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Mushrooms (P. cubensis)
by Sunshine
Citation:   Sunshine. "Emergency!: An Experience with Mushrooms (P. cubensis) (exp21626)". Dec 14, 2005.

10.5 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)


I was sixteen. I had smoked weed a few times. This girl I worked with gave me 3 eighths of cubensis. I had never taken mushrooms before. One night, a friend of mine (who had never done drugs before) and I rented some movies. My mother was asleep upstairs.
I ate the entire bag of mushrooms (not knowing what to expect) and pretty soon after began to laugh uncontrollably. Everything became very 'cartoon-like'. Finally, I calmed down enough to go watch a movie. We put on The Shining. Not a good idea. About ten minutes into the movie I had become very quiet, as opposed to my hysterical laughter earlier. My friend asked me if I was OK, in a very concerned way. That was the wrong thing to ask. I then began to compulsively question whether I was 'OK'. Outloud. I soon came to the realization, outloud still, that not only did I not know if I was OK, but I was also unsure as to who I was, and what exactly was going on. My friend became very concerned. The next thing I remember, everything began to wobble visibly. Slightly at first, yet growing moment by moment in intensity. The ground began quaking with the same intensity. I ran up to the bathroom, and sat down on the toilet in the dark.

I began crying uncontrollably. I didn't know who was, where I was, and what was going on. I certainly did not know that I had taken any kind drug, as I had no idea of what drugs were. After what was probably a long while, my friend came upstairs to see if I was OK. Somehow he coaxed me from the bathroom darkness and got me to come back downtairs with him. By this time everything was visually flying all around me (whoever I was), and the earth was shaking violently. I sat down in the lazy-boy babbling incoherently and crying. My friend was seated on the couch across from me, which was bouncing up and down, from side to side, clearing about 4-6 feet vertical. I was hysterical. Somehow I managed to grope my way upstairs to my mother's room in the dark. I stumbled through the door and fell in a heaping mess onto her bed, waking her up. It was sometime after midnight. My mother woke up and threw on the light with a start. My friend had followed upstairs as well and came through my mother's door in tears, feebly trying to explain what was going on. He told her that I had eaten a large bag of mushrooms, he didn't know where I had received them, and that I had become very upset. This was obvious, as I was writhing around on the bed now, shaking violently, sobbing uncontrollably and babbling the word 'Mommy' over and over again very quickly.

My mother called 911 immediately, and within minutes the ambulance had arrived. On top of the violent visuals I described, which by this time had become a fast and furious twisting and twirling barrage of color (incomprehensible), the auditory assault was just as terrifying. At a very high volume I heard an onslaught of sound something to the effect of 'tzeaughcheewafeshweatcheza' over and over ad infinitum. When the paramedics arrived I remember blue gloves coming at me from every angle along with everything else and they apparently carried me out the waiting ambulance with my mom and friend in anxious tow. In my utter and total confusion amongst all said turmoil I recall thinking I was being carried on some kind of alien spacecraft to hell. The ambulance arrived at the hospital and the extra-terrestrial demons proceded to strap me down to a table. They tried to get me to drink charcoal fluid which I thought was blood. It got all over me and I was now screaming a totally improvised language at the top of my lungs. Hours went by which seemed like everlasting eternities. My mother and friend stayed with me holding my hands and crying until I came down. And down I did come...slowly.

The next morning I began to understand again who I was, what had happened, and the place I had landed. By that afternoon the hospital released me, and I was a wreck. Exhausted totally. Not to mention my poor mother, God bless her. As they wheeled me outside to my friend's waiting car, the entire staff looked at me with such awe and pity, that only added to my feelings of overwhelming guilt and embarassment. After getting back home, I noticed that I was completely covered with that charcoal fluid. It was in my hair ,on my face, on my body, my clothes (I must have been really fighting with them). Not to mention the fact that I then proceeded to crap it out over the next day. My poor mother, in desperation, begged my estranged father to come over that afternoon and help figure out what could have possesed me to take this drug. He came over, sat down at our table and said, 'Drugs are bad.' Or something very helpful like that.

It took me a long time to get over this experience, and my mother never has. I hurt her terribly. And the worst thing is that the devil possessed to me to do more psychedelics over the next eight years. I sold acid for a while. I took dxm (cough syrup) every other day for about three years (about twenty oz. at a time aprox.) and smoked weed daily. The only drug I've taken for years now (besides caffeine and nicotine) is medication for schizophrenia. The drugs I took didn't cause this condition neccesarily, but they did hasten and intesify its onset. Psychedelics and disassociatives are a loaded weapon. Don't play russian roulette with your brain. God bless...

Exp Year: 1989ExpID: 21626
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 14, 2005Views: 11,013
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