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My Mind's Playing Tricks on Me
by Datura
Citation:   Datura. "My Mind's Playing Tricks on Me: An Experience with Seeds (exp26955)". Sep 19, 2003.

250 seeds oral Datura (seeds)


First off I would just like to say NEVER, EVER do this drug. The high was impossible to describe other then scary, feverish and delerious.

My brother showed us a plant one day and said he had read about it on this website. He told us that if u eat a pod of seeds you get a trip similar to mushrooms mixed with acid. Since I have never tried acid and I have never had mushrooms work on me, I was quite curious to try it, especially since it was free. Me and a few friends picked about 10 pods and went to my friends house. His parents were gone to the cottage for a couple of weeks so we decided it was the perfect time. We had all sniffed a pill or two of E and it wasnt really effecting me too much so started our advenutre. We took the seeds out of 4 pods and crushed them in a mortor and pestal. We then boiled the seeds for about 20 minutes and put the seeds and water into a tea ketle and put two tea bags in to sit. We let it sit for about 10 minutes and the four of us prepared our first cup each. We added lemons to it since the seeds had such a bitter taste. We drank 2 cups each and then me and one other friend split the 4 pods of seeds between the two of us. The E was juss getting to the peak when I had finished the tea and I went outside for a smoke. I got outside about 5 minutes after finishing the tea and thats when we ate the seeds.

In about 10 minutes (after I had finished my smoke) I started getting dizzy and feeling very fustrated. About 10 more minutes passed since I had consumed the actuall seeds and now I could not control my vision at all. Shadows and darker objects would blend into each other and everything seemed to move to the right. I was now begining to halloucinate and started to get very scared. I was later told that I was curled up into a ball sitting on a chair on the front porch talking to myself and drouling. During this time I remember talking to 5 bikers who came to house looking for me and my friend to beat up. I was scared so I went into the fetal position and fell off of the chair and when I stood up all my friends appeared out of no where (they werent there when the bikers approached me) and they were asking if I felt the detura yet. I suddenly felt alot less alone and sumhow I was practicly sober again. My vision returned to normal (for the moment) and I could have a conversation without mumbling. I was asking my friends if they were feeling it yet and they all said no except my friend who I split the seeds with.

Everyone then went back inside except for me and my friend who was tripping and I started to feel it again, but this time it was much more potent. I started to see squirels and racoons all over the front yard and they seemed to have spotted me. They all stoped to look at me and began running at me. I again curled up into a ball and rolled around on the ground as they attacked me. When I noticed that I felt no pain I looked up to see 4 cop cars stopping infront of the house. Scared that they saw me defending myself from imaginary animals, I lit up another ciggarette and tried to play it cool. As I looked up after sparking the smoke the cops had dissapeared and a dragon was floating infront of us. My friend they jumped to his feet and screamed 'LOOK!! They threw him off the balcony!! They fat guy threw him off the balcony.' He then looked at me with the most serious look on his face and said, 'Hes dead man. We should call the cops.' I dont know if this really happend but he picked up his shoe and tried to dial 911. When nothing happend he threw the shoe across the yard and ran into a bush and started crying. By now I was starting to realize that almost everything was an illusion, but it seemed so real I could not seperate them from reality. A feeling of aloneness, anxiety (as if I was closterphobic and trapped in a small box) and severe restlessness. When I looked at the bush to see if my friend really ran and hid there I saw a little girl hung from a tree branch with blood comming out of her mouth. I turned around because I was pretty sure it wasnt real and she was standing inches away from my face screaming. I then started to cry and wanted to get off of the drug as quickly as I could. As most other users of datura have noted my mouth was really dry and my throat burned.

