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A Trip to Insanity
by ToughLessonLearner
Citation:   ToughLessonLearner. "A Trip to Insanity: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp21159)". Jun 25, 2021.

  oral Mushrooms (edible / food)

My first and last experience with shrooms I can only describe as scary. Me and two friends went over to a friends' house across my street where we planned to eat chocolate shrooms. There was only enough for two people and we decided it would be best if one of us could be around to watch and take care of the other two.

Chocolate shrooms are made by scraping the spores from the mushroom, mixing it with melted chocolate and then they harden. The taste was bitter and chunky, kinda stuck to the roof of my mouth and pretty nasty as the sweetness wasn't very predominant. The size and shape the chocolate had looked a Reses Pieces candy. Don't leave this around your mom!!!

The trip began about 40 mins. after we ate them and it suddenly hit me as we were playing a lazer light game on Play Station. Lights shot out over the room and were dripping down walls and out windows. Glancing over at my friend, a goofy smile planted on my lips, her face looked like it was beginning to melt off like waxy candles. After checking and rechecking her I thought I was going nuts and needed a cigarette badly. I got up and my feet looked a million miles from the rest of my body and with some difficulty, I snuck out of the door to the street. Cars were the worst cause I was convinced I would be run over if I stepped into the street. They looked like big, black armored bugs speeding, waiting to pounce as soon as I stepped out. When I got to the house I really needed a cigarette, and opening my pack they spilled everywhere. I asked them if they were OK and didn't shut my mouth for the rest of the night. I talked to everything that appeared animated. My tripping friend and other friend soon followed me over and quickly went up stairs to be alone and thinking they were going to sleep I began to get paranoid and anxious. It was about 3:00 in the morning at this point, so I knew everyone in the world was asleep and had no one to talk to. I remember going up to the bathroom and sitting on the floor considering cutting myself till I was dead, what would people think in the morning? Oh, they would be so sorry they left me alone.

The entire time a couple of images kept floating through my mind. I pictured myself a little girl who knew too much, and I really did personify this image. My friends latter told me that the shit popping out of my mouth freaked them out so much they had to leave me, hoping I would come down faster. I had to admit I was annoying, everything made perfect sense to me and I was the only sane person left.

My trip lasted from 12pm - 6 or 7am. Overall, I think it was a revealing experience, being depressed, (and a little repressed) at the time, these feelings were simply magnified and very revealing as a result of taking shrooms. So although it was a bad trip, I believe it had some good attributes, if I look at it from a different angle. I learned something about myself and what is really on the verge of my mind, what I was and wasn't paying attention to, in relation to my past and present state of mind.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21159
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 25, 2021Views: 273
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