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My Concoction
Citation:   Trippin Tom. "My Concoction: An Experience with Poppies (exp25708)". Oct 14, 2007.

2.75 lbs oral Poppies - Opium (tea)
I'm fully aware that this site has a rather large base of poppy seed reports, but I believe mine would be an essential addition as it provides a method of preparation that has been polished to near-perfection via strenuous research and MUCH experimentation. My first three trials with poppy seed tea were spectacular failures, but once I mastered how to do it, it provides a strong opiate high that lasts a very long time. And I have tried heroin/regular poppy tea/hydrocodone, all in very high doses. Best of all, its cheap as dirt.

Before I get into the specifics of preparation, I'd like to explain what sort of effects can be expected from this concotion. The effects are most certainly noticable, and can be quite enjoyable. I think the best purpose of this tea would be for those suffering withdrawals, as it is extremely cheap and easily obtainable. But even for the casual to moderate opiate user (such as myself), there is most certainly a potential for recreational enjoyment in poppy seed tea that should not be overlooked. The high is long, generally lasting around 6 hours total, mildly euphoric, quite relaxing, and physically soothing as well. The effects are inferior to those of hard opiates, but still quite enjoyable for the majority of the people who have success with them, and I highly reccomend this tea as a cheap and relaxing high thats easy on both body and wallet.

One more point of interest: the amount of seeds needed can vary drastically. The morphine content varies from area to area, supplier to supplier. Better be safe than sorry, and you can always increase the number of seeds on later trials.

What you will need:

-2.75 pounds of poppy seeds (read warning above)
-A strainer (the type doesn't matter really, I personally prefer using cheesecloth)
-Two large bowls
-3-5 of those lemon extract preparations you can buy at the super market (plastic and shaped like lemons) or, for a cheaper alternative, 7-10 real lemons.

All this will come under $10, and if you use real lemons, most likely under $5. As you can see, a very cheap high.


1. Dump all seeds into a big bowl.

2. Apply hand squeezed lemon juice and/or lemon extract to seeds.

3. Turn the handle on your kitchen sink to all the way hot, and leave it there until it has reached the highest level of heat possible.

4. Fill bowl with water until the water is anywhere from about 1-2cm above the seeds. Don't go too much farther than this; I have found that the preparation tends to work better if its fairly concentrated.

5. Stir it all together to make sure the lemon juice you applied earlier mixes with the water and is evenly spread throughout the bowl.

6. Leave sitting for at least 1hr. You can leave it longer than this if you like, but I've found that an hour is enough for the extraction to reach the peak of its potential.

7. Strain through whatever strainer you have chosen to use into second bowl.

8. Serve it into cups (with me it usually makes about 4-5 cups). Make sure to drink every single cup, and do it as quickly as possible for maximum effect. Because of all the lemon, it will taste rather bitter, so I suggest mixing it with some honey/sugar or whatever you desire to make it more drinkable.

And thats it! A cheap, easy preparation that will leave you nicely high for several hours. You'll note that I used HOT water instead of boiling water, amongst other things, most poppy seed tea preparations suggest this, but I've found the tea to be a LOT stronger if you use water thats very hot, but not boiling, instead. Very high temperatures, such as that of boiling water, interact disagreeably with opiate derivatives, and tend to destroy them en masse. Warm to hot tap water will effectively extract the desired alkaloids from the seeds without lowering their content.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25708
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 14, 2007Views: 19,889
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