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Slipping Into the State of Unknown Identity
Mushrooms - P. semilanceata & Cannabis
by Audiofreq
Citation:   Audiofreq. "Slipping Into the State of Unknown Identity: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. semilanceata & Cannabis (exp19069)". Sep 22, 2005.

150 oral Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (fresh)
  1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  125 oral Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (fresh)
    smoked Cannabis  
  1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


I have had a few experiences with psilocybin, taking a few light to moderate doses, and although finding them very enjoyable I have had no true trips, merely a very 'high' sensation.

The experience began in the house of my good friend F and friends with whom and at who's house I had first taken MDMA. His house is perfect for drug induced experiences as it has calm lighting, strobe lighting, lots of drum n bass music, plenty of water, plenty of space and no stairs (always handy).

I arrived at F's around 6:30pm and found him and friends at the tail end of a hard MDMA comedown. He suggested we all have some mushrooms. For the record F had recently picked around 2500 liberty caps. The standard dosage for moderate effects of these mushrooms' quality is 30-50. He gave me two handfuls which were roughly 150. I was at first wary of the high dose due to my limited experience but decided I was able to handle this and proceded to take them. I find myself extremely lucky in that I am able to chew and hold mushrooms in my mouth for any amount of time (they taste quite foul but I can handle it unlike most others). F ate around 150 as well while most others had 50-75. The process of chewing on and swallowing all 150 odd mushrooms took around 25 minutes. I later discovered that this constant chewing meant I had musrooms in my mouth for almost all the time meaning a large amount of psilocybin was absorbed in my mouth. I was very surprised when I began to 'come up' 10 minutes after the last swallow.

I felt a great sense of happiness and euphoria like a very strong cnnabis high. This resulted in much giggling and laughing. Then my first proper visuals began to came to me. I noticed as I looked at F across the room on the couch the stone wall (his house is a bungalow joined onto the wall of a castle) began to ripple like the surface of water. I remarked this to everyone and was greeted with laughs. I stared at the wall and the textures bagan to flow around like fluid. I decided I was now properly tripping and decided to stand and walk as I had a very slight nauseous feeling. I walked over to a wooden door and the grains in the wood moved and warped as if I was watching the wood grow in super fast motion. All horizontal and vertical surfaces began rolling and stretching but not in a way that was scary at all. I sat down and had a cigarette which felt nice and proceeded to eat 100-150 more liberty caps.

Five minutes later a visual struck me and stayed with me all night. It was as if a very strong lightbulb had been placed in a box and patterns and spirals cut into the box and this pattern was projected as light around the room. Walls, ceilings, hands, faces all had this amazing shimmering subtle light pattern swirling and rippling over their surface. I looked around and every single action of movement was met with 'disturbance' trails as if my hands were boats leaving wakes in the water.

I sat around chitchatting to everyone else and loaded a very large bong with very potent weed. I smoked this and then an awful experience occured which will never leave me.

I started feeling sick after the bong and wanted a cigarette. I felt like vomiting and so walked outside (outside meaning a courtyard surrounded by walls of F's house). I immediately felt dizzy and sat down. Then I started to have an intensely bad trip, very very hard.

I felt confused alone isolated and paranoid at first. As if everyone inside was laughing and jeering at me. This feeling of isolation stayed with me for about 5 minutes growing progressively worse and then I slipt into a 'mushroom hole' (if such things exist). Instantly I forgot who I was. this may sound hard to explain but I lost all sense of reality around me and who I was. All I can properly explain was my mind asking questions such as 'Who are you' 'what are you doing'. Images of my friends flashed up in my minds eye and they began jeering and laughing. This was made all the more scary because at the time I didnt know who my friends were as I had lost grip of anything that meant anything to me.

I vaguely remembered how to treat people who are having bad trips and tried to apply this to myself. I began telling my unknown identity 'You have taken magic mushrooms' 'this is a trip, it will end, relax and realise you are a sane person'.
I really felt like I was losing my mind but this self mediation helped and I relaxed but still had no clue who I was. All I remember after this was sipping into a fearful state but I heard (hallucinated in my head) this beautiul clean, crisp piano music, very slow and soothing and I think this helped somewhat. then F came to the door and said 'S' (me) , whats up man'. I immediately looked at F and snapped out of my state of unknown. I went to sit down with F and a guy called R who had just arrived but only smokes weed. I explained to them my previous bad trip and felt very much better.

The rest of the night I just had a mildly high feeling and no visuals except the light patterns on the walls. Around 8 hours after first eating the mushrooms a very bad sense of fear began taking over me. I immediately ran to the bathroom and forced myself to vomit. I vast sea of brown filthy vomit exited me and all trippy effects left. I went to sleep and woke up and couldn't eat anything or move too much the entire next day.

I learned a very valuable lesson. Do not disrespect any drug, especially hallucinogens. The dosage I took, although survivable, was extremely stupid and made worse by my inexperience. Always prepare, research and dose accordingly and never lose your head before you even begin to experience the drug by getting stupid.

Peace Out

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19069
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 22, 2005Views: 6,972
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Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (90) : Combinations (3), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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