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Intergalactic Travel and Mutual Trips
Citation:   Metatron. "Intergalactic Travel and Mutual Trips: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp21742)". Dec 15, 2005.

1.0 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
The second night of spring break in my freshman year of college was the best night of my life. College opened my mind to lots of new things and I had only tried smoking and vaporizing weed and occasionally trying salvia. I never had a breakthrough experience with salvia and was usually left with a mild headache. My friend set me up with a little over an ounce of z-strain psilocybin mushrooms to bring up to my friends who were shroom-less. I was trying to unload some of these shrooms so I went up to see my girlfriend at her school on a friday night and asked if anyone was interested in buying some shrooms. Well the deal was done and 5 of us decided we would all shroom that night. I had never taken any kind of psychedelic and was very excited and curious as to what would happen. The next 7 hours were the most amazing of my life.

7:45pm - Each person separates approximately 2 grams or about half of an 8th of dried mushrooms. My girlfriend and I had another 2 grams left over after selling the mushrooms to our friends so we decided to just split what was left. She and I each ate only around 1 gram of really small mushrooms and powder, which we had heard were the most powerful. A little peanut butter helped the taste and texture so that it wasn't nearly as unpleasant as people had mentioned. The 5 of us sat together in my girlfriend's dorm room and ate our doses. The next half hour was relatively uneventful. We watched some online flash movies and just relaxed.

8:00pm - We decided it was a good idea for us to all pass around a bowl of some really strong weed to help keep down nausea and just relax. Everyone got about 2 hits off the bowl. Not being really sensitive to weed, I wasn't feeling much and didnít think the mushrooms would do anything at such a low dose.

8:30pm - Things are starting to feel really relaxed. Most of us make comments about how normal we're feeling but I feel like I'm really starting to get stoned.

8:45pm - It was about one hour after we all initially dosed. I was feeling the most delicious stone of my life. Everything was starting to get really funny and I was feeling rather heavy. The christmas lights on the walls weren't changing or haloing like I had read. I just felt like everything was terribly funny and even my laugh was feeling funny. We were all having trouble articulating our thoughts and a guy nobody knew came in and tried talking to us and no one wanted him in the room while we were shrooming. He tried to make conversation but all we could do was start to say something and then crack up for several minutes. This continued for about 5 minutes of the group of us just laughing our heads off until the guy left.

9:00pm - Everyone is still laughing and things are starting to become more interesting. I found a box of colored markers and just looked at them for a little while because they were pretty. A sketchbook was on the floor and all the images inside were really interesting. I started to visualize what they might really be about and to see words in the images. I then decided it was time to get up and walk to the bathroom. I still didnít believe that visual distortions and hallucinations actually existed and was soon to change my mind. I stumbled across the room and put my shoes on to go downstairs. The stairs took a long time to negotiate and I noticed that my hands moving looked kind of strange. Kind of like in a fast running strobe light where I would see several ghost images of the edges of my hands blurred out to the sides. The doors on the long hallway seemed to do this as well and the hallway seemed like it extended and got longer. The textures in the bathroom were intriguing and even the rust spots in the commode were interesting. They seemed to get up and kind of swim around and I remember thinking they were fish and that I was urinating into a pond. On the walk back I had to stop and stare at the large wooden doors at the bottom and top of the stairs. The grain in the wood was fascinating. I wanted to touch it because I could see rainbows and all sorts of colors in the wood. The grain seemed to pop out at me and flow around.

9:30pm - I got back into the dorm room and our friends all decided to go outside and walk around. My girlfriend was tripping too hard and didn't feel comfortable going outside so we lay down in her bed and the trip really took off. We lay on my girlfriend's bed for the next half hour talking about how we were feeling. I remember letting my eyes relax and watching the christmas lights in the room all fuzz into distorted haze.

