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Race War
Mushrooms & Nitrous Oxide
by Dr.Sean
Citation:   Dr.Sean. "Race War: An Experience with Mushrooms & Nitrous Oxide (exp25404)". Erowid.org. Oct 14, 2007. erowid.org/exp/25404

9.4 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  5 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)


[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

Well the real beginning of my story begins with aquiring the mushrooms. Me and my best friend ever since 7th grade kinda went in diffrent directions since. Me staying a wanker and he well he moved into semi ghetto area and is highly envolved with gang activity so of course many of the drugs that he gets come from these types of people. Well blood man who I am relatively friendly with traded some hard candy for some mushrooms cause he knew I would want them, he gave them to me for a very reasonable price, I wieghed them out and it came out to 9.4 grams (almost 3 8ths) and I was gonna split them with this girl but I was overtaken by the urge to eat them all, and did.

I sat on the computer waiting for them to come on and when they did I took my bicycle to the park across the street, and rode down to main st., a hotbed for youth activity in my town. I got there stashed my bike and walked down the block and sat in front of the church on the front steps and put on my mp3 player, I believe I put on sgt. peppers and just sat for about 20 minutes. This is when the first real visual aspect came on and some slight confusion. I thought this was all they had to give (boy was I wrong). Well I started making my way back down main st. Because nobodie was around and the people that were, were giving me dirty looks, I scrubed a cigarette and sat down to smoke it, this is when I first noticed time dilation, and enjoyed it.

So I went to get my stashed bike and was yelled at and told the police were on their way (I kinda stashed it in a private area of a private bridal place) so this was my key to vamoose. I decided I was lonely so I'd go visit my friend who had origanally helped me get them, which is a good 3-4 mile ride, but on the way I decided to stop at the grocery store and get 10$ worth of whip cream, which in the cheap brand equaled 5 cans so I found I little secluded spot in the brush and did 3 at once and well thereís no real discription of how it was, it was just the most enjoyable feeling I've ever had and I've done coke, crack, X, Heroin, oxy, lsd, 2CI ,foxy, dxm, pcp, k, benzos, amps, meth-amps, lsa, salvia, and who knows what else.

All I wanted was to share the experiance with someone to show them how great it is. I was greatly sadend by realizing there were no more mushrooms and therefor I could not currently show anyone how great it was, but I drowned my sorrows in another 2 cans and the remanders of the other 3 cans, which again can not be described but can be recomended.

Well back on the road to my friends, this is when the time warp started to suck, riding through MS-13 terretory on my basket bike it sucked, but anyhow I got there only to find him sick in bed convinced he had caught clamidia(sp?) the STD and was sick from it, this was not the best setting to be coming into as I walked into his room I got the diesease vibe to the max and he looked bad. At this time Iím tripping pretty hard and this isnít very settling.

Maybe a hour or so later the blood man came by and he is never a threat to me he is always very friendly but this time his persono really disturbed me. He was loud, dressed in bright cloths, large, muscle bound and well he was very black. Well anyway this really scared me. Him and my friend went into my friendís room for a few minutes and I flipped thru the channels on the TV, and all I saw were black people, mostly the 'gangsta' thing you see so much of these days on TV and then I see white people dressing up like them and its on all 5 yes five music channels, this really freaked me out, as Iím the type that never truly got over nirvana and everyday miss the constant airplay they had.

Then I flip on to cops and see white cops taking down black drug dealers and in my head this big scenario is playing out that the white people used to rule this country and now the black people are slowly making there way up and are going to one day try and take over, and they are doing it on a social level glamourising gang life with rap having the whiteist white bread kids from preppy suberban good areas with no gang activity ever even seen by these kids in real life imatating what they see on TV with the way they talk, dress, act, treat people and in my eyes this is rediculous but Iím getting off track.

Then on a physical/mental level I have this scenario playing out that they use drugs to gain money for there cause and ultimately try to use extremely addictive drugs like crack to enslave the white people which I've seen first hand black crack dealers with almost 100% white clintelle, so all this stuff is all racing thru my head at 100mph and its really making for a bad trip then blood man comes out of the room with my friend and they are going to go make some 'runs' which I often go with them but I was to scared. It was so scary. I stayed at his house with his sister, I asked her for xanax and she told me to go to the brentwood train station which is all gangland not really the kinda place for me to wander in the state I was in but she didnít know better I didnít go but this furthered my scenario of blacks using drugs to control whites.

Then it all felt like I was tricked into taking the mushrooms and they were just to get money from me and then they got more from me needing xanax to prevent going crazy I wanted to go somewhere, somewhere peaceful. This enviroment couldnít be any worse but I somehow felt trap in the house which was small and the rooms were pretty empty and not very comforting so I just paced for what seemed like years until I finally made up my mind completely to ride home, this is when everythign felt pre-programmed and this was all like set to happen like I was a charicter in a movie. So I rode back home scared to death of everything and went back to the origanal park and relaxed a bit and focused on the visuals which were pretty outragous but thatís not intresting to the story so a walked around for another hour or so and came down enough to go home, I did and went to sleep, but until this day I get very uncomfortable anxiety rushs when I think certain things about whites and blacks, I am no longer comfortable around blacks anymore. So basically I got nothing but negativity out of the trip but I sure will plan better for my next high dose mushrooms trip.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25404
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 14, 2007Views: 4,501
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