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No More Mushrooms for Me
by tomov
Citation:   tomov. "No More Mushrooms for Me: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp3113)". Dec 18, 2001.

30 g oral Mushrooms


Dear fellow trippers, here's a story from a Dutch ex-psychonaut about a time I took some mushrooms with some friends of mine two years ago.

At the time I was 20 years old and had done mushrooms many times. I was smoking pot since I was 14, had done coke, speed, XTC and LSD before so I was used doing drugs. I always thought that I couldn't get into a bad trip since I had already done mushrooms and I didn't had any psychic problems.

Me, John, Frank and Peter had known each other about three years from school and all of us were experienced with mushrooms. We ate the mushrooms and started to wait for the effect. It took half an hour before we felt something. The fun began! During this whole trip we smoked a joint like every 20 minutes, maybe this was a little too much.

We went upstairs and started listening to music and playing Tombraider 2 on the computer. We were really IN the game and I heard the sound of a storm that was in the game as if it was in my head. I asked if my friends had the same and they answered that they had the same! We laughed and were surprised that those effects were the same with all of us. We kept on playing (while the trip became stronger) untill we tried something else on the computer.

Windows 95 has a screensaver called 'Labyrinth'. In the options menu you can choose the texture of the walls, grounds and ceilings of the Labyrinth. We chose some kind of psychadelic texture with many bright coloured patterns. We activated the screensaver en looked at it with our nose against the monitor with some acid music on the background. That was really cool and we felt as if we were IN the Labyrinth. Al those flashing patterns were really 'mindraping' as we called it then and after a while we all had enough of it, it was too much for our tripping brains.

We then begun with 'Warcraft', an old strategy game. While we were playing frank was lying on the bed not saying anything. Then the volume of the music changed and I looked up to see how that was possible. I asked Frank if he was changing the volume but he said: 'no, why are you fucking with me?!'. I knew that he must have chanced it but because he said no, I didn't want to argue and distort my trip so I let it go. After a while I asked him if he was feeling alright and he didn't really answer, he was mumbling something and it looked as if he was sleeping. (Later he told me that he was felt like he was dreaming and that it was like nothing changed and he couldn't get out of that dream, it was as if time stood still. He didn't remember that he was tripping on mushrooms and if I had known that I could have told him and that would have helped him but that didn't came up to me that time.)

I hoped everything would be alright with him, I didn't want any stress, afraid of my trip being influenced by his 'bad trip', so I payed not too much attention on his state of mind. Suddenly I heard a loud BANG and we all turned around to see what it was. It seemed that it was the remote controll that hit one of my speakers. I asked Frank if he threw the remote against my speaker but he said no and looked at me in a strange way. I looked at Peter and we both knew this wasn't going well.
We all acted as if it didn't happen, maybe we hoped that it didn't happen.

I sligthly began to panic because I knew Frank was heaving a really bad trip and I wasn't sure what he was going to do. (I have always been afraid of unpredictable people.) I already saw myself sleeping while Frank was wandering around my house, having his bad trip and do.....whatever. Mayby he'll burn down the house or kill me, those kind of things came in my mind and I really started to panic.

We all sat there and sometimes Frank said strange and scary things and he was looking as if the devil posessed him wich scared me and Peter. We looked at eachother and both knew this trip was going REALLY bad!!! The vibes in my room were not good so I deceided to go downstairs with Frank, maybe that would help. Downstairs my cats looked at me as if they knew I was really fucked up in the head, but that could also be my imagination. We watched some tv, hoping that there was something on that would relax our minds but everything was too impressive. My brain was getting tired of all those impressions on tv so we deceided to go outside and smoke a sigarette. It was raining and Frank said something about a leek in the rainpipe and that I had to fix it. He said it in a way as if he was mad and became more and more scared! I deceided to go upstairs with the others.

When we got in the room all of the sudden I didn't hear anything, a few seconds later I couldnt see anything accept for a distorted image similar to the screensaver wich we looked at (maybe that hadn't been such a good idea). All of my bodyfunctions started to stop and I knew I was standing but couldn't see anything or even think and I felt myself falling. Peter got up quickly and catched me while I was falling and lifted me up and laid me down on my bed. When he catched me it was like I had no weight, as if was as heavy as a feather. (Later he said he had that experience too before I had even told him about that! I do believe there can be some kind of telepathy in a group during a trip, maybe because all of your minds are in the same 'wavelength'.)

From that point I could hardly talk or move, I could only watch everything around me while laying on my bed. Peter told me later that I looked lika a zombie and that's exactly how I was feeling at that moment. After a while we went downstairs, seeking a more comfortable area with better vibes. We felt as if the room upstairs had 'bad vibes' and especially the computer wich seemed really evil to us at that moment. Downstairs we watched some tv while I was stressing more and more. I asked Peter to call the ambulance because I didn't know what else to do. I really wanted my trip to end and I didn't saw any other way. Fortunally he told me that if we waited everything problabbu would be alright so we all continued there sitting and flipping.

Suddenly Frank said: 'I was really having a bad trip' and I knew instantly that he was out of his trip. I felt a huge relief because everything was now going to be alright and all my stress dissapeared. We went outside and were amazed about what just had happened. We felt very close to eachother and hugged, happy that the trip was over. We couldn't stop to talk about it and repeating everything that happened.

Now you might ask yourself, 'what happened to John?' Well, he didn't say much that night and was just feeling sick but not in a bad trip like us. I'm really happy that Peter didn't call the ambulance when I asked him to because my whole neighbourhood would have noticed when it would arrive at 3.00 pm. Then I would have to explain to my parents what happened and problably pay for all the medical costs too.

By then I tought that I would never do mushrooms again but later I tried it one more time with Peter. We had a bad trip again (not as bad as this one) and since then I have never touched any hallucinating drugs.
What I have learned from this? By now I can say that I didn't want to had missed it but at that moment I wanted it to go away more than anything else in my life. I thought it couldn't happen to me but now I know that you can never say that it's save. Ther are times that I want to do LSD or muschrooms again but I'm too afraid that it would go wrong, so I'll just stay with weed.

(By the way, I'm from Holland so that's why this story is written so bad, SORRY!)

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3113
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 18, 2001Views: 4,002
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Mushrooms (39) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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