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Not a 'Mild Recreational Experience'
Citation:   Murple. "Not a 'Mild Recreational Experience': An Experience with AMT (exp1758)". Jun 12, 2000.

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50 mg oral AMT (capsule)
Well, so much for the reputation of AMT as being a mild, stimulating, recreational psychedelic! I recently came into possession of a small ammount of AMT, and had been considering taking it this Saturday at a rave. Having learned hard lessons before about tryptamines, I decided that it would be wise to try it first on Thanksgiving night, just to get a feel for it. This turned out to be wise, taking this substance in public would've been a disaster.

Having decided to try the AMT with J and K, we decided to first have a thanksgiving dinner. I arrived at J's house at 6pm, and we began cooking up a meal. I brought some sweet potatos and the AMT. It took us close to 2 hours to cook and eat, and once we were done cleaning up, we each took a 50mg gelcap of AMT.

Shortly thereafter, R and CW came over. R was originally going to take the AMT with us, but he and CW opted to take some MDE instead. B also showed up a little while later, but she took no psychedelics.

The AMT took a long time to kick in. I felt an alert very fast, at about T+30m, mild visuals at around T+1:30, but the full effects didnt kick in until around 10PM (T+2h). When it first kicked in, it came on like a low dose of acid combined with a significant ammount of MDMA. It felt very much like candyflipping at first... mild acid-like visuals and mental effects, combined with an MDMA-like empathogenic quality (I kept saying 'I love you guys...I'd be so lonely without all you guys. You guys are my best friends,' etc). The feeling gradually changed in nature over the next 2 hours, with the MDMA-like effects fading and the LSD-like effects growing. The theme of loneliness became a pretty big issue. At one point everyone was outside smoking except me and J, and I turned to her and told her I was really lonely. All she said was 'I'm sorry,' which just made it more intense.

After about 2 hours, it had become overwhelming. The MDMA-like qualities had become a barely noticable element, and I felt as if I were on a LARGE dose of LSD. The primary difference was that there seemed to be no trace of fear or paranoia, which was surprising considering the intensity. I was curled up on the couch in fetal position next to B, laying my head on her shoulder. I was unable to speak full sentances. It was difficult to keep my eyes open for very long because the visuals were EXTREMELY intense, of ayahuasca quality and strength. Lots of nystagmus as well, sort of like you get from high doses of MDMA. Oddly, there were almost no closed eye visuals. J was also hit pretty hard, and went into her bedroom and lay there in the dark curled up on the floor mumbling to herself and saying she hated tripping. K seemed to be doing OK, however, though he later told me he was in fact tripping really hard.

After a while, I was finally able to move around and speak somewhat. Eventually, B came and told me that we were leaving to go to CW's apartment and that I needed to go with them, and that K would take care of J. I said I wanted to stay because I thought J was having a rough trip, and that I should make sure they'd be OK. B was telling me how J and K seemed to want to be alone and that it was none of my business, which really wasn't anything I wanted to hear considering the loneliness aspect of this trip. R took way too much 1,4-butanediol and was getting sick, making it more urgent that we leave soon. CW turned to me and said 'I dont want to hurt your feelings but I need to tell you something...' and I was expecting to hear something about J, but he said 'I miss Spanky' (my recently deceased cat) - which opened up a whole new wound. We talked about my dead cat for a second while we all smoked a bowl, then B, CW, R and I all left.

CW and R took one car (Ed. driving on psychedelics is Strongly Discouraged...but in this instance it had been 7 hrs since ingestion of MDE), and I went in B's car. The walk from J's house to the car was very strange. I looked up to the sky and saw billions of BRIGHT stars - I wonder if this was hallucination or if I was more photosensitive (my eyes were VERY dilated) and simply able to see through the light pollution. It was incredibly beatiful, the sky was light with billions of diamonds, and constellations I had never seen before. Being in the car was horrible, however. The sensation of movement made me uneasy, and I was feeling agoraphobic. The music being played in the car sounded very harsh and evil (it was in fact some disco-flavored house, not my favorite thing in the world). B, though she looked quite strange, was the only thing keeping me comfortable. I thanked her repeatedly for being such a good friend and looking out for me. I thanked her for bringing me, saying how I didn't see K and J wanting to be alone. Going through my head at the time were thoughts like 'My god, what have I done...I'm taking all these fucking weird drugs. And I'm so open about it. I'm gonna pay for this somehow. I'm never tripping again. Maybe I just take these weird drugs because I'm lonely. I want a girlfriend. What have I...etc'. The world looked very distorted all around me. I was incredibly happy to arrive at CW's apartment.

Once there, I lay down on the couch. This was a little after 3AM. I spent the next few hours on that couch staring into space. At first we were watching TV. B left to go to bed after about 45 minutes, and CW went to sleep shortly thereafter. I spent the next few hours laying on the couch in the dark, staring into space and thinking deeply about my life. It was a mild state of spiritual crisis. The visuals remained intense, but were no longer uncomfortable to look at.

Finally, around noon, R drove me home. CW and B came by to see me, and I hung out with them and smoked some marijuana for a while. I knew that I was still tripping then, because the marijuana (which was of high quality) had no effect at all - well, that and the visuals which still hadn't stopped. Finally, around 1PM (at T+17h) I felt I could sleep, so everyone left.

I woke at 8:30PM feeling alot less strung out than I expected. Though I've felt a little spacey all night, there's was no real 'burnt' feeling like I get from LSD or DMT, etc.

I was thoroughly unprepared for this experience. I was expecting 'party stuff' like everyone else seems to think this is. It was not mild! This is up there with ayahuasca in power...its not a toy. Had I been prepared for an intense psychedelic ride, it would have been a much better experience...but it was still not unpleasant. I would also probably use quite a bit less than 50mg. And definately, I would take it soon after waking up - its a long ride.

As far as physical side effects... I had no nausea at all. J reported she had some when she got up to walk, but this may have been due to the 'everything's moving' nature of the visuals. I felt very cold the entire time, even though everyone not on AMT thought it was warm. Most annoying was the sensation of 'I have to pee' - walk to the toilet, no longer need to go. Soon as I'd sit back down, 'I have to pee.' This went on for many hours. I had a mild headache towards the end, but I think this was due to exhaustion and laying in a weird position on the couch at CW's place. I had the strange 'taste/smell' in my mouth and nose that LSD produces. Overall, side effects were few and mild.

I dont know what to make of the disparity between what I've heard on this substance and what it did to me and J, and to a lesser extent to K. None of us had 'mild, just recreational' experiences. I would in no way call it 'party stuff.' Did the 3 of us have unusual reactions, or is something else going on here? I guess this just goes to show that not a whole lot is really known about some of these connoseur psychedelics - and more research is in order.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 1758
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 12, 2000Views: 85,712
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AMT (7) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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