Profound Realization of Joy
Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Cannabis
Citation:   Anonymous. "Profound Realization of Joy: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Cannabis (exp17028)". Jun 10, 2005.

T+ 0:00
7 caps oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (fresh)
  T+ 0:30 1 cig. smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 1:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 1:30 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
It was a Friday night I had been anticipating for awhile. A friend had acquired a bunch of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms, and several of us were going to trip. I had arranged to get 8 mushrooms for myself from him. While I was sitting on the train, on my way to the site of the upcoming trip, I was in a relaxed, meditative state. I hadn't eaten for awhile to maximize the effects of the mushrooms and to minimize the nausea that would result from ingesting them. When I arrived, everyone else was already present. I was presented with my mushrooms. There were seven mushrooms with long stems and small caps, and a lone large cap. To my dismay, someone else ate my large cap, claiming that I allowed him to. I ate the remaining seven mushrooms. They were fresh and were much better-tasting than the dry mushrooms I had eaten in the past.

I ingested these mushrooms in private to avoid any more misunderstandings as to whose they were to eat. When I was finished, I joined the rest of the group out in the back yard. The person who had eaten my mushroom cap offered a joint to restore peace between us. I gladly accepted, and this joint was followed by a bowl in my pipe and another bowl in a bong. While waiting for the mushrooms to kick in, we all got very stoned.

All of a sudden, I felt my jaw go numb, as if I had just inhaled a balloon full of nitrous oxide. I realized that the mushrooms were kicking in and decided to lie down on the grass. I heard the Sublime music in the background as I entered my trip. The others came and joined me on the grass. As I lay, other parts of my face and body became freakily numb and made me feel like I was dissociated.

My mind underwent the same amazing transformations that they had the last time I had shroomed, except this time they were much more intense and memorable. I remembered scenes from my childhood and felt that I was reliving them. I looked at my contemporary life and couldn't relate to it. I saw everything from a radically different perspective that I am normally unable to consciously understand. My new thoughts and perspectives were overwhelmingly positive. I saw how great life was, and how much joy there is within in it. This is quite remarkable considering that I suffer from depression and thus usually see the world as something less than perfect (I'm on 30mg/day of Paxil). One of the issues that had been in the back of my mind was the start of the school year. School would begin in a few days and I had been dreading it. While I was tripping I had a chance to apply my newfound positivity to this issue, and I came to terms with it. I'm no longer upset about summer ending. These positive feelings I got in touch with are some of the major things I brought back from the trip and a huge contributor to why I think this trip was an extremely significant event in my life.

I continued to lie on the grass, peaking, and vaguely hearing Terrapin Station play through the speakers. I was becoming worried that I might not be able to remember the amazing thoughts that were within my mind. I decided to try communicating my experience to the other trippers. The first thing that I tried to communicate was that my short term memory was extremely impaired. However, this fact made it difficult to communicate it. It took me several minutes to get the concept of this impairment into words. I believe my speech sounded something like 'Hey... There's like... this knob, in my head. It's turned down, and, ... Oh yeah, it's a knob that controls, oh yeah it controls, yeah, the knob, it controls my short term memory. I just can't... think straight right now. I keep forgetting what I'm thinking about.' Being satisfied that I had finally gotten that one idea across to the others, I gave up trying to explain anything further, since, as you can see, it was extremely difficult to do so. The communication from me from most of the rest of the duration of my rest on the grass was limited to exclamations of 'This is amazing' and 'Wow'. Another phrase I repeated a few times was 'How could you have a bad trip on shrooms? It's SO positive...'

I was seeing some interesting things in my head. While they were not the focus of my trip (the thoughts and attitudes were), they were genuinely thought-provoking. I remember saying that I wished I had the artistic skill to draw the symbols that were appearing to me. One of the most common symbols, which kept appearing throughout the trip, looked like the Hebrew letter Shin. Every time I saw it in my mind it had different variations and decorations. I was very curious about it.

Another activity that I was constantly indulging in was digging into the ground with my fingers. It felt so good to have my fingers surrounded by earth. I kept becoming concerned that my fingers were really dirty, because they kept feeling like they were surrounded by dry mud. I became pretty confused about this, because sometimes I looked at them and they would appear to have dirt all over, and other times they seemed to be completely clean. I knew I could not really trust what I was seeing, so I just accepted the fact that I had no clue how dirty my fingers were. Another minor concern that popped up in my mind during the trip was that this experience would make me lose my appreciation of marijuana, since the mushrooms made me far more intoxicated and produced profound effects that would never be obtainable from marijuana alone. I didn't allow myself to devote much attention to this fear either.

I kept tasting this strong cherry flavor in my mouth. I knew it was a sort of hallucination because I hadn't put anything in my mouth for hours. The taste was neither enjoyable nor disgusting. It reminded me too much of cough syrup for me to be completely comfortable with it, but in some ways it was an amazing taste. I decided that I really wanted to go get some real food, since I hadn't eaten for most of the day and I was eager to see what food would taste like while I was tripping. It took me awhile to convince everyone to get up and head to a fast food restaurant, but eventually it happened. By this point I did not have any trouble with walking. My trip was already subsiding. The food I ate tasted
great, but not fundamentally different from its normal taste. Eating food really seemed to bring my trip down, and by this time, it was almost over. I was still experiencing some visual effects, but for the most part I regained my senses. We went back to the house, smoked more pot, and went to sleep soon after. I woke up after about nine hours of sleep and felt quite exhausted. I slept for the rest of the morning.

This experience was one of the most amazing things I've been through. I've used mushrooms before, but this time I felt like I got to remember a lot more of the experience and take a lot of feelings and ideas back from the trip. This trip probably did more for me than years of therapy. I know some people that don't appreciate magic mushrooms, but for me, psilocybin is the most powerful, positive, and inspirational drug I've ever tried. I recommend it (in moderation) to those who feel up to the experience and want to explore the potential of their minds.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17028
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 10, 2005Views: 32,145
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