I decided it was time to go inside where my friends could comfort me and try and help me get off my high. As I said before I felt like I was being trapped in a really small place and my skin felt like it was burning and itching. I was in severe physical and mental discomfort. I remember dropping to my knees and praying to god to help me get off of the drug. I drank about 5 cups of water simotaniously. I felt something wet on my feet and I looked down to see myself standing in an pool of water. From my earlier experiences I realized rationally thinking and turning away from what I was visualizing would get rid of my halloucinations. I drank one more cup of water and decided to go watch t.v. and try and focus my attention on something real. As I was in the kitchen drinking the water I could see all of my friends sitting around the table but I couldnt make out what they were saying. I wandered to a secluted room and sat down on the couch and turned on the t.v.. I was now feeling more confident but the anxiety and burning off my skin and mouth continued. I was watching Jerry Springer and I could here muffled voices but couldnt understand what they were saying. I then started feeling very angry and fustrated so I looked to see who was talking. As I looked over were the voices were comming from the voices became clear and I was in a room filled with all my friends who were not in there moments before. They were yelling and rolling joints and I kept yelling as loud as I could 'Shut up, shut up!'. Then I looked towards the entrance of the room and my friend was doin cartwheels. I looked back to tell see if anyone else noticed my friend doin cartwheels and the room was empty and the t.v. was not even on. I could clearly remember the episode of Jerry Springer and I now was becoming very scared and uncomfortable. The next thing I know I 'woke up' to the sound off knocking on the window. I looked over and saw nothing and then looked again and three burnt faces simotaniously popped up to the window screaming.

I then actually woke up in cold sweats and felt the sudden need to vomit. I tried to stand up but fell flat on my face. After putting all my energy into it I got up and wandered to the washroom, bumping into every wall on the way there. My friends who were sober asked me if I was alright and I tried to say yes but I just started screaming in pain. I felt as if I was dying and I ran into to washroom. Every movement I made sent a rumbling effect threw out my whole body. I tried to throw up but all I could do was cough and burp. I wanted to get the detura out of my system so I shoved my fingers into my throat trying to vomit. Nothing would work. I was crying and shaking and my skin felt as if it was on fire. After 10 minutes the nausea wore off and I went back to the couch I was sleeping on. Again I felt as if I was goin to vomit and reapeated my last mission to washroom but could not get myself to vomit. I then started punching myself in the head and knocking my head off walls, trying anything to make myself sleep. Nothing would work. I then vomited all over myself and passed out from the numbing in my brain. I woke up in heaven, flying threw clouds and rainbows. I saw all of my friends I was with above me looking down with very concerned faces. I felt as if it was a warning, telling me that I was almost on my deathbed and that I was messing with very dangerous substances that I was not educated on. As I floated around my life was flashing threw my mind like in a movie right before you die. I saw my family at my funeral all crying and my friends aswell. I was speaking to a voice that was telling me this is what will happen when you waste your life away. The voice said that this time I was lucky but next time I wont be. I then was back floating threw the rainbows and clouds and I wished I could be there forever. I decided this wouldnt be the last time I tried detura since I could not recall any of the events that previously happend. But then I saw the conccerned faces above me and reality set in and the faces were real. I was lying on the washroom floor with puke all over me and my friend was screaming at me to wake up. I stumbled back to my bed and passed out, relieved that I was alive.

All the illusions had now stopped but the burning was still present. It felt as if my whole body was sunburnt and itchy. I woke up the next day and looked at my watch to see what time it was. All I could see was a blur. Now, sober enough to know whats real, I was truely frightend and believed I had gone blind. For the next 6 hours I could not read anything before 2 feet infront of me. Anything past that was perfectly clear.

It has now been approximately a month since I did the detura and the effects are still present. I still sometimes have trouble seeing and in the dark I still see shadows move and blend into each other. I have very realistic dreams that are hard to distinguish from reality and I may believe that some of my dreams were real. I now talk during my sleep because of the vividness of the dreams and my skin is still sensitive.

This is my experience on Datura and I will get my friend to also write up his experience since he consumed Datura 4 days in a row after that night, against my wishes. Ill let him elaberate on the details, but his experience was much more unbelievable then mine.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26955
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 19, 2003Views: 30,644
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Datura (15) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Bad Trips (6), Post Trip Problems (8), Entities / Beings (37), Health Problems (27)

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