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All in All Bad
Mushrooms, Cannabis & Alcohol
Citation:   Chris. "All in All Bad: An Experience with Mushrooms, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp29949)". Jan 28, 2005.

3 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  5 caps oral Mushrooms (plant material)
    repeated oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
The first time I took shrooms was interesting but because of an idiotic mistake that I made to drink, I fucked it up. My friend and I had took the bus to a friend's house and when we got there my friend Curt had already drinken a substancial amount. When we got to Annie's house she told me that she had shrooms but only enough for 1 more person. Curt said that he would just drink so I decided to eat the shrooms (5 stems and 1 cap). When we got to her house, we just chilled and listened to music for a while. Curt started to get really drunk while we were there. He started rambling on and on about dumb shit. Then Annie suggested that we take a walk and go smoke a bowl. We ended up walking over to a church parking lot where Curt got on his knees and was praying underneath the shadow of the cross. We smoked a couple bowls, then kicked it for about 20 minutes. The shrooms had not started to hit me yet and being stupid, I didn't think that I ate enough so I decided to drink a little.

I had about 3 swigs of Skyy Berry Vodka. We went back to her house and thats when the shrooms hit me hard. We started talking abou the jelly that held the stars in place and how when you reached into the open air, you could feel the jelly. Then I sat down on the bed and it felt as if the bed accepted me when I touched it. Then I leaned back against the wall and it felt as if it pushed in to accept my weight. Annie and I laughed at Curt as he begin to pass out and make weird noises. Then she talked about how she was shrinking and that the room was getting bigger. Then I looked at my hand underneath a blue light and i could see the five points of the body on my hand and the each formed a mountain on a finger. Curt said I was an idiot and Annie laughed, but I really saw these 5 different bumps on my hand and they all had a different color.
We walked into Annie's brother's room to watch a movie and Curt passed out after about 3 minutes. When the movie started, I was trippin' on the shadows it made on the walls. I took about 3 more swigs of vodka ands then her mom walked in with the bottle of rum that was in her room. She wanted us to leave and she had the bottle in her hand.

Annie woke Curt up and when he saw the bottle, he told her mom, 'No thanks, I'm good.' She laughed and asked us why were drinking and Curt went on to tell her how he was a straight 'A' student. When we left she gave me the bottle and Annie walked us to the door. The two of us stumbled down the street and Curt mumbled things but could not understand them. I felt this extreme shame for being kicked out of Annie's house and for some reason my mind told me to drink more. I took about 5 swigs of the rum then slammed the bottle in the street. Curt was walking down the street like a zombie from the game Resident Evil. I was looking into the trees and I kept seeing these dark triangles that would turn to a dark green then fade away. Now by this point, things started to get sketchy but I remember being in the parking lot of the mall. I kept begging Curt to call a cab and he stumbled over to Starbucks to make the call. I walked over and saw this group of people and screamed at them when they looked at me. I told them, 'Fuck you, I'll beat all your asses.' Then I took off running into the bushes and begin to see thing move.

I swear that I was watching these shadows about the size of a cat just stare at me. I assumed that they were little shadow creatures but I felt safe with them. Curt yelled at me and said to get my ass over there and for some reason I ran. It felt as if all the little creatures were running behind me as if they were following me. Then I saw a bush and ran full speed into it in a football tackle style. I lay there with my pants fallen down and a girl in a car leaned out and asked if I was O.K., I said yes and even though I knew that I was not, I decided to say it because it felt like a movie script. All night, no matter what happened, it did'nt surprise me because it felt like it was all a movie script. The next thing I know, this car pulls up next to me and Curt and this guy named Jeff get out and Curt had sobered up somewhat. They told me that Curt told them I did shrooms and they were gonna take me home. I asked them several times if they were cops and they laughed and told me no. In the car Curt was looking at me with this mad look on his face and told me I was stupid. This seemed to enrage me and I told him to fuck off and that I wasn't scared of him. Then for some reason I swung at him and hit him in the face. He said stop and I told him to do something.

I hit him about 3 more times in the head before Becky (the girl who was driving) asked me to stop and I somewhat came to my senses and I said OK. They dropped us off at Rite Aid which was about 1/2 mile or so from my house. When we got out, I tried to walk but couldn't. Curt told me he was going to get change for calls and to get me something to drink. I dont remember this part but this is what he told me. He said that when he came back, my pants had fallen down and I was sitting down throwing up on myself. He was begging for me to get up and he kicked me in the face and then in the ribs. He told me that I had to get up and that my dad was coming. Apparently, he had called my aunt who I live with and told her that someone slipped something in my drink at a party and that my dad needed to come get us. I remember when my dad pulled up, I saw him get out and laugh and he just said, 'What did he take?' Curt told him and he just said to get in the car. When I got in I told him I was so tired and so cold and then I opened my wallet and threw money at him. I told him that there was $150 dollars and I didntr= care if he spent it all. He took me home and Curt and I slept in the car. The next day I spent puking all day. All in All in was a bad combo.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 29949
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 28, 2005Views: 5,870
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Mushrooms (39), Alcohol (61) : Combinations (3), Overdose (29), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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