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The Beauty Inside My Head
by Mushrooms
Citation:   Mushrooms. "The Beauty Inside My Head: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp17576)". Jun 25, 2021.

.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


Hey, I'm here because I'm bored so I decided to tell ya my experience I had a couple of wks ago, with shrooms. On August 9 2002 I decided to go see DJ Tiesto here in dallas tx, at some club call Lizard Loungue...neways I met with couple friends I had not seen in such a long time... Neways we talked and then my friend Vanessa was like hey sal u want some shrooms I was like HOw much? She was like its not a whole lot but u can have it, I'll give it to u on the way out. So I totally agreen the end of the party she gave them to me. So the next day I had to work till 11 Pm (which was a saturday) SO I got home and I wasnt gonna do anything so I decided to eat those shrooms my friend had given me the day before heres my experience:

11:52pm- I get home from work got me some food from Taco Bell on the way back...Got me a Grilled Stuff Chicken burrito, when I got home I put those shrooms inside the burrito I eat it, it was 12:04pm when I finish eating it. SO I decided to get on the internet, and started listenin to dj sashas live set from frabic in london, By 12:15am I sort of starting feel something, like something very calm, like if the music was making me feel good. So I was sort of happy cuz first of all I didnt think I was gonna feel anything since it wasnt a whole lot of shrooms I had gotten from my friend. By 12:30 I knew it had kicked in I felt very happy but no visuals yet, more like a relaxing feeling, I was still on the internet talkin to some friends online, My mind was clear at this point. I would look at the light and I would see the rainbow colors all around it...and at sometimes I would look at it and it would be completely purple... Neways I had to go to the restroom when I was at the restroom I looked at my eyes and then I started to freak out I would not see my self for some odd reason.. I was like wtF I was like OMG can u get a bad trip on shrooms? But then I got calm and came back to my desk turn the lights and proceed to talk to my plant...I know it sounds dumb but I love talkin to my plant her name is greeny....While I was talkin to her I would ask her question and it would talk back to me....I was actually amaze.

Then there was this point where I was askin my self where the bad ass visual was around 1:30am by this time... So I closed my eyes and I would see this beatiful pattar all I decided to turn the lights off maybe I would star seeyin things.. SO I proceed to do so.. And yes, I was right I saw the most beautiful things. Colors would come off my computer of my tv.. Of my bed...of my beautiful plant. Everything seem so beatiful and color even with the lights off. I try to lay in bed but for some odd reason the bed keep tellin me to go somewhere else...that she didnt want me to lay on her at that time.. So I was like wtf. But at 4:30am I was commin down and decided to write a poem.... Which I did it took me abour 45 mins to write it and its fuckin LONG...of course I'm not gonna post it because is a personal type of thing... All I have to say this experience was sort of tooo strong for me I guess is because I'm real skinny and besides I had smoked salvia too....which made me hear things I guess. I dunno...neways thanks for reading I'm unbored again. :)

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17576
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 25, 2021Views: 187
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Alone (16)

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