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A Calm Euphoria
Citation:   Murple. "A Calm Euphoria: An Experience with Methylone (exp16691)". Jul 10, 2002.

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120 mg oral Methylone
120mg methylone ingested in a gelcap. The material is a fine tan powder, with a very strong smell which reminds me of teak oil or some similar kind of furniture polish. Interestingly, I've spoken with some people who can't detect any smell from this chemical. It would be interesting to do smell tests with a few people and see the results. There are some chemicals like alpha-pinen which some people can't smell and others smell strongly. I put a small dab of powder on my fingertip and tasted it. Disgusting!!!! Very bitter.

If I burp, I can taste the methylone. Taste is similar to the smell of the powder. Its a little annoying, but nowhere near as bad as the tryptamine flavored burps I get from oral DPT. A sip of soda clears the taste, and besides, I can just not burp and avoid it completely.

Feel a slight sensation of warmth spreading over my body. A little
bit of anxiousness, which is probably more due to trying something new
than to anything pharmacological.

A cardio check shows blood pressure of 152/90 and a pulse of 69. This is an unusually high blood pressure for me (my normal resting blood pressure is in the range of 117-130 systolic and in the mid 70's diastolic), but could of course be anxiety related. Trying out new substances makes me pretty nervous (bordering on paranoia) ever since an extremely unpleasant run-in with the piperazine family of chemicals. Methylone does seem to act on dopamine and adrenaline though, so its possible this is just a stimulant effect of the drug. Some day, I need to see how stimulants like ephedra affect my blood pressure, so I have a comparison. Also of note, I have had a significant ammount of caffeine (several colas) in the past few hours. Again, a drug who's impact on my blood pressure probably should be checked without other drugs in my system.

The warmth is beggining to increase significantly, and I feel a mild opening of the heart chakra. I definately see some similarity to MDMA's initial flush, but this is much milder, and qualitatively seems a little different. Visually, things seem a little brighter, but its different from what MDMA does to my vision... no flitter. No pupil dilation.

The warm flush has begun mellowing into a feeling of total relaxation. I'm listening to what is perhaps my favorite MDMA soundtrack, 'The Magical Sounds of Banco de Gaia'. Closing my eyes and laying back, I can imagine myself laying on a beach - this is a similar mindset. Relaxed, warm, content... nice. I suspect taking this while actually laying on the beach on a nice warm breezy day listening to music would be heaven. There is no MDMA-like rush here. I feel energized, but this isn't a typical stimulant either. Im also quite aware that this is only a threshold dose, and that I'm not getting the full picture here. I suspect the full picture would be quite pretty however.

A cardio check shows a blood pressure of 154/94 and a pulse of 93. I'm not feeling any anxiety anymore, so perhaps it is just due to the stimulant properties of this chemical or the caffeine I had. Effects seem to be holding steady at where they were at my last check in. I suspect a lower dose (100mg or so) would make a great short term anti-depressant. This also seems like it would be a great social lubricant.

This stuff has a very centering quality to it. Very meditative. Breathing excersizes are nice. I wish that I knew tai-chi though, as stretching right now feels spectacular. Combined with the meditative feel, I suspect this would be an amazing enhancer for practices such as tai-chi. Walking around my home and looking at my various Buddha images, I can see the tranquil power that they represent. The past few days I have been greatly saddened by the recent destruction of the giant standing Buddha rock carvings in Afghanistan by the Taliban. While I'm still deeply saddened by the wanton destruction of history, culture and art, looking at my Buddhist art now I realize that in the end, they were just statues. The dharma remains. In fact, by destroying those statues, the Taliban have probably achieved the opposite of what they intended. Their destruction served only to draw the world's attention to these statues which most people probably never knew existed before this incident. In doing so, they have succeeded in making people stop for a moment and consider the Buddha. I am reminded of the last paragraph of Aldous Huxley's amazing novel 'Island.' No matter what works of hate, anger, selfishness and ignorance are carried out by man, the fact of enlightenment remains. Tat tvam asi. Now is the time for me to turn up the music and dance to celebrate the oneness of samsara and nirvana, and the joy of existence.

After about 15-20 minutes of rather fast dancing, with no rest period before using the monitor, my blood pressure is 166/100 with a pulse of 100... so it doesnt seem that this presents any unusual risk of dangerous overstimulation when mixed with aerobic activity, at least at this low dose. Unfortunately I don't have a thermometer to check if methylone shares MDMA's overheating risk. I certainly don't feel hot, but then much of the overheating risk with MDMA is due to the fact that it interferes with your body's ability to determine its own temperature. In any event, there is certainly a nice disinhibiting effect here... Often times I get a little self-conscious when dancing, even if I'm alone. Not a trace of that right now! It feels great to dance around my apartment. I have the feeling that I can cast positive energy by waving my hands in a particular direction, so I walk around waving my hands at my plants. I'm aware of the fact that this is silly, but somehow that makes it all the more fun. The effects seem to be dwindling somewhat.

Much of the more interesting effects are rapidly wearing off, though there's a very nice afterglow shaping up and I remain pretty energized and happy. Still some pleasant body sensations, but the warmth has mostly faded.

Still some mild stimulation and body sensations. Feels similar to about 4 or 5 hours after a moderate dose of MDMA. Blood pressure down to 137/91. Mood is more or less at baseline.

Blood pressure is at 132/85, pulse at 89. No more stimulation. I'm as close to baseline as I think I will be without sleep.

This is not MDMA. This is not MDMA Lite. Its very similar, but even at this threshold dose its plain that its a different experience with its own strengths. The degree of difference between methylone and MDMA is probably bigger than between MDMA and MDA, but smaller than between say 2C-T-2 and 2C-T-7. MDMA is probably the best base for comparison however.

Physically, methylone shares the warm flush of MDMA, though milder. With MDMA, the warmth seems to be spread out fairly evenly through the body and isn't localized anywhere. With methylone, the sensation seems to radiate out through the body from the heart chakra, similar to but milder than the warmth produced by 2C-T-7. I got none of the jaw clenching that I can get from MDMA. My pupils never got dilated. Although my blood pressure and pulse got a little elevated, I was never really aware of it except when I checked... unlike with MDMA when I often become very aware of my cardiovascular system being in overdrive.

Mentally, this seems to have very little of MDMA's emotional outpouring. While euphoric, the euphoria is both milder and different from MDMA's. It is a much calmer euphoria. This is something I could take and still be functional in a public setting. I think it would probably be perfect to take and go on a long hike with friends, or to go lie on the beach watching the people and the ocean. I got none of the introspective self-examination of an MDMA experience, so I don't think this drug would make a very good tool for psychotherapy. I think it does have strong entheogenic potential as an aid in meditative practices though. It might also be worth exploring as an artistic aid as well. Combination with higher powered psychedelics is likely to give interesting results with new potentials which someone should explore.

This was a very rewarding experience which I'm very glad I had the opportunity to try. The dose was definately too low for anything other than a trial run though. If I could go back and do it differently, I would have taken perhaps 150-170mg. Ignoring all the differences between the two drugs, I'd say that 120mg of methylone gave me effects of similar intensity to perhaps 90-100mg of MDMA. It was enough to get a basic feel for the experience, but definately not a full experience. A weak +2 on the Shulgin scale. I imagine that a full strength dose of this chemical would be very nice indeed.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 16691
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 10, 2002Views: 36,299
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