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My Friends Aren't Really Here
by Bucky
Citation:   Bucky. "My Friends Aren't Really Here: An Experience with Datura (exp22432)". Aug 25, 2006.

6.0 g oral Datura (seeds)


I can still remember my Datura trip like it was yesterday. As with most of the trips involving Datura I suffer from a short term amnesia of the trip and don't remember all of the details, but here goes. I was with some friend one day heading to a party when they showed me were some Datura plants were growing. There were only 2 flowers left so we uprooted one and I ate the entire thing, stem and all! I don't remember going home that night at all but I woke up the next day at home completely fine. I didn't suffer from the usual vision problems that are usually experienced from this drug and was quite happy I didn't have to suffer these consequences. A friend of mine came over that day with a whole bunch of mature Datura seeds and asked me to help him crush them up. We emptied out half-gram capsules and filled them with the powder fine seeds we had spent the last few hours crushing up (We had a lot of seeds)

Afterwards my friend fed me 4 of these pills. They still hadn't kicked in after 30 minutes, so I took 2 more. That's about three grams I had already taken, but there's more! We mixed up 2 more pills with some spaghetti sauce, at my request, and I had myself a nice big plate. You see I wanted a really good trip, and holy shit did I get it. I don't even remember the pills kicking in but apparently it was at this time that my friend fed me 4 more of these pills! Unfortunately I didn't learn about this for about a year and a half later, no wonder I got so high!

My first memory of my trip is talking to my pepper plant, ketchup bottle and milk jug, only they were human and they were my friends, for a time. Then suddenly they would become inanimate objects. I tried to explain to my friend who was still at my house, 'Whoa dude Dan just turned into a milk jug' After that I went blank for a while, all I remember for a short time was that I kept thinking that all of my friends had started shooting heroine and they needed my help. I wanted to leave. I guess another one of my friends had come over and I didn't notice, but my other friend explained to him why I was acting so weird. I got up to get my shoes on so I could leave, then my asshole friend told me their were scorpions in my shoes. Being in the state I was in I tripped out and suddenly there were scorpions in my shoes.

It took my friends about an hour after that to convince me to put on my shoes and go downtown with him. I have no idea what I did after that, but my friends say that I was too high so they took me home and stuck around. My one friend had to go meet someone else to give seeds to, so he told my other friend not to let me out of his sight. Well eventually nature called and I guess the next day he was using the bathroom and I walked out the door. I remember a bit after this I walked down the street to a friendís house and tried asking a tree stump for a smoke. I got my smoke which soon afterwards disappeared. Then I tried to get my lighter working, which turned out to be a metal piece from a toilet paper holder. I guess the night before I tore my bathroom apart, and then started to throw up in the toilet for about 6 hours, most of it dry heaving.

I have no memory of this. My friends kept trying to tell me that the people I was talking to weren't there and I had no smoke, and my lighter wasn't a lighter. I got pissed off and left. I thought I saw another friend in his van, only this particular friend doesn't even drive! The 'real' owner of the van came out after about a half hour of talking to my nonexistent friends in the van, and his very large rose bushes. I tried to explain to him that this was my friend's van, 'just ask him', I said, 'He's in the van.' Only, no one was in the van anymore. So after being accused of being a drunk lunatic, I left the man's front lawn swearing away.

I guess I made it home that night somehow, because I remember having hallucinations that their was a dancing creature with mettalic claws on my ceiling. The next day, well night that is (I can't remember the day) I still had the feeling that everyone was on heroine, and I thought I saw my ex girlfriend in the back of a van shooting heroine into her arm. All I could do was shout at the van, 'That better be a clean needle!' The unfortunate thing was the people who actually were in the van got scared and drove away very suddenly. This led me to chasing after this van down the middle of a busy road. All of this time I was talking to my 'friends' about going to a party that night so eventually I made my way there. Their was supposed to be a fight, and about 50 or 60 of us stood on the lawn watching this.

I began to notice that some of my friends had sprouted leaves instead of hair. Oh well. So I reach into my pocket and lo and behold, a pack of smokes and my lighter. I began to hand out smokes to my 'tree friends' which is unfortunate because they were real smokes and they wound up being dropped on the ground along with my lighter. And every time someone went to hand me back a smoke, it tasted like wood. Then my friend was laying down on a couch (barbeque) outside and he began to vomit. so I pushed the couch over and flipped him over so he wouldn't drown. So after a few hours of laughing at me the real owner of the house came out to see what I was doing to his barbeque. 5 minutes later the cops arrested me and took me home I continued to hallucinate, and the next day my vision was fucked.

Overall I loved the disillusioned feelings and euphoria to a point, probably because I don't remember the bad stuff. 4 days is awhile to be high for too but it was fun while it lasted.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 22432
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 25, 2006Views: 10,032
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Datura (15) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Difficult Experiences (5)

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