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Just Physically Drowsy
Lactuca - L. virosa
Citation:   Style. "Just Physically Drowsy: An Experience with Lactuca - L. virosa (exp30859)". Aug 27, 2009.

T+ 0:00
  smoked Lactuca - L. virosa (extract)
  T+ 0:10 2 lines insufflated Lactuca - L. virosa (extract)
5:50am I smoked the Wild Lettuce extract, first using hot knifing but I figured out it didn't melt and I could smoke it in my pipe.

6:00am Feeling hardly anything, so made 2 lines, 1g each and snorted them. There was a clearing of my sinuses and a very noticable burn.

6:01am There's a prominent sensation on the right side of my face (I only snorted 1 line in my right sinus). I'm snorting the other line.

6:10am The 'peak' (if there is one) is now. The drug is there, I can feel it, but it's on the very backline of my brain. I feel horny, but depressed (a little). I was excited about smoking/snorting the herb, cuz I've been extracting it during the last 8 hours It's like having a good trip of mushrooms, and that slowly going into a bad trip.

6:20am I try to masturbate (boredom), but I'm not really getting a hard one, or even having some sexual interests. My thoughts are on nothing particular, but it's not on sex.

6:30am Watching Pinky & The Brain, and by the time I watched 2 episodes, I realise I didn't have to translate the English in my Dutch, I just understood the English like it was my first language (Dutch is my first).

7:20 Ate some chocolate pudding. I'm now sober (did the food help?).


In conclusion: I felt sleepy, bit horny at the start (but when I tried, that went away very quickly), at the start a bit depressed. My short term memory was basically FUCKED. When I wrote the start of this report I was still on W. Lettuce, and all the time I think of writing something down, then I write it down and have to think real hard to remember some word I wanted to write down. To tell you the truth, I feel sleepy and relaxed, but I really don't want to sleep.

This is like Opium, yeah. It has the unmotivational side effect, but that's the only thing. On Opium I'm unmotivated, but because I'm so content and happy.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 30859
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 27, 2009Views: 17,006
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Lactuca - L. virosa (340) : Alone (16), Depression (15), Sex Discussion (14), First Times (2), General (1)

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