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Viva Las Vegas
by ScubaSteve
Citation:   ScubaSteve. "Viva Las Vegas: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp20709)". Mar 6, 2007.

3.6 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


The Magic Mushroom, its an amazing tool for finding yourself. But it requires extreme respect, this I have learned.

First off I will say that it was not my first time shrooming. My first time was a magical journey in a avocado grove where I was attending a church camp. Now I realize that might freak some of you out, but I felt really in touch with God there.

Anyways I obtained about 3.6 grams of shrooms from a trusted friend. I was going to Vegas with about 5 other friends and one set of parents for a few days. The 5 of us had our own room while my friends parents (B's parents) had there own room down the hall in a wonderfully colorful place call the Flamingo. The only thing that went wrong with this trip was the fact that I was the only one shrooming.

Around 7:30 I began eating the shrooms while watching the Simpsons. I can stand the taste of shrooms unlike most people. I don't know why, but in my opinion they go really well with Dr. Pepper. It took me approx. 30 min to consume the shrooms since I was constantly distracted by the Simpsons, I love that show!

In about 15 minutes I felt the shrooms slowly kick in I was in a perfectly happy mood since our room had an excellent view of the Strip and I had the room to myself since my friends went to eat dinner. I just sat and stared out the window feeling amazing bliss and in another 15 minutes I was trippin to the flouresent colors that Vegas provides.

About 30 min after the shrooms began to kick in my friends were back. I wanted to explore the city but they all wanted to get drunk before they went out. My friend 'M' was the only one who wanted to come with me. We walked to the elevators. The carpet is a light almost neon blue while it has bright pink flamingos flowing on it with endless patterns. Once we reached the elevator and stepped inside I nearly freaked out since inside the elevators is mirrors all around I saw my reflection and laughed my ass off. M pressed and button which seemed to glow a bright pink and we descended into the matrix of Vegas.

We steeped into the lobby and walked around for a bit my friend M didn't understand I was having the time of my life and that I was in awe with everything. After about 10 mins of walking around the lobby I suggested that we roam the city he said okay but he wanted to get everyone. Then he left, and I was alone but this didn't bother me I had written a note on my hand that told me what room I was staying in. When I re-enterd the room everyone stared at me in shock wondering where M was. Apparently he got lost, which seems incredibly fucking stupid to me since I was tripping and he was sober. Anyways about 5 mins later he arrived and they began drinking vodka 80 proof. I just sat down at my window again completely memorized by the insane ass colors. My mind was in a state of utter bliss. It seemed almost impossible for it to go wrong. Holy fuck was I wrong.

All my friends were fucking ridiculously drunk about 20-30 mins after my arrvial to the rooms (biggest light wieghts). Anyways they decided they wanted to explore the city now. I didn't feel up to it anymore since I was enjoying my window. So my drunk friend J stayed behind to watch over me. This where I began tripping hard I put on a doors cd and was fueled by Jim Morrison's lyrics. I yelled at my friend that I was the lizard king. He told me later that he was shocked at my behavoir since he had never seen anyone on shrooms. He turned off the music and I was immediatly calmed down by his voice which seemed to float in soothing waves. He began drinking his personal bottle of JD since my other friends had divided the handle of vodka into water bottles so they could drink on the run.

Well about 5 min after the lizard king incident, my friends returned. All but one, M. Apparently he had gotten lost again but this time on the strip. My friend B started to freak out and yell curses at everyone since M was missing and he might be seen by B's parents. I started to get very fearful since he was become quite upset I tried to look out my window but kept getting drawn back into the drama. Suddenly B screamed 'Everyone shut the fuck up!' in a very loud scary voice. I was freaking out big time because he was yelling because the phone was ringing.

Who was on the phone? B's parents saying they had just seen M stumble around the lobby. B explained to his parents that M wandered off and that everyone else was in the room watching TV. I was standing up at this point listening to every word and barely able to breathe. When B got off the phone The shit storm really began.

B started yelling curses even louder and soon everyone else in the room joined in except E who had taken up the drink again. Everyone was mad at M(except E) and everyone talked of beating the shit out of him the moment he returned. I was sketching like mad. I grabbed my headphones and tried to look out the window for some clarity but was interuppted by M's arrival. He stumbled in the room and everyone went fucking insane. They started to yell and scream and so did I but not in english or in any known language so I am told.

After about 10 minutes of this insane anger vibes things started to cool down but not to me. I felt as if 20 years had passed and I was now living in vegas in a cheap hotel room strung out on crack. I started to scream 'We're fucked so kill yourself' at everyone. J ran up to grabbed me by the shoulders and tried to talk to me but his voice seemed drowned out by a helicopter hoovering outside. I looked at the helicopter which was eye level with our room and suddenly a great searchlight was turned on directly into our room.

Lucky for me this was just a really powerful hallucination but I was completely unaware of that at the time. I screamed 'They are coming!' and it seemed that everyone in the room was muted and all I could hear was the most frightening sounds of my life. It was E puking in the restroom. I ran to the restroom since I thought he was dying and he was my closest friend there. When I saw him he said 'Dude I am fucking dying.' I freaked. This was too much the vomit in the toliet sent bad images running through my mind I was so scared I ran back to the window and blacked out.

When I awoke I was still under the influence of shrooms but not as bad I began to get sense of what was happening and what had happened and that it was all a bad trip. I grabbed 2 packs of ciggerettes. All my friends asked me if I was ok since I passed out for a bit I said fuck you guys and left the room as fast as possible. The second I reached the lobby floor I lit up a cig and enjoyed the soothing feel of tabbaco.

I walked around in the small park in the back of the flamingo for 2 hours until I ran out of cigs. I was much calmer by this point and felt it was time for a shower when I got back to the room almost everyone was asleep except for M who kept asking me dumb questions like 'How was the shrooms?' 'Why were you freaking out man?' I felt like hitting him in the face and saying 'I had a bad trip thanks to you asshole!'

I looked at the clock before jumping in the shower it was 2:30 am. The shower felt like the best shower in my life I felt so clean. I felt so happy that none of the things I had visualized were true. I crawled into my blankets on the ground and realized everyting I had pack for the trip was out of my bags and scattered on the ground. My friend said that at one point they hid all the alcohol from E. And E went looking for it. So when E came to me asking if it was in my bag I yelled 'Where the fuck is it lets look!' then began to throw everything I brought across the room.

The next day all I did was sleep and relax. I thought about what had happened and remained distant from my friends. I realized I didn't like any of them. That they were all annoying immature pricks. The only one I talk to now is E. The rest I never see and I have no desire to see them.

All in all I say it was a learning experience. I learned that I should never ever shroom again with drunks. And that doing harder drugs like crack and such who lead to a horrible and disgusting life like I had envisioned in the hotel room. From that day forth I only smoke weed and do shrooms on occasion. I am not going to let this bad experience deter me from doing shrooms I think they are awsome but I now use extreme caution when using like anyone should. Thanks for reading!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 20709
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 6, 2007Views: 19,290
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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