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Quite the Trip
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by Gangles
Citation:   Gangles. "Quite the Trip: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp25742)". Erowid.org. Oct 14, 2007. erowid.org/exp/25742

4.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I took the mushrooms at about 7 PM in June a little before school let out for the summer. It was me Bob Jack and Frank. We had gotten 5 8ths from a guy who had a very big bag of shrooms probably a pound or more. We sold one of the 8ths to a kid who had given us money and he left. Me and Bob got a little more then Jack and Frank. The caps were pretty big ranging from dime size to half dollar size. I had expected them to be no bigger than a dime. This was my first trip and I had not eaten anything the entire day cause I wanted to most out of my trip. Also I had been exercising all day so my metabolism may have been speed up somewhat. This was all of our first times on shrooms.

So we took the shrooms and walked around Bobs neighborhood and the first thing I noticed, which was maybe 15-30 mins after eating them, was that I started getting hyper. I guess you would say it felt good to be alive and there on that day everything was great and felt good to move around. After a little bit we headed to the beach. At this point I took my shoes off. I would have been wearing sandals but they were stolen that day. I took off my shoes and socks and it felt great in the sand. I continually got more euphoric. The sun was going down on the beach and being able to see really far in the distance was a thrill. It didnít matter to me who was at the beach, I could have cared less. I didnít care about anything. We walked down the beach for a while getting more rowdy. When we got back to the road I didnít feel like putting my shoes on because it felt good to be barefoot.

We were heading to sea shore state park to take bong hits. We had some really good weed, like really good. I wanted to stay at the beach and I didnít want to smoke but I was convinced too. While we were walking on the seashore we were on a bike path and all the trees look alot more vibrant and everyoneís hair looked to have a green tint or outline to it. Everybody was talking at once and it was getting annoying. There was a moment when I started laughing so hard I was crying I donít remember what I was laughing about.

When we got to the spot to leave the bike path I was still bare foot and we were walking threw all sorts of brambles and thorns, I mean it was a fricken forest. Well I noticed that things were hurting my feet but I could make myself forget about the pain and it didnít seem to matter all that much. When we got to our smoke spot Bob lit up a cigar to try and make the mosquitos go away and then proceeded to pack the bong hits. The mosquitos were so bad like I saw at least 8 on one arm at one point they may not have all been real but they seemed like it.

At that point I also was seeing crazy patterns everywhere, they looked like shrooms and it was in my vision everywhere. Also I knew I should put my shoes on but it was way too much work to get them out of the bag and I kept forgetting about them. Then I took my bong hit and it seemed like the biggest bong hit I had ever taken. After that things start to get fuzzy but I remember most of it. Also almost as soon as we got there we all were hearing the ice cream man and there was also a bird making the craziest noise. I donít think Iíve heard a bird make that kind of noise before but we all were hearing it so it wasnít in my mind.

I think the combination of the bong hit, ice cream man, bird noise, and pain in my feet made me start to lose control. I remember everyone starting to leave and that made me happy because I hated the spot we were in. The mosquitos were unbearable. We started walking down the hill and I was looking at the ground and branches seemed to come out of the ground in odd places and I didnít think they were real so I went to touch them and I donít remember if I felt them or not. But someone came back and asked what I was doing and I just mumbled probably and started walking threw the forest back to the bike path, still barefoot.

I remember being on the bike path and I kept asking myself what I had taken and I remembered it was mushrooms but I didnít understand what they were doing to me and it was getting dark and I didnít understand that either. I was thinking really hard into some things I donít fully understand yet. But then some guy must have known we were fucked up and he road by on a bike and said 'I have a 50 caliber machine gun'. That freaked everybody out and they sprinted away. I didnít know what had happened and I saw a road a little ways away and a car looked like it had just pulled up and someone had gotten out. For the life of me I thought I was on Real TV and that person was going to kill me.

I donít know what happened next, but I ended up further up the bike path and I didnít have my shorts on I was in my boxers. I donít remember that happening. We were in the neighborhood portion. There was a small brick building called the pump station and I remember Bob throwing me up against it and yelling at me. And I remember falling into the ground and falling through the ground and everybody yelling at me to put my pants on or I was going to get everybody caught. It didnít make any sense to me at all. And they were trying to get me to put shoes on. I kept asking what were shoes and what were tornadoes. I asked this like 10 times. I remember picking a shoe up and trying to put my foot in it but there was like a delay and the shoe lifted off the ground a second or two after I picked it up. It was too much trouble so I stopped trying. It was almost completely dark now. I remember seeing a group of people up ahead and I thought they were my friends so I sprinted up to catch up with them, but apparently I had sprinted in the completely wrong direction.

Then I thought the universe was expanding and everything was losing their dimensions but I was the most highly evolved being and it didnít matter and that I would never die. I believed that I was immortal. The next thing I clearly remember is realizing I was in my boxers and getting into a car with a lady I knew and I was with Bob. The lady by the way was the mom of one of my friends who had died the summer before. Bob had told her I was completely wasted and would she please give me a ride back to my house. She said she would. I remember that the radio was on 94.9 and I kept trying to grab the gear shift, and I was told the next day I was flayling around. I remember hearing Bob apologizing to her repeatedly and I didnít understand why because I didnít think we were with that lady.

Well we got to my house and my sister and her boyfriend was there. My sister started freaking out and crying because from what she says no one was giving her a strait answer about what I was on. I had stopped talking completely and if I did talk it was nothing that made any sense. I didnít know what was going on at all. From the point of being at the pump station I had interpreted everything as being a dream and what happened didnít matter. Also I remember while I was sitting in my living room and everyone was freaking out. I thought I had discovered some secret that would make all life completely go extinct. I canít remember what I was thinking or what it was I had discovered but I do remember thinking it was very important.

My sisters boyfriend had called my mom because my sister couldnít cause she was so upset. I remember seeing my sister crying and she was telling me something and I didnít know what I had done wrong. My mom had told my sister to call 911 cause people thought I had taken acid or something. My parents are cool though they know whatís up and wouldnít have been that worried if I was on shrooms. But they didnít so I went to the hospital.

I remember seeing a friend of me and my sisters whose name is Rachel and I remember seeing her mom and she handed me a glass of water. Bob and Frank had left and Jack hadnít been there for a while. The next thing I really remember was someone saying my name they said Cody so youíve taken to many mushrooms huh and he smiled. I liked him. It was a man with a goatee in some kind of uniform and I was in front of my house in an ambulance. There was also a black lady and a lady with blonde hair, and there was a really fat ugly guy. For some reason I got into my mind that I was going to have to marry the fat guy.

But more importantly the man with a goatee stuck something in my arm and I thought that I was dying. But the funny thing was I didnít mind. I thought I was going to live forever and that really scared me but then to realize I was mortal was such a relief. I remember being in the hospital then. I saw my mom and dad and my mom was looked at me and said ĎYou took some bad mushrooms and gave all of us a frightí then I went to sleep for awhile and everything started to fall into place. When I was able to sit up I remember looking at the floor and it was swirling around like crazy along with a sheet that was on a chair and my dads shoe. Then some lady made me drink charcoal and I went home and passed out.

It took a long time, like a month, for everything to totally come back to me and make sense of what happened that day. A lot of good and bad has come out of it. But I didnít let one bad trip keep me down. A few weeks later I took mushrooms again so I could prove to myself I could handle them. It was quite the trip.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25742
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 14, 2007Views: 7,330
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Mushrooms (39) : First Times (2), Difficult Experiences (5), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), General (1), Various (28)

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