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San Pedro Rave
Syrian Rue & Cacti - T. pachanoi
Citation:   Murple. "San Pedro Rave: An Experience with Syrian Rue & Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp2374)". Erowid.org. Oct 11, 2001. erowid.org/exp/2374

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T+ 0:00
0.75 Tbsp oral Syrian Rue (extract)
  T+ 1:25 50 g oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (extract)
50g of San Pedro was extracted in a mixture of water and lemon juice, then evaporated down to a brown solid, which was then stuffed into 22 gelcaps. 3/4 tablespoon of harmala seeds were likewise extracted and gelcapped into one capsule. I fasted for a day and a half beforehand, to make sure I get the most out of the experience. I also took 3mg of melatonin nightly for the entire week previous, and a full 12mg melatonin the night before. Rumor has it that this makes mescaline much more effective, though I've never seen any research showing any connection between melatonin and mescaline. Hey, it can't hurt.

Everyone began gathering at my house around 8PM. There was a definite mood of excitement in the air as we sat there waiting for everyone to show up so we could leave for the Sunrise Festival, a big outdoor rave on the river near Baltimore. Around 10PM, I took my harmala extract, so as to give it time to kick in before eating the cactus capsules. Within about 15 minutes I begin to feel a mild buzz, maybe from the harmala, maybe just from anticipation. We're just waiting for two more people to show up now, then we can go. Finally, a little after 10:30, they arrive, and we begin piling into the three cars we're taking.

The drive is about an hour and a half, and pretty much uneventful. About halfway there, I begin slowly eating my San Pedro capsules, one at a time. After quite a bit of circling the place, we finally find some parking around 12:30AM. As we park, I ran out of the soda I was using to take my gelcaps, and there are 4 gelcaps left. I say 'Fuck it' and leave the remaining capsules for another day. We begin the long walk to the event, and with every step, I feel the mescaline kick in a little more. We finally reach the street that runs right in to the rave grounds, which is a slightly uphill walk. The street is lined with streetlamps and happy people, and the combination of this and the slope gives me the impression of walking up some kind of magic path to a higher place.

Then we get to the line. Can I even call it a line? Clusterfuck is more accurate. We press our way into a large throng of people, and spend the next hour or so in this claustrophobic mess. I'm definitely feeling the effects strongly, now. Finally around 1:45 we make it in. We all regroup on the other side of the gate, and head into the party. We head down to the chill out area on the riverside, where the people I'm with take their pills of ecstasy (Versace's). We sit for a little while and watch the water ripple. It seems to be alive, the wind creating interesting patterns on the surface of the water. Dubtribe Soundsystem is scheduled to come on in the main area at 2:30, so at 2:15 we start heading there.

We reach it right as they come on, and head into the crowd to dance. At this point, I begin to hit my peak. Visually, my world turns into a field of trails and flashing colored lights. This is definitely the most visual mescaline experience I've had! There is a large balloon floating over the stage, which blows back and forth in the wind. It seems to be morphing shapes to me, and I'm not sure if its the wind or the mescaline doing it, so I ask my friend and she tells me it wasn't actually doing this. I can't really dance because its pretty crowded and I'm holding a backpack. The little half-dancing I did get to do felt really good, though. Mescaline gives me some really nice body sensations, energy tingles in my muscles...and its mildly analgesic effects also let you move in ways Inormally couldn't, and masks any sore muscles I may have.

Anyway, since I decided to stop dancing, I pulled out my laser pointer and began moving it around on the balloon. A few seconds later, another red dot appears on the balloon and begins chasing mine around, so I begin to circle that dot. This goes on for quite some time, and it felt good to be somehow communicating with some anonymous person in the crowd, in a language of moving red light.

My friends who took the E began to feel it kicking in, and apparently kicking in strongly. Strongly enough that they wanted to stop dancing, at least. We head towards the chill out area, and find a spot on a hill halfway between the main area and the chill out area, and sit. This gave the weird effect of being able to hear both areas equally well, a strange combination of house and trance beats mingling into some new beast.

Strange lighting effects give me the impression that all the trees around us are covered in neon green hair. The clouds that streak the sky look quite ethereal. Venus is bright, and so with the goddess of love shining down on us, we all fall into a pile of hugging, massaging, dirty, sweaty human flesh. Everyone I'm with is rolling very hard, and I'm peaking on the mescaline. Mescaline is so much like ecstasy in a lot of ways, though, so I'm on more or less the same plane as my friends.

Everyone is talking about love and cuddling. We spend basically the rest of the night this way, with people coming and going every now and then to go dance, walk, or get water. My world consists entirely of the sensations of cuddling with 8 or so people at once and visual treats all around me. The lights from the show and the Baltimore skyline provide one kind of beauty, and the sky, trees and river provide another. Man-made and natural, these two kinds of beauty synergize and create a whole new thing. The old argument of man-made vs. natural reveals itself to be a red herring - there is no distinction. Man is of nature, and so are all our works. There is no bad technology, only bad application of technology.

Here, in all its strobe-light, laser-beamed, audio-amplified glory, is an ancient tribal ritual - people coming together to celebrate nothing more than the rising of the sun - a party for no reason other than joy in being alive. The crowd is made up of a full spectrum of society - every race, age and lifestyle seems to be represented here. This is truly a gathering of the tribes.

I feel the pulsing heartbeats of the people I'm piled with, dirty sweaty skin on dirty sweaty skin. Where else can people of both sexes lay piled on top of each other in such intimate contact without there being any sort of sexual tensions? I feel sad for the majority of people in this society who never get to feel such closeness without pretense. Mescaline, more so than ecstasy, lets me feel the energies of people around me. The fact that they are all on E lets me soak in their roll, as well. I breathe in life, and exhale love. This is what itís all about.

Gradually, the sky begins to lighten. My friends who took MDE are starting to come down, though I've still got a few hours to go. Around 6:30, we finally get everyone assembled, and begin the long walk back to the cars. By 7:30, we're on the road heading back to Virginia for an after-party at a friend's apartment. I'm still tripping somewhat, and though physically quite exhausted, emotionally and spiritually I feel rejuvenated and buoyant.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 2374
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 11, 2001Views: 43,808
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Syrian Rue (45), Cacti - T. pachanoi (64) : Rave / Dance Event (18), Sex Discussion (14), Combinations (3), General (1)

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