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10 Year Anniversary
Citation:   Murple. "10 Year Anniversary: An Experience with LSD, DPT & GHB (exp2385)". Aug 30, 2001.

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T+ 0:00
1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:15 2 lines insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 6:00 25 mg   DPT  
  T+ 8:00     GHB  
* June 4, 1989 - Beijing, China: Many students are killed by government
troops while protesting for democratic reforms in Tiananmen Square.

* June 4, 1989 - Washington, DC suburbs: Through a a series of
coincidences, I ran across a little square of white blotter paper
containing a sample of Hofmann's magical elixir, and so have my first

* June 4, 1999 - Beijing, China: Soldiers raised the Chinese flag over
Tiananmen Square in Beijing, as China tried to ignore the anniversary of
the student democracy movement there a decade ago.

* June 4, 1999 - Washington, DC suburbs: Unlike in China, June 4 is an
anniversary full of joy for me, and one which I celebrated quite fully
this year, as is fitting for 10 years...

Ahh yes... my 10th rebirthday! This is one that I won't soon
forget. I hadn't had LSD in a pretty long time... about 15 months since my
last mild experience, and around 2 years since my last full blown LSD
experience, which had been a little on the rough side. I've been exploring
other entheogens quite thoroughly in this time, but I stayed away from LSD
for a variety of reasons.

With my 10th rebirthday approaching, however, I decided it was
time for a reunion. I obtained a hit of green geltab acid, and set it
aside for the upcoming anniversary.

June 4th finally came, and I felt that old familiar nervous
anticipation rising in me. Acid! My first and most familiar ally... I
found myself incredibly nervous, which struck me as silly. I've done this
countless times. I've done crazy shit like ayahuasca. Why is a little hit
of acid causing so much tension? I guessed just because it had been so
long. I decided on 11PM for take-off.

Around 10:15, I decided to go on my regular internet chatroom to
relax and smoke some cannabis before take-off. I go on there and find one
person taking AMT, one person taking DPT, one person taking AMT with
mushrooms, one taking DPT with ketamine, someone else taking LSD, and a
few other assorted trippers. Surprise, it looks like the universe decided
to throw me a spontaneous rebirthday virtual-party! Well, alright then!

I placed the sacrament at the foot of my Buddha carving, and lit a
stick of incense. I reflected upon all that I had been through with LSD
over the last 10 years, and all the wonderful things I have learned from
it. 11PM, down the hatch! Well, like I said 10 years ago, theres no
turning back now!

I felt a strong alert by 11:15PM, and knew I was going to be in
for a wild ride. I was also overcome by a strong wave of nostalgia about
LSD. I put on headphones and listened to Moody Blues, broke out a folder
of my old LSD-influenced drawings, and began reminiscing. I read old LSD
reports of mine (unfortunately, I've only made a few of them). I thought
about how different of a world it was when I first fell through the rabbit
hole. There was still a Soviet Union. The Internet was still not much more
beyond the wet dreams of a few visionary geeks. Someone reminded me that
the Tiananmen Square massacre happened the same day. 10 years. Wow...

Around 12:15, I wasn't tripping unusually hard, I was at a Plus 2
on the Shulgin scale. I started to get worried that I wouldn't trip any
harder. By 12:30-12:45, however, I realized that I was about to trip quite
a bit harder. I went to lay down just as I found myself hurled into an
amazing Plus 4. I remembered how much I loved LSD right then, and wondered
why I had let it go so long.

The peak was spectacular. I was laying in bed in a dark room, the
best way to experience acid I think, and the closed-eye visuals were
mindblowing. At the same time, I felt that high-speed LSD consciousness
train blasting through my skull. The visuals and thoughts were very much
in sync. I thought about many things... how much I had missed acid, how
much I had learned from it over the years... and then into reflections on
my life. Realization that this was my first acid trip as a non-smoker,
which struck me as being an important milestone. After a little while, I
stopped thinking *about* anything and I became just a process of
abstract thinking, accompanied by the fantastic acid visualscapes of the
disembodied eye state. I experienced strange temporal distortions, had
visions of the LSD 'spirit' appearing to me as a yound woman dressed in
white muslin, saw both the dark and the light sides of acid as a sort of
'This Is Your Life' nostalgia session. I had a particularly amusing vision
of people putting tabs of acid to their tongues and immediately sprouting
wings from their mouths and flying off to the 'real' world (a la 'The
Matrix', sort of).

Sometime during the height of the peak, around 1-1:30AM I would
estimate, I had a very strange experience. I had the sensation that I was
somehow communicating with an entity - which I soon realized was Becky.
This had a strange feeling of being real... some sort of telepathic link.
I found myself talking to her soundlessly in some sort of impossible
space, and rapidly became confused as to which one of us was who. 'Whats
happening?' I felt her think... and I thought back 'I don't know, I just
think our realities are overlapping...we'll just have to ride it out.' I
felt a strong feeling of caring, and soon after, it was as if we zoomed
apart at hundreds of miles per hour and the contact was broken. The
strange thing is that the next morning when I spoke with her, she asked
'So, did you feel us talking about you last night?'

Around 3-3:30AM, things leveled off enough that I was able to move
around. I returned to the internet chatroom, and soon someone convinced me
to try a little ketamine, saying that the combination was amazing. I cut
some out into two large lines, returned to my bedroom, snorted the
ketamine, and lay down. I waited. I got a strange visual effect where
everything began to 'melt' somewhat - the effect is similar to what would
happen if you sprayed water on a watercolor painting. This only lasted a
short while. I felt a mild increase in the trip's 'weirdness' factor, but
overall it seemed to make no real big difference to the character of the
trip - I think I was already too far out for it to have any effect. I
wasn't very disappointed, not being very fond of ketamine to begin with.

I got back on the chatroom and had a great time talking about
tripping with everyone for a while. Around 5AM, I decided to take a little
bit of DPT to boost myself back up a little. It added a little vibrational
signature to the trip, and brought back some intensity, but didn't add a
whole lot to the trip, as I only did a small quantity (25mg at most).

2 or 3 hours later I got an email from some guy in Serbia who had
emailed us a few times before. It was a picture of a peace sign overlaid
on a potleaf. I decided to go to CNN's web s ite and saw a headline saying
the war in Kosovo could be over by the end of the weekend. I made a
little prayer for peace.

Around 7AM, I had dropped down to a level where I was mainly
stimulated, more than tripping, and decided it was time to take a little
GHB to make myself sleepy. No such luck! I ended up consuming enough GHB
to tranquilize a herd of elephants over the next 6 hours, and barely
noticed any effect over the lingering LSD stimulation. I finally managed
to fall into a fitful sleep around 1PM, sleeping until 6, when I woke up
physically drained but mentally full of energy.

This was one amazing trip, totally worthy of a 10-year anniversary
celebration! And it was a spectacular reunion with an old, trusted friend.
I won't be letting it go that long again before I schedule another date
with my beloved Lady Sidney the Divine...

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 2385
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 30, 2001Views: 59,391
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GHB (25), DPT (21), LSD (2) : Entities / Beings (37), Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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