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Complete and Utter Weirdness
by Mr. Thomson
Citation:   Mr. Thomson. "Complete and Utter Weirdness: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp24969)". May 17, 2019.

1 cap oral Mushrooms (dried)


Christmas time rolled around, and becoming a stoner my freshman year of highschool, I wanted to try something stronger....I had been really interested in the idea of hallucinating so I bought an eighth of my good friend T. The eigth consisted of a big cap, one smaller one, and two stems...

That night I sat in my bed and contemplated eating a cap (my parents were asleep in the next room). I figured what the hell and downed the largest cap.....I thought it tasted like chocolate the first couple of bites, and after that it got disgusting...

No more than 10 minutes later -

I look at my hand and it is bigger than normal. 'its kicking in' I thought. As I reached for my glass of water, my arm stretched intensly. I really dug never really hallucinated before, and already felt as if I was going to enjoy this trip.

I got up and started towards the kitchen to retreive some order for you to get to my kitchen you must pass by the christmas tree, and when I saw that damned thing, I hadnt the foggiest notion what I was looking at - The lights were swirling and the tree was bending down at me. I particularly remember the sweet smell of pine (I love that smell) however I then realize our tree does not have a scent at all. As soon as I realize this the smell is gone.

I turn away and head for the kitchen...I opened the pantry door and saw all the bags and cans...all seemed alien...I grab the bag of cheetos and start walking to my room.. I was so damn sure I was going to spill these cheetos (the bag was sealed with a paper clip) that I walked at speeds of three back to my lair...

NOTE: this walking experience was very similar to the walking on DXM

As soon as I get there I lay down and eat the munchies....

About ten minutes of that pass and I turn on some trance and trip on the visions in my head. Every beat a new circle would appear, in all different colors.. This went on for what must have been an hour.

I look over to the corner of my room and see my coconut monkey (a monkey made out of a coconut). As soon as I turned my head, I would see in my perifferals it looking at me... I stand up and continue to reason with the monkey, telling it to stop looking at me..

After that, I felt really beat so I tried to fall asleep - but with no luck...I layed there and triped on my window, which appeared to be a bubbling cauldrin of some sort...

I FINALLY drifted off to bed, and awoke very tired for school...

Overall id say it was a pretty cool experience.


Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 24969
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 17, 2019Views: 479
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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