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The Hard Road
by Soultell
Citation:   Soultell. "The Hard Road: An Experience with Datura (exp17154)". Sep 3, 2006.

3.0 g oral Datura (roots)


My experience began at the local community college I was attending, right before my art history class. I had obtained the baby plant from a nursery the day before. Hating my life and wanting desperately to change it, and to become more powerful over others, I ate the root raw, which I had already torn off the rest of the plant. It was a baby plant, but extremely potent nonetheless. I took too much, which was evident when my mouth first became dry then became extremely dry, and then I started to choke. I couldn't breath. I thought I might die this time for sure. I was still directly outside my classroom, and unfortunately, directly across the path from the campus security office. I began trying to vomit, but nothing came out, the poison was in me and taking hold quickly. I began trying to call for help. A janitor approached me and said he could tell that I was going through alcohol withdrawal, and that he'd been through those shakes before. I must have drifted out of consciousness, because I was suddenly in the school fountain with my socks and shirt off.

A teacher I had once had, who I later heard was an ex-DEA agent, tried to calm me down. Someone had apparently called the city police, because next thing I knew three of them were surrounding me. They asked me what I took but I didn't tell them. They said they knew I was on speed. I was arrested, put in the back of the car handcuffed, and I lost consciousness, waking up next handcuffed to a table in the police station. My blood was taken, and I was fingerprinted and put in a cell to sober up. I began to pound on the door violently screaming, and someone came and told me to settle down before they'd let me out. So I sat down in a squat and waited. I then saw on the concrete slab a demon lying in a death posture with sharp teeth, eyes closed, wicked grin.

After that disappeared, I suddenly saw my younger brother, and I could not recollect how he was in there with me. I felt so bad that I had gotten my brother involved in this. I concocted some story in my head to explain to myself how we had ended up in jail, as I suddenly had almost no recollection of what had happened. My brother's perfectly realistic image with purple eyes did not speak, despite my questioning. I turned around and he had disappeared.

Also, I would periodically see a TV with the news on outside my cell door on a shelf as I looked through the cell door window. I watched to pass the time. I was let out of my cell a couple of hours later, still a bit delirious, but sober enough to see the TV I had been watching was all along just a cardboard box. I must say, I know I almost died that night, the dosage was almost too much for my body to handle. But once I got through the initial convulsions and stuff, the trip commenced with no ill physical effects. The evil power I had tried to achieve may or may not have been imparted to me, though to this day I'm still not fulfilled spiritually inside.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 17154
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 3, 2006Views: 10,745
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Datura (15) : Entities / Beings (37), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Various (28)

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