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Guide to Self Improvement in My Head
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by Mr THC
Citation:   Mr THC. "Guide to Self Improvement in My Head: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp20611)". Erowid.org. Jan 21, 2003. erowid.org/exp/20611

2.5 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)

I'd like to say before i start my report,that i am quite an experienced drug user despite only being 18, i have tried very mild acid, crack and speed a couple of times, but i quite regularly take pills(mdma), mushrooms, coke and smoke weed pot or plollen on a day to day basis, so i consider my self very knowledgable on drugs even on the ones i han'nt done and never will such as smack, ket, speed i've only tried it once and it was shit, meth or ghb they are nasty in my view.

The day started off really well, me my bro and good friend went to town like usually and picked up some mexican shrooms of a guy we new. we got two bags both containing 2.5 grams.

we got back home to my house the usual crashin house, and my bro and my friend split one bag and i had a full bag to myself.

we were all in good moods that day and my room was the perfect settin, low side lights, nice orange walls and loads of fractul pictures and a few hendrix posters.

we all sat down in some comfy chairs put on some good chilled music and got ready for our trip.

i tidyed up my room a bit remoovin any obsticles that could result in injury due to the state we were gona be in.
we ate the shrooms at about 12:00 noon

T+15 mins
nothing was really happenin at this point but we were startin to get a bit gigly from antisipation,we started to feel an influx of feelin really light and heavy at the same time. all the lights had an aura around them and we new they were startin to digest.

we are all startin to feel like were comin up of some sort of natural xtc but it feels a lot cleaner and quite intense. we were gettin trails acroos our vision wheneva anything moved fast across our face.

startin to come up nicely colours seem more vivid and patturns startin to amurge also the walls are breathin!

patturns are moving across walls and posters not geometric patturns like on acid but like tribal patturns and tecnicolour images look 3-d and almost like holograms everything appers to have to surfaces movin back on forth through each otheer, i amd feelin a bit uneasy because the come up feels physically quite intense but the visuals are calm and beautifful veryy trippin but not over intencs,the tabal nxt to me look like it has a layer or shimmering mercury flowin over it and pouring over the edge like a minature waterfall AMAZING!

the intence physical come up has subside and now i'm buzzin inside like on a pill and my breathin feels very calm and unnoticable but in no way scary for those thinkin that not noticing your breathin could be scary,i am a very level headed person and i can tell myself that i am feelin good and tellin myself what is actually happenin to me and that it all should be.
The visualls are so cool and not scary at all, there more patterns and bright coulers and morphin objects in the rooms rather than people and creatures ,basically the shrooms distort and bring to life with colours the things that you can see when your sober.

all visualls still stong and i'm sittin thinkin about my out look on life and things in the news at the moment, thinkin that it all needs to be sorted out and that i need to get a job and cut down on drugs. it was like havin a guide to inprove your life wizzin round your head tellin u to improve your communication with otheres, be nicer to poeple and freinds all possitive things,i love these mushies!

we are havin the same wonderfull pattens and thoughts basically lovin the whole experience and recommend it to pepole in good moods and with nothin buggin your mind could even be worrien about havin to go to work the nxt day cos u tend to dwell on thoghts and cant get them out of your head and could become very depressed while shroomin, so it not a good idea,u must really want to do the drug so dont just do them if all your mates are and you know u have somethin on your mind it not worth it and could ruin your trip.

i would neva do shrooms at a party or rave except in very low doses u could become parranoid of your surrondings and freak oout my advice stay home and chill out, they are not party drugs more or a spirtual crusade and should be done with people you like and trust basically u dont want some twat who sits there tryin to shoot u through and not really knowin the consequences of what there doing.

starting to come down a bit ,not a lot its just not as intence as b4 but still very spritual and fun, we all noticed that the music thats playin influences the trip rather a lot fsat upbeat music makes your feel energetic and restless and calm trippy music does what u'd expect and i prefere it plus the visuals seem to change direction and move faster even though they dont it wierd.

T+4hours pretty much to the point of not really commenting on cos there the same b4 but a lot more suttle if bearly noticable.

i have thouroly enjoyed my trip and recomend it to the mentally level headed on do not underestimate the power of mushrooms else u will be to over whelmed.

happy trippin peeps

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 20611
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 21, 2003Views: 7,403
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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