Like the Next Step Up
Mushroom - P. cubensis
by dlerch
Citation:   dlerch. "Like the Next Step Up: An Experience with Mushroom - P. cubensis (exp15070)". Apr 12, 2005.

T+ 0:59
1.75 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 0:20 1.75 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


For memorial day weekend, a friend from out of town asked if I wanted to have a good time, telling me 'it's like the next step up.' So I said sure, found a buddy to do it with and didn't really think about it much. We were watching the movie Heat (you know, the Al Pacino/Robert De Niro cops and robbers flick), and remembered that we had just used 50 bucks for some stuff we didnt even know was going to work. Here's my experience as I remember it..

We both eat 1/16th first, to see if anything happens. The mushrooms are dried, about 3 or 4 inches in length, and they're sort of grayish with some green spots. Now, i've always heard they taste really bad, but to me, they tasted like roasted pumpkin seeds which isn't too bad. I felt a bit nauseus but that went away after about 15 minutes.

Nothing's changed, we eat the rest of it. Both of us have had 1/8th and nothing else besides water.

My head feels really heavy, I don't want to move it EVER. I'm lying on the floor with my head propped up on a couch, looking at those silly glow-in-the-dark star stickers on the ceiling. Whichever stars I focus on seem to be slowly swirling around, and some of them look like starfish. I get up to touch one and they look like stickers again. Looking down at my friend, I feel twice as tall as I was before. I fall back down onto the ground and watch the movie. At some point I feel an itch on my arm, and when I scratch feels like that imported llama fur from Peru. It's like air but I know it's not. Utterly amazing.

I get caught up in the movie, noting that it seems like I'm actually in the movie. This is probably the best part of my trip for me because I'm really into movies. Al Pacino and the other detectives are standing on a roof surveilling the robbers, and it seems like I'm standing right next to them! Alright, that's pretty cool, but I really have to pee.

The best (but not most important) piece of advice I can give anyone planning to trip is USE THE BATHROOM FIRST. Any urge I had to pee was amplified 100 times. It took me a good 10 minutes to convince myself that the stairs were in fact, not my enemy and I could walk up them to use the bathroom. Boy was it relieving.

At this point we've been sitting around giggling, just talking about how weird it is, but I'm tired. I go into my room and lie down. My head is thumping. I hear repeated echoes of keyboards typing and phones ringing. I can see a diagram, like it's been drawn out in front of me, something like this:

Physical body -- > time -- > everyone else

It goes in a circle like those recycling logos. Yeah, I don't know. I woke up at 3:30 to discover that I wasn't actually sleeping the entire time, I just had my eyes closed. The whole time I was just thinking to myself, trying to figure out what my body has to do with time. Then the most cliched, silly revelation occured to me. I'm almost embarassed to say it. My friend, who had fallen asleep in another room, told me the next day that the exact same idea came into his head:

We all need to love each other. That's it.

It's a bit goofy, but for $25 I'd say it was worthwhile. Everything made sense. I felt like I could solve any problem, outthink anyone. Of course I probably couldnt, but the feeling is all that counts. The most interesting part about this is, after 'waking up' I thought I could stop time. Looking at the clock, I couldn't read the time on it. Lights and shadows stopped moving. Some kind of instinct in the back of my head told me that yes, all time had ceased for a few moments. For me.

As for the CRAAAZZY visuals I'm sure some people want to hear about: I got up to wash my hands, and saw thousands of Stormtroopers in formation on my carpet, and some of them were fighting those big mechanical spiders that hunted Spider-Man. Also, proportions were weird and my depth perception was continually changing.

Overall, I think it can do a lot of good things, in moderation. Like anything else. Addictions can happen with anything from mushrooms to television. I'm very cautious about these things. Also, it pays to wait a day or two and see what happens to the last person who took the stuff.

Enough preaching from me. Have fun.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15070
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 12, 2005Views: 6,510
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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