10:00pm - Spooning there with my girlfriend was intensely pleasant and very sensual. When either of us would move our leg or bodies at all, we both shared the sensation that we turned into a liquid wave and felt it move up and down our bodies together. Colors were starting to get really beautiful.

10:20pm - This was the highlight of the trip. My girlfriend rolled over and we started looking into each other's eyes. The experience is incredibly intense and acts like a series of experiences that each seem to last a really long time but in actuality only last a very short time. Within her eyes, I see the oceans folding out with the moon sitting above them. Then I see them from outside of earth and they become the entire earth and we realize that we are each other's worlds. The order of what happened next isnít important but what happened was. I followed the lines of her face up through her forehead as they rose into this shining blue temple with an eye right above her hairline at the top of the temple. A blue spinning cloud surrounded the eye. This faded away as I stared into her eyes again. She collapsed and started crying and explaining how she felt her body disintegrate and breathe out into me. I tried to accept her life into my own and felt her become my soul and fill me from the inside and overflow out my eyes in tears of joy. We stared into each other's eyes again trying to pass our souls and lives to each other and the world disappeared. We slipped out into space and felt not as two people but as one traveling through the galaxy. We whisked through beaches and stars and spun in each otherís arms in the heavens. We came back and there was sand or salt in her bed and it seemed totally believable that we had brought it back with us. This entire experience seemed to have lasted an eternity. I felt like I had known my girlfriend for lifetimes and just experienced the death of time with her. The whole experience actually lasted only 2 minutes!

10:22pm - Totally amazed, she and I just lay there for a few more minutes talking about the experience we just had. She had absolutely been there with me and experienced the same things. We had a mutual trip! I continued to look at her face and she said she could see her face in mine and I saw her face mold itself into mine and realized that we were the same person. The color in her right cheek turned into a rising sun painted on her cheek and I saw all my heritage of native americans in her face. I saw their painted cheeks and their pain and suffering of years flash across this beautiful face. I then saw a rainbow pull out of her right eye and I felt myself return to my childhood and was a child again. I thought the rainbow was very indicative of the old Care Bears tv show and I felt right at home in this rainbow as a child. I mentioned what happened and she was stunned to say she had seen it and gone with me. We tried to discuss the connection we felt. I saw the tube of energy connecting us at the base of our stomachs and when we were close, it surrounded our entire bodies like a spider web. We laid together rippling and turning into waves for a few more minutes and realizing that every kiss felt like our first ever. We tried to have sex to internalize the emotions we just felt but the experience kept jumping around and it was too hard for either of us to focus on one thing. She got up to go to the bathroom and I followed.

10:30pm - Standing in the hallway observing 2 drunk people and 2 totally sober people. Sober people seemed really strange in how they were making fun of the drunken people. Being drunk just seemed like a waste to me and in my beshroomed state, I swore off any alcohol for my life because it became such a waste. I felt sad and sorry for those sober kids who felt they were superior to anyone who uses substances to experience life. I knew they would never experience what I was seeing and feeling and felt truly sad and angry that society doesnít accept it.

11:00pm - Back in the room we tried to have sex again. At times it felt like everything was working and other times it wouldnít. I buried my face in her neck and would see the outline of her face as rainbows and I could only see images of her blurred back and forth like my hands were doing earlier. I managed to think that some movies had managed to get that experience correct. This was one of the most beautiful color experiences that I had. I had to go to the bathroom again so we decided to go outside. I remember running into a friend of mine and making some rather incoherent comments about mushrooms and then I melted into a little ball and flowed out across the floor and got back up just fine. He seemed pleased and I left him to his own devices. I walked down the hall and ran my hands along the wall. The texture on the wall seemed to make this tone in my head that I could control as I touched the wall. I remember thinking something about 300hz sounded right. The snow outside was positively invigorating. I immediately ran outside and frolicked in it. I jumped in it on my back and my face and wasn't cold at all. I could tell it was cold but wasn't worried. I touched and felt the old trees outside and was totally immersed in how amazing a tree was. Little depressions in the snow were fabulously interesting and I felt like I was Alice traveling down the rabbit hole. I realized I was wet from the snow and we went back inside.

