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Stuck in My Body
Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora)
by night tripper
Citation:   night tripper. "Stuck in My Body: An Experience with Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora) (exp30199)". Aug 30, 2004.

T+ 0:00
4.0 g oral Syrian Rue (extract)
  T+ 0:30 20 g oral Mimosa tenuiflora (extract)


I have enjoyed looking at others eperiences and I recently had one that I feel is worth sharing. First off I just finished reading two books, one concerning traveling and the other DMT. (Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buhlman and DMT the Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman) I found both books very thought provoking and was determined to experience out of body travel. After a week of mental exercises and a test run of my extractions I decided I was ready to go for it.

Thirty min. after taking the rue I took my mimosa and went to my room to lye down. Within ten min. of taking the mimosa i could feel it coming on. It was quite pleasent for the first hour or so as I concentrated on controling the vibrational frequencys I was experiencing but then as I started to peak I had to throw up. This is where it all went down hill. First I was tripping so hard that I could not walk so I had to crawl to the toilet. After puking (dry heaves)for aprox. 15 min. I went back to my room but no longer could I concentrate. My thoughts started to get out of controle and the anxiety started to build. At that point something inside me broke and I could no longer rationalize anything. I was convinced I would die and I was really sorry I didn't have a guide with me to help reasure me. I called out for help several times but no one was around to hear me. I was having thoughts of killing myself to make it all stop. This must have been the closest I have ever come to near death experience.

Finally (thankfully) maby three hours in I blacked out. In conclusion I realize I took twice the dose I should have. Although it was one of the worst trips I have ever had I don't think i would have done anything diff. It really brought back my appreciation for life and respect for the unknown. I will deffinetly experiment more with this combination but I think I need a couple months to reflect on my last experience.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 30199
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 30, 2004Views: 11,168
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Syrian Rue (45), Mimosa tenuiflora (74), Huasca Combo (269) : Alone (16), Overdose (29), Difficult Experiences (5)

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