It Works!
Wild Lettuce (L. virosa extract)
Citation:   Killbane. "It Works!: An Experience with Wild Lettuce (L. virosa extract) (exp18713)". Dec 1, 2004.

    Lactuca - L. virosa (extract)
Having read a journal (diary) from the early 70's with several passages about Wild Lettuce Opium, I decided to give it a try. (Most of the knowledge I give here regarding preperation and method of use came from an anonymous persons diary that ended up in a mixed box of books at a local junk shop).

Preperation: I purchased 30 grams (a tiny bit over an ounce) of dried wild lettuce from a local herb/occult store. This I put in a medium sized glass jar to which I then added 1.5 bottles of 91% iso alcohol. I shook it well and then set it in a dark place for 24 hours (coming back and shaking it a couple of times during the wait). I then filtered this mixture (which was quite black by this time) through a wire mesh strainer into a large glass pan (apparently it is important not to use a metal pan). I then picked up handfulls of the soaking wet lettuce and squeezed it as hard as I could to wring out all the liquid.

The pan was then set in a well ventilated room with a fan blowing on it and the lettuce went back into the jar with more alchohol and the process was repeated two more times, adding the resulting liquid to the same pan as the first. After three times of doing a alchohol extraction to get all fat soluable chemicals out, I then did one with water. (same thing, but using water instead of alcohol.) For those of you keeping track of the math, this entire process should took about 4 days.

After the last extraction, the pan was left in front of the fan for 2 days (until the liquid had evaporated). (Note: apparently the active chemicals break down under heat so thats why it needs this 'cold extraction' method)
What was left was 6 grams of a dark greenish/brown (almost black) tar-like substance. Thats the 'lettuce opium'.

Useage notes: I use a 'opium pipe' as these are designed for stuff like this, although I assume you could use a normal pot-type bowl and just smear the piece of opium to a inside side of the bowl (use tweezers...its messy). Apparently the chemicals dont deal well with heat so you don't want to actually draw the flame down onto the tar itself, just sorta near it...takes a little practice. The stuff will start bubbling when you are doing it right.

My first experiance was doing after having a few beers (had a very lite buzz). Smoked a peice about the size of a pea in a opium pipe. Then I laid back...apparently (according to friends) I was there staring at the ceiling for about 15 minutes although I thought it was only a few seconds. When I tried to get up everything swam and my head was spinning...took a while to orient myself...felt INCREDIBLY drunk. Felt happy, content, serene. This lasted for about an hour at which time I just passed out.(not sure if because of the lettuce opium or just plain tired)

Second experience:
I had been wondering if the first time had been so strong because of the alcohol in my system so this time I decided to try it stone cold sober. Laying in a hot bath I smoked a glob of tar about the size of a pea. Then I laid back and waited (I had made sure there was a clock in plain view just in case I 'lost track of time' again). After a few minutes I still felt nothing special so I did another glob of about the same size. Another few minutes and I still felt nothing. Deciding that it was the alcohol that made it so strong before I decided it was time for me to get our of the tub. I pulled the plug and stood up.....and almost fell right back down again. Everything was spinning and I couldn't feel my body (I had just gotten out of a very hot bath and into rather cold air...I knew I should be cold and needing a robe but I didnt feel a thing...just pleastly numb.) I had just managed to make it to my bedroom when I had to suddenly stumble back to the bathroom for about a minute of dry-heaves. Once these had subsided I made it back to my bed and laid down.

Everything felt soooo nice... I thought I'll just lay here a bit and let the worst of it wear off before I try moving around anymore...I closed my eyes for a second (seemed like practically a blink) and then I glanced at the clock...I was shocked to find that I had passed out for almost two hours!

In conclusion...if prepared right and done correctly this stuff certainly works but I'm going to have to experiment around a bit to find the perfect dosage for me. ( I am definatly doing this stuff again!)

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 18713
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 1, 2004Views: 155,127
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