in my calculations. I then went to work with my stepfather. I sometimes saw glimpses of things in my peripheral vision, but very faint (probably a placebo effect) and things were bright. I worked fine though and had energy the entire day.

Next time I really wanna mix the shrooms with ecstasy to keep my energy up as I was feeling pretty fatigued towards the end. The running didn't help, not to mention the DXM. Plus there would be a saturation of happiness with every touch. Who knows if they amplify each other. It would be a light candy stack. I can't wait till I get payed.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14613
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 13, 2008Views: 14,115
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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