Surprised to Feel So Good
Citation:   Murple. "Surprised to Feel So Good: An Experience with Methylone (exp16692)". Jul 11, 2002.

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150 mg oral Methylone
A close friend of mine is getting ready to leave for a 6 month trip to Bolivia. This being his last weekend here, we decided to throw a party for
him. He and another friend had both expressed some interest in trying
methylone after I had discussed it with them, and this seemed like the
perfect opportunity. Although I'd done it the past weekend, I decided to
join them, so I measured out three doses of 150mg each and brought them to
the party. I had considered bringing higher doses, but I figured it would
be better to start them low and see how they respond. The setting of the
party was at a friends house, with at most 20 people present, a DJ playing
music, party decorations, snacks, etc. A typical social gathering.

At around 9 PM, I told my two friends that I'd brought the
methylone and asked if they were still interested. They mentioned some
mixed feelings, worried that this would be another 'shitty internet drug'
that would leave them feeling poisoned (as some tryptamines and 2C-T-7
had), but they decided to give it a shot after I reassured them this
wasn't another pukefest trip. We all dosed together at around 9:15. The
first friend is a male, age 22. I don't know his weight, but he's kind of
large. The second friend is female, also 22, weighing probably around 110
pounds. Both are very experienced psychedelics users, having used LSD,
psilocybin, MDMA, mescaline, DPT, 5-MeO-DMT, DMT (ayahuasca), 5-MeO-DIPT,
2C-T-7, and perhaps a few others. While both like psychedelics in general,
the nausea of ayahuasca and 2C-T-7 and the hideous experience of snorting
DPT has left them somewhat skeptical about many of the currently available
analogues. I can certainly understand this position.

At around 9:45, we all began to feel initial effects. The girl said 'I
feel good 'several times, sounding almost surprised. The guy said it felt
like the initial phase of a psychedelic. By 10 PM, we were all more or
less at peak effects. They both described the effects as being similar to
the initial phase of MDMA, but toned down and subtly different. We went
for a short walk outside under the full Purim moon, which was brightly
illuminating the large yard. It was pretty cold, but this didn't seem to
bother anyone.

Socializing was definately enhanced, but there was none of the
emotional outpouring of MDMA. It was a nice friendly evening. All of us
felt that it was a very relaxed and happy state of mind. By around 11:30,
we were all coming down. Smoking some cannabis seemed to diminish most of
the remaining effects, though it seemed to enhance some aspects. By 12:30
AM, the guy was feeling a little tired and decided to go home. I stayed
until around 2 AM before I felt comfortable driving home.

Both my friends expressed a willingness to do it again, but at a
higher dose.

Personally, I found no noticable difference between this 150mg
experience and the 120mg experience of the past weekend (less than a week
elapsed - Sunday afternoon to Friday night). I wonder if tolerance played
a role? Probably. Were it not for the fact that my friend was going to
Bolivia, I would not have taken it again so soon. I think taking this drug
more than once a month would be a waste... not to mention an unnecessary
risk, considering the highly experimental nature of this chemical. Taking
this drug in a social setting was much more rewarding than taking it by
myself - the exact opposite of MDMA. I would like to try it in a situation
such as a nature hike with 2 or 3 friends... I suspect that would be the
optimal use for this material.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 16692
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 11, 2002Views: 20,356
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Methylone (255) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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