11:30 - The colors are coming back and our friends have come back in from the snow. They went to take showers to warm up and leave us alone in the room again. I felt all my inhibitions and worries about the petty things in life had totally disappeared. I had to get my girlfriend out of her wet clothes and I was soon naked too. I felt that being naked was the right thing to do and that modesty had no bearing. I felt the world was a beautiful place and I couldnít care if anyone saw me naked because I so loved the world. The touch of skin against skin was incredible. I could kiss my girlfriend's stomach and feel my face enveloped in warmth and merge with her body. Sex the third time finally worked right. The only problem was every time I closed my eyes; I was transported to a different room within my mind. I was in smooth rooms of round shapes with rainbows and colors running and spinning all over the walls. Some rooms were just a wall in front of me that looked like a tapestry or oriental rug. I then came into the temple of spiraling triangles that was one of the most beautiful visuals. There were numerous rows of triangles with spiraling colorful swirls in them that moved back and forth in a sea of color. The colors rose to a point of light at the top of the temple. I had to keep my eyes open and watch us if we were to have sex. Orgasms had become mental and I had already had several of them during the night that felt way beyond what a physical orgasm could be. The sexual experience itself was incredible and extremely beautiful. The union of two people into one was amazing. Physical orgasm manifested itself as the temple of the half moon. I was suddenly in another temple populated by green half moon shapes. They were the color of sugar snaps and each one had eyes in the center of it. They all blinked and disappeared as all my energy disappeared with it.

12:20am - I was starting to come down and we went to another dorm room of one of the friends who was tripping as well and the 5 of us sat in there. Lifesavers were very interesting because of the color and they were the first things I tasted. I painted the flavor on my tongue by moving the candy around and absolutely experienced every bit of it. They had made some macaroni and cheese, which seemed to fit the experience and the noodles just melted in my mouth. I was sitting on an inflatable yoga ball that felt amazing. I felt like I sank into it and it flowed around me. The whole theme of liquid and flow seemed to keep recurring in my trip.

1:00am - My girlfriend and I decided we were really tired and that a good nights sleep would feel really good so we returned to her room alone. She was asleep quickly but my brain was still racing. I spent 45 minutes chasing strobing lights around my eyes and my imagination was screaming at light speed. I saw a porcupine shape and revolved it into a spiked ball and realized I was the ball and suddenly saw myself getting acupuncture in a doctor's office. I shifted around unable to sleep.

2:00am - Still unable to sleep, I crawled onto the floor and curled up around an oscillating fan that was on the floor. The cold air was a beautiful feeling and I tried to sleep for about an hour but never fell asleep. I went to the bathroom in a stupor wondering if I would ever sleep.

3:00am - Still unable to sleep. I woke up my girlfriend asking for some pain reliever to help get rid of the cramps in my back that were really mild but were intensified by the drug. I couldnít find any so I just lay there and cried wishing for the experience to end. The effects were really mild but I was just focusing on the smallest things in the room and couldn't sleep.

3:45am - Friend came into the room to get her key. This is the last thing I remember, as I must have fallen asleep shortly after.

The next day we woke up around 11:45am feeling refreshed and only marginally tired. The world seemed so bright and beautiful despite the fog outside. I still could not get over the beauty of the trip. It was the most amazing experience of my life. I swore off alcohol and fell in love with the mushroom and what it can show me about my life. I felt my ego die and I felt my love for the world grow. All the petty things in life no longer bothered me and I realized how we are all part of one energy, one life force and cannot be separated from it. I wanted this experience to never end. I look forward to being at home with the mushroom again and I hope in my heart, that the entire world could experience this experience. It was what I would call an enlightenment experience, the essence of perfection, pure love, bliss.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21742
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 15, 2005Views: 20,420
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