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Peyote Healing
Citation:   Peyote Healer. "Peyote Healing: An Experience with Peyote (exp25217)". Jul 13, 2003.

T+ 0:00
6 buttons oral Peyote (fresh)
  T+ 1:00 8 tsp oral Peyote (dried)
  T+ 2:00 4 tsp oral Peyote (ground / crushed)
  T+ 3:00 8 cups oral Peyote (tea)
At the begining, right when it touches my mouth, I immedeately start to feel different. I don't eat all 24-26 buttons at once, I I start out with about 2 fresh buttons that I chewed, they were cleaned (the Fuzz or Hairs were removed), then right after I ate about 4 teaspoonfuls of very dry finely grounded powder, then came the mush about another 4 teaspoonfuls, then throughout the night they will pass the peyote around and I came up with about 24-26 buttons but probably more like 30-34 buttons. This is a very high dosage, I eat this plant quite often just about 2 times per month for the past 10 years sometimes I eat it every weekend for months straight.

Within the first 10-20 mins, I can feel my stomache start to ache, I start to belch a lot. Slowly I start to feel the effects.

20-60 mins later, I start noticing that all light and objects seem to be more intense. Everything starts to look sharp and bright.

1 Hour to 2 hours, I start to feel a lot of nausea, but I don't feel like puking, I probably would have if I would have made any sudden moves, I start noticing my thoughts start to move around more and they start to come alive, when I close my eyes I start to see blue, orange, Green, and red designs that are very brightly colored. The designs that I start to see are very geometrical, and I start to even see the designs starting to form people and objects along with other things. I can't keep my eyes open at this point as I can't keep my eyes in one place they start moving a lot, and I prefer to close in case they start to roll back and I start to freak out people. Suddenly I start to go into some deep dream states, it's as if I'm having lucid dreams, they last very short seconds maybe just a second but a lot happens. I start seeing other people's thoughts expressed to me in the form of dreams, I see intricate details of people, things that they only know. I start hearing people talk to me in the dreams. I start flying to the universe and I see bright bright colors now, the designs move slowly and not fast contantly changing like mushrooms do to me. I see colored lights pass over me as if I'm flying in the universe filled with bright stars. I suddenly find myself in a world where everything is crystal, and I see holy beings that look like Hopi Kachinas and a mixture of Northwestern totem poles a long with a japanese feel. I start to receive info about my life and how to become a better person, I learn ways on how to be in life, humble, loving. How to pray better, how to heal, how to find a better job, right decisions. I moved around into different worlds and different thoughts.

Now 3-4 hours I've eaten the rest of the peyote, at this point i'm very nauseas and can't move much, I feel heavy and I see a lot of things now, I feel very emotional, and I feel like I want to stand up, but I can't, I still feel a lot of peyote in my stomache and I'm belching a lot now. I now get the guts to walk around, the clouds are moving fast and I see bright colors everywhere. Symbols, I start to hear a vibration, and I hear things in a different language, my thoughts sound like a different language, it's like a code, and I start to understand it clear, I learn the most beautiful things and some very bizarre understandings that make so much sense but there are no words to express this spiritual connection, but I've understood it quickly, I know that these teachings are a part of me even though I forget after this dosage. I don't feel safe walking alone so I go back in the teepee and feel good. I feel so happy, I can't take off this smile, I continue to feel like this, I see designs of many things. Six hours later the nausea is almost gone but it comes in waves. The peyote is still working on me very strong, 10-12 hours later I feel fine, still feel good and the effects slowly will go away.

I feel like a new person, I feel good alive and get this, days later I got what I asked the peyote to help me get. The peyote told me it would be 4 days, and I got exactly four days later...what a good blessing.

I do not recommend this dosage, however I feel most people can't OD because one would most likely puke before they OD. Be careful with this though it would never hurt ya, but can be quite scare if used incorrectly. I would recommend not to mix with anything because it is such a potent healing medicine.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25217
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 13, 2003Views: 72,444
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Peyote (42) : Group Ceremony (21), Entities / Beings (37), Health Benefits (32), Mystical Experiences (9), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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