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Honeycomb Land
by Niman
Citation:   Niman. "Honeycomb Land: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp26170)". Jun 27, 2021.

2.5 g oral Mushrooms


This is the events that occured on my mushroom trip, In chronilogical order.

10:52- Mushrooms are taken with three friends, 0, B,and, D. Mushrooms are eaten in turkey sandwiches. Another friend that is going to be our 'sitter' starts drinking alcohol.

11:01- Starting to feel a bit of nausea. We begin arguing and getting very mad at eachother over the Xbox game we are playing, and if the mushrooms are legit. I am a bit nervous, and anxious to see a hellucination.

11:20- Things are starting to get blurry and I go to the bathroom and check my pupils, the are very dialated. I walk back downstairs and look in the mirror I notice I look very plastic like. I walk into the room where my friends are playing xbox, they still haven't noticed any change.

11:40- I begin to feel heavy and sweaty, I begin to panic, wondering if this is going to be a bad trip. Me and O, the other friend that is feeling the most effects turn on- Pink Floyd- Several Species of Furry Animals gather, and turn off the lights in a room. We sit on a bench looking outside there is a large window with tropical plants infront of it. We both notice the window coming closer and the room getting darker and lighter. I begin getting very happy and laugh at the colors of the light coming through the windows. I begin to see a very dim white blob in the corner of my eye and get up and run into the other room.

12:08- I am sitting in my chair now, looking around the room at posters, noticing all of them are staring and moving there eyes. I look at the ceiling and see the plasterd walls melting and moving around. I ask the other guys, who now look very distorted, getting fat and long, especially B, who is reminding me of a troll.

12:32- O,D, and I have split up from B, and the 'sitter', who has gotten us very perturbed. We are angry at how drunk and simple he is. We are walking around, and I make the suggestion that the street looks like something out of a freddy krueger movie. With the tree on either side curling toward the middle of the street. I look at the stars and notice the moon is yellow, orange and blue, and so is one star that has gotten my attention. I am mad that a cigarette I had been holding has a velvet feel to it and is bending and getting bigger, so I throw it.

12:52- We stop and sit and talk, I get very angry at the 'sitter', for wanting to play Xbox, and not understanding that we aren't drunk. The trees now look like snowflakes or honeycombs. The Bushes have familiar faces in them.

1:02- after arguing for awhile with the 'sitter' I agree to go inside with him and sit and watch tv. I try to talk to him before he passes out, to see if he is going to vomit or not, but I cannot speak in complete sentences. I sit in a seat an begin sinking and getting very sweaty. I go upstairs to the bathroom and notice my skin is melting and drooping from my face, my eyes are popping out.

1:50- After sitting around and trying to focus on the movie 'donnie darko', I ask a D if he wants to have a conversation in the laundry room, we sit in laundry baskets and are both very uncomfortable, but stay in them. O walks into the laundry room with strawberries and we begin eating them. I start asking myself why I ate the mushrooms and get very panicky. We lie on the pool table and my body feels very long and stretchy.

2:40- I am finally calming down, we decide to take another walk, I am all of a sudden very giggly and happy. We poor soda and watch it burn into the ground and make patterns. My friend B's fiery red hair is pulsing and huge. He looks like an alien. The stars are very beautiful and large.

3:30- Only slight visuals are occurring and I am very out of it. I almost want to trip again, thinking that the trip could have been better.

All in all this experience wasn't bad, Even though I felt like I had a 'bad trip' I still was happy to have intense visuals. I would use Mushrooms again.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26170
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 27, 2021Views: 167
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