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The Magnificent Green Fractal Ray
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by Eriflegna
Citation:   Eriflegna. "The Magnificent Green Fractal Ray: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp21958)". Feb 17, 2020.

  oral Vitamin C (liquid)
  3.5 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)


Time: 10/5/2002 at 9:00AM
Set: Very good mood, well rested, extremely curious.
Setting: Wearing blue pajamas, white t-shirt; in my apartment, the shades are closed, little to none ambient light; no one is home.
Dose: 3.5g; oral, just the dried mushroom with 4oz of orange juice.
Headache: 2/10. Tingling head pain at very end of session; went away rather fast after drinking fresh water.
Overall Joy: 10/10. Absolutely astonishing!
Shulgin Rating: ++++

This is a documentation of my first session with psilocybin mushrooms. I was *so* excited to have gotten this 1/8th from a friend, and from that moment I decided I would plan out my first time as perfect as I can. Inside the bag she gave me were two beautiful golden caps, about 1 inch in diameter, a few mushroom stems, and broken pieces & powder at the bottom. She said they were P. cubensis, and very potent!

I've been a regular reader of several harm reduction blogs and websites and I'm a huge fan of Terence McKenna's I felt very confidant that I knew what to do. Terence McKenna was a huge influence on me for trying these mushrooms. I recall listening to one of his techniques for taking mushrooms: Eat them dried, sit and have an examination of consciousness while rolling joints, and when it starts to come on...smoke furiously to push it over the edge. Then shut up, and pay attention! I did everything except smoke any joints.


So two days after I procured these glorious mushrooms I decided to have my session.

I set up my apartment so that my bed was centered in the room, plenty of pillows, and some clean towels next to me. I made sure that no one was going to be home that day, and no one disturbed me at all.

So the time came to dose.

I sat in a meditative position in the center of my bed with the mushrooms on the bed with me. It was a very silent moment as I prayed with the mushrooms. I prayed for a good session; I prayed with the intent of learning about the mushroom.

So then I slowly sat up, placed the mushrooms in my mouth, and started chewing. I then downed the mushrooms with about 4oz of cold orange juice.

Then...I started my examination of consciousness. I thought about all the things that may scare me, and realized how much of a stupid idiot I was for thinking of these things; why would I want to scare myself!


So it was now 10:11AM, and I started to feel anxiousness in me. For sure it was starting. So I laid down on my bed and placed my blindfold on. I immediately saw some Closed Eye Visuals (CEV's) upon putting on the blindfold. They were furiously swirling, and a tornado of colors, but not very bright...rather darkened. Then I, and I don't know why, decided, 'dam, this is going to be boring. Let's check out the Open Eye Visuals (OEV's).' So I took off the blindfold...and centered myself on the bed.

As I was sitting there my nose stared to run a little and I had mucus form in my mouth, with tingling sensations behind my ears. Then I had this very odd urge to speak. So as I sat in the center of the bed, I looked at the ceiling and started speaking in glossalia...with no effort needed, it just flowed out. What I can english were these two slow words, 'BOOKAAAAN....HOODEEEEMAAAA.' The other words were spoken rather quickly, like people having an argument in Spanish. It was so pleasing, and as I spoke I was 'pulling' the words out of my mouth with my right hand, like spaghetti (Note: no strong OEV's yet). Then I had my first yawn. It felt like a tired sort of yawn, but was ecstatic! It felt great!

Then the laughing starts. Waves of laughing and giggling. I was saying, 'oh my god, this is soooo greeeaaat! AHA.' I put my hands over my mouth from bursting outloud with laughter...this was lot's of fun.

Then the runny nose and mucus was overwhelming and I had to blow my nose. I did on a large bath towel, and threw it on the floor. I started drooling. Man, I was so sloppy!

Then I decided, 'hm, let's listen to some music.' So this was the musical line up in order: Mudvayne (L.D.50), Tool (Lateralus), and Mushroomhead (XX).

