Dimensional Sight Seeing
Mushrooms & Cannabis
Citation:   Mush Mouth. "Dimensional Sight Seeing: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp19741)". Erowid.org. Sep 28, 2005. erowid.org/exp/19741

3.7 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  3.5 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
It is now a couple of days later and Iím still trying to figure out what the fuck happened. Thursday I got good news: mushrooms in town; better yet, in our dorm! Quick as I can I acquire a healthy 1/8 oz. (weighed out to 3.7g) this time there will be no underestimating my psilocybin pals, so I prepare my mind through meditation. I untangle my thoughts, smooth out some emotions and Iím ready. Respect: I learned that if I treat the mushroom spirits with respect, theyíll reciprocate in full.

I feell excited and happy but also centered and at peace as my friend E and I make our way to the beach, about 75 short yards from my door room. Heís stoned for the first time in months, celebrating the end of finals. I am too. He packs a bowl for us as we relax to the powerful sounds of breaking surf and watch as the tide rolls far back from our perch on my personal meditation rock, which I frequent as much as possible. I decide not to smoke and tell him to go ahead and smoke without me as I eat my first stem and cap raw, the largest in the bag out of two. My intentions are to eat only the large shroom (about 2.5g) and save the other one to compliment a shroom trip that my friend from my home-town and I had planned over Christmas break. However, intuition tells me to go ahead and eat the other shroom; as Iíve really made an effort lately to go with my first instinct, I happily comply. It is one of the best decisions of my life.

After the bowl is packed and smoked we wander down the long stretch of beach, climbing and exploring large rocks that the receding tide has left exposed. I am surprised and a little disappointed after an hour has gone by and I am able to still talk coherently, the tell-tale signs of a powerful shroom trip nowhere in site. Iím experiencing a slight body high, but nothing along the lines of what I had experienced in the past. We make our way off the beach and head back to my dorm, where we sit down on a bush- shrouded bench outside and smoke a quick bowl. We decide to order a pizza and head over to his dorm, where we rent a Phish concert DVD from the front desk. When we go to his room with the pizza, however, I realize the shrooms are starting to come on mighty powerfuly. I explained to him earlier that at some point I would probably have to be alone, so he understands when I tell him I need to get the hell out of the dorm.

This is where the real fun begins. Outside the world is starting to transform. As usual, my depth perception is warped; I can barely tell where the sidewalk ends and the street begins. And finally, I realize why this happens when I shroom: as I am filled and mystified with the grand unity of the entire world, my local surroundings seem so small, just really a tiny tiny portion of the Great Whole clinging almost desperately to the face of the planet. Paranoia had been a problem with me the last few shroom trips, but now I am only filled with happiness and awe.

There are always a few people standing outside of their dorms talking on their sacred cell phones and I see these people as zombies being pulled along by the attachment between their face and hand. I can only shake my head sadly and wish with sincerity that these people can one day experience life like I am, and not live intravenously through their mobile phone lines.

The shrooms tell me I need to be on the beach again, this time alone. Once there, I know some serious shit is about to go down. Itís coming now, more powerful than ever. There is what appears to a trap of some kind on the beach, for lobster or fish I canít tell but for some reason my mind screams at me not to approach it. Iím a little scared now as the intensity builds. I hear a faint rushing sound in my head. Or is it in my head? It seems to be coming from all around me. I face the immensity of the ocean with my arms spread wide, my head thrown back, eyes wide in wonder. The rushing sound is building and building and now I can hear it is a voice, actually several voices murmuring incomprehensible words to me and now I remember the voices from the only other time I had shroomed alone, when I thought I had stumbled across a demon while meditating in a dark room. I knew I was about to be shown something that I would never forget.

It getting stronger and stronger and now the voices are all around me. I look to the sides and see the cage begin to transform; it splits into 3 or 4 vertical parts and stretches to the sky in different directions. But thatís not all as the whole of reality begins to twist and stretch and come unhinged. Everything I can see is malleable and liquid, swirling and twisting and building building building into a powerful, almost terrifying roar as reality is torn asunder and a massive warping vortex forms in the sky above the ocean. I stand enthralled and terrified, facing the wind and roar of the vortex with my arms still spread wide as I feel something there. Iím seeing across dimensions now, in contact with whatever entity has chosen to reveal itself to me. I donít why or how but I do not doubt this certainty to any extent. I can almost see the entity in my mindís eye, just on the other side of the fragile membrane that is our known reality. Realizations and epiphanies about our world and the human race flash into my head. Was that communication?

Suddenly it is over and I look around me surprised. Reality is reality again, or at least mushroom reality. Suddenly the cliff face that I am looking at begins to glow and I turn back to the ocean. A bright blue light has appeared where the vortex was. It gets brighter and brighter as it makes its way in my direction. This is it. Actual contact. The light seems to float along in my direction brightly and happily. Itís close now and about 200 ft. off the ground. I look up as it passes overhead and I see an airplane suddenly, but no light. What the hell just happened? Did the light become the airplane? I never see planes just flying overhead in that fashion, not from this point on the beach.

I am excited and ecstatic as I make my way back to Eís dorm room, where he is watching Natural Born Killers, a psychedelic movie if one was ever made. I come in on the middle of the movie, but as soon as E presses play I hear Woody Harrelson say ďThose mushrooms arenít really hitting yetĒ and then a very weird trip scene follows. Is this a message? What the hell are the chances that I would happen to walk in on that movie, at that exact moment? The entire movie is a great mushroom movie in my opinion, even though some might find it disturbing. As I watch it, I am struck with so many realizations about life and human nature. The movie has natural psychedelic effects, and I can't tell whether it is the mushrooms or the movie that is making the characters faces and the environment warp. I highly recommend this movie to any tripper with a tough stomach. I want to personally shake Oliver Stoneís hand (and Tarantinoís even though he took his name off of it) after watching it. He seemed to understand the psychedelic mind perfectly.

Well, it's several days later now as I write this and Iím still trying to digest what exactly happened. Its easy after an experience like this to just laugh it all off and say I was fucked up and it meant nothing, but if there is anything about psychedelics Iíve learned is that whatever you experience, whatever you feel, you have to take it at face value. I thought I felt the subtle touch of another entity or entities in the past during an experience but I played it off in my head. This time there was nothing subtle about it; I was punched hard in the face with this experience and now I would be a fool to try and deny what happened. I want to explore this, to learn more. Is this the Logos? I certianly felt unified with existence. Is it other-dimensionly beings? Sounds silly, but I know what I know. If anyone else has had a similar experience, feel free to contact me via email and share your story. To you doubters, well thereís nothing you can do but try it for yourself. Until thenÖ

Justice, peace and unity. Pass it on.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19741
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 28, 2005Views: 69,010
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