Bad Ass Visuals
Datura Flowers
Citation:   Austin. "Bad Ass Visuals: An Experience with Datura Flowers (exp1828)". Jun 14, 2000.

2 flowers oral Datura (flowers)
I was going to spend the night at my grandparents house and have the whole house to my self. I was always curious about angel bells so i thought this would be the best night to try them. I skated down the street to steal some from someone in the neighborhood. I went back to my grand parents house and ate two flowers in my ice cream,holy shit that tasted nasty. This was around 8'o clock. An hour past i didnt feel shit but i was not acting normal. I know this cause i called my girl freind at the time and she told me i was acting dum as fuck.

But things got real bad when my grandparents decided to come home. I thought they would be gone but nope i was scard. I went to my room and went to sleep thinking nothing would happen. I woke up around 12 to my clock flying right up to my face.I got up not even thinking i was tripping. I did not even feel shit, no high, buzz just nothing, just pure visuals. I would start seeing my freinds in my closet and i thought they were rained out of drama class and needed to take cover in my room. Yeah i know it makes no sense but you think shit like that when you are on them. I would have conversations with them.

My grand father asked me who i was talking to and i told hom i was on the phone.He then asked where was the phone and i told him i did not have it and it was in the living room.Stupid shit like that kept happening for two days man it really sucked. That was a stupid ass thing to do and i would say not to even mess with it. But i did get the most amazing visuals ever.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 1828
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 14, 2000Views: 6,139
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Datura (15) : General (1), Alone (16)

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