* * OEV's START * *

Okay, now from here on is where the OEV's started...and where the session got all weird and I can't seem to recall too much, so I'll tell you some that I can recall.

While listening to the music I tried lot's of things. As I laid on my back, I stared at the ceiling. An absolutely gorgeous mosaic of colored swirls covered my entire ceiling. The mosaic slowly pulsed and swayed from left to right, like the gyrating hips of a hula dancer. I also tried looking for the 'trails' that one can see when they move their hands. Yup, that was lot's of fun. These hand trials reminded me of fire or 'visual-echoes', and was about 6-10 inches long behind my hand. There was also the recurring sensation of a huge wave, like what Hawaiian surfers' surf, of colors washing over me, and I was falling back giggling from the pressure. Also, when I stood up and looked at my arms and legs...they seemed grayish and very *alien* like. I have this bright yellow plastic toolbox in my room, and as I stared at the yellow plastic it seemed to start melting. I touched it with my right index finger and, I swear, I was mushing it like clay; this was very cool, like I was actually bending matter.


At about the point in the music when I was listening to Mushroomhead, I stood up. I began to yawn again and as I had my mouth open, this huge beam or green light slowly poured out of the right side of my forehead. It was a strong OEV, and it was GORGEOUS! The color was a neon-lime green. Then as this light slowly moved further away from my forehead, it morphed into a green fractal pattern, almost floral in nature. The fractal pattern reminds me of the Mandelbrot fractal, especially as you *zoom* into the edges of the Mandelbrot fractal. This made me SO HAPPY! I smiled, and smiled, and smiled, and smiled! Then...I just lost all awareness of this earthly world and floods of visions washed upon me. Of galaxies, of dreams that I've had, of my family. I was just completely consumed in this happy moment; there is no possibility of a rational explanation for this. This is why I give the session the ++++ Shulgin rating.


My awareness then came back to the room I was in and the fractal pattern was fading away. It flowed out and then vanished.

It was now 2:20PM, and the session was beginning to come to an end; the OEV's were fading away very gently.

I then recall sitting in my chair and saying to myself, 'wow, it's over.'

In conclusion, the session started at 9:00AM and ended at 2:20PM, with the onset of OEV's at about 10:20AM. Strong OEV's from about 11:00AM to 1:30PM. I had a slight head pain from 2:20PM to 2:30PM. No nausea at all, no vomiting, no other forms of sickness. The session was not scary at all.

My Notes:

Before my session:
1. Do everything I could to create an appropriate set and setting; this is very important.
2. Do not eat for about 5 hours or more prior to dosing.
3. Don't bother mixing these mushrooms with food or powdering them in fluid; eat them whole and wash down with a non-alcoholic drink (e.g., orange juice, cranberry juice, something acidic).
4. Have plenty of clean towels with me; I may need to blow my nose and/or wipe up some drool.
5. Make sure there is a place to just lye down and relax; pillows are great.

1. Decide beforehand what I will be doing during your session, and stick to it; avoid changing my mind last minute.
2. If I'm not undergoing a sensory deprived session, then experiment with objects in my setting (e.g., smooth vs. rough objects, objects of different shapes and sizes, objects made of wood and plastic).

1. Eat a healthy meal and drink plenty of fresh water.
2. Don't go off ranting and raving about how awesome the session was; chill out and regroup for a while.

1. Obviously, without question, remove all sharp and/or potentially dangerous items from my setting (e.g., scissors, needles, knives, hammers, guns, etc).
2. If I feel a little scared about looking at myself in the mirror, then I don't...especially if I'm alone! Save mirror exercises for when I'm with trusting and loving people...then I build ny way up to solo exercises.
3. Avoid dosing these mushrooms with *WAY TOO MUCH* MAOI's (e.g., P. harmala, B. caapi). I'll do some research and learn what the correct doses would be for such a session.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 21958
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 17, 2020Views: 496
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