Daturas and the Like
Datura, Brugmansia
Citation:   Sliqu. "Daturas and the Like: An Experience with Datura, Brugmansia (exp15278)". Erowid.org. Jun 10, 2002. erowid.org/exp/15278

    Brugmansia (flowers)
      Datura (flowers)
This is what I found out after researching Datura and Brugmansia intensely for 1 month.

If you are after an expierience like this, I recommend to NEVER EVER touch Atropa Belladonna (Tollkirsche), as it only gives you a nasty bunch of side effects (cottonmouth 3x as bad as with pot, inability to swallow, dryness of mucus membranes in general). Also, NEVER EVER eat anything from such a plant, making a tea will ALWAYS decrease the toxic effects compared to eating raw material, besides increasing the taste.

Datura Stramonium (Thornapple / Stechapfel)
Datura Metel (Hierba Loco / Mexican Thornapple)

If you are about to try Daturas for the first time, I recommend picking about 4-8 Stramonium blossoms that are not yet fully opened. A tea made out of them (start with 3 or so) gives you a good idea what the real buzz would be like and whether youd like it. It certainly has a stronger buzz / high than the mexican, which are a visual BOMB, but hold more side effects! Datura white flowers are stronger and less applicable for side effects.

Brugmansia Sanguinea (Angels Trumpet / Engelstrompete)
Brugmansia Ellenika(?) (Borrachero / Purple Angels Trumpet)

Angels Trumpets are the flowers of choice (in my opinion at least)... First of all, they are easily dosed (1 flower/person), have a taste that beats even most of the best pot blends. 2 flowers mixed into a bowl of weed are ... beyond description. Opposed to Datura, Brugmansia whites are not as strong as the purple ones, but bear the least side eff.

Shamanic use:
Almost never ingested raw, but rather made into a tea or paste. Boil water, turn heat off, add blossom and/or leaves cut into little pieces and leave it on the stove til you can see a fine dermis on top of the water. Be careful not to forget screening out plant material!!! In fact Id never collect anything else than the flowers, as this hurts the plant the least and comforts me best! 8-]

Since Daturas and all the others are present in every corner of the world (like Ayahusca in one form or another) its little wonder that these plants are a common ingredient. Tropane Alkaloids seem to take a slightly different effect in combination with MAOIs. The combinbation with ganja is really great, in fact, I had trouble kicking the habit of my 'psychedelic brunch' after one month. Watch out when taking a 'trippy' dose, as you wont be able to read a bit for the next few days (depends - Ive seen anything from one day to several months).

One wise word: I have to admit that I truly love Datura, in this last one month, I seldom had a sober day... But I am dead sure that high Datura doses are the fastest shortcut to HPPD and that countinous use is the same to heart problems. Strictly avoid stressy situations, sex, stimulants and all other drugs you know that raise your blood pressure. Drink a lot. Constantly check your heart rate. If unexpierienced, use a sitter. NEVER EVER touch your eyes with the fingers that touched the plant. Never take things too seriously while on it, cause most of it is not real. If you seem to not feel anything although a quit high dose has been administered, stop and try again another time. Psychedelics and haste dont mix.


Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15278
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 10, 2002Views: 57,866
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