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A Newer Shade of Green
by Ampheta-Mine
Citation:   Ampheta-Mine. "A Newer Shade of Green: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp31254)". Apr 30, 2007.

3.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


This occured on a night in late January. A friend had the house to himself, and his family had left on vacation for the week. On the evening, I had originally wanted to get a tablet (MDMA/xtc) from a friend of mine, but later discovered that friend would not be attending. I tried to make some calls, but was unable to find anything, or contact anyone who could help me out. I was somewhat dissapointed, as everyone else already had their 'substance of choice', and I do not drink. Not exactly that I need a substance to have fun, but i'm sure most people can relate to the shitty feeling of being the sole sober person in a house full of drunk/stoned friends.

I loved (or should say LOVE) MDMA, and it was my prefered psychoactive. Not a clumsy, or overbearing substance, I found it theraputic and beautiful. In any case, I wanted to at least smoke some weed that night. However at about 7:00, my friend, the host of the house/party, informed me that he had some shrooms left from the last time we had all used them. He had about an 1/8th left. I sort of pleaded and asked if I could buy it off him. He didn't argue and was more then happy to sell to me for only the sole $5 bill that remained in my wallet. And so the night began for me.

T=7:35pm the mushrooms are crushed VERY fine, almost to the point of powder within the plastic bag that contains them. I empty the contents onto a folded peice of paper and funnel it all into my mouth, swallowing it immediatly, as I don't at all enjoy the taste or smell of shrooms. I follow this up with a big glass of Orange Juice.

T+10mins I go downstairs with the others and we all chill out in the living room watching TV. I believe we were watching the Hockey game. I don't remember who was playing, and for the next little while, I didn't really talk to anyone very much. Just little things here and there. To be honest, I was trying to keep my mind off the shrooms, but I was very anxious, and sort of excited. I don't use much often, so it's always like the first time with me, it would seem.

T+40mins A bunch of people are still downstairs watching TV, blaring music, and playing cards, but myself and a few others, including the inhabitant of the house, all go upstairs to the quieter more controlled environment of his room. We all sit and talk for quite awhile, watching a bit of South Park, listening to Dark Side of the Moon etc. My friend who owns the house, we'll label him K plays guitar for awhile as we all chat, and he asks me if I'm feeling it yet. I tell him no, and explain that I ate just before I arrived at his place.

T+50mins A few mins later, I start to feel the slight differences as the substance takes hold. Coincidently, this occurs right as Dark Side of the Moon is coming to an end, which makes for one of the most magical come-ups I've ever had in my life. I'm somewhat emotional and almost begin to cry, singing along to the final lyrics of Eclipse: 'All that you touch, All that you see...'

T+1hr10mins my friends notice that I'm in my shroom-iverse, and seem pretty happy about it. We all continue to talk, and have a good time, talking especially about 'old times' and also about the concert we recently attended. I'm very fascinated with my friend playing guitar, and it strikes me as something painfully difficult to do. I begin to think about how each individual string works. It all feels very new to me at this point. So far at this point, nothing negative has occured, which is good, since I often have bad luck on shrooms, getting stuck in a negative mind-fuck state.

T+1.5hrs Other friends have come up to join us, and we all sit in the room talking, listening to music, and enjoying ourselves. I lie down on the floor next to vent, feeling the warm air pouring out, and it feels like it's flowing into me like energy, I keep putting my hand to it to feel the warmth directly, as if I could pick it up and hold air.

T+2hrs I'm aware of evereything going on around me very much so, including all the different conversations, yet I myself am very much stuck in my own world. I haven't been tlaking much, and have been examining everything in the room very closely as if it is the ownly environment I know. The visual element has been there for quite some time now, though I did not fully acknowledge it or notice it till this point. There are of course the usual things, such as trails, and things waving and breathing, most notibly the walls. The floor appears to be a current, such as the ocean going back and fourth as I sit on it. I play with the thoughts of the images around me in my head abit, laughing alittle once in while to myself. I try to play with the trails with my hands which is fun, and become very interested in the various models my friend has in his room. I also begin to explore his CD collection.

T+2.5hrs I have now noticed that my voice does not sound like my voice, at least not as I know it. This thought is very new to me, and slightly troubling. I contemplate why I sound the way I do, and I don't I hear it like this all the time? Is this the way I sound to others? I don't neccesarily enjoy the sound of my voice all too much, and can't see why other people would. I contiously make an effort from this point in not to talk for most of the night, not wanting to the here the foriegn sound of my own voice any longer, though I do end up talking quite abit later on.

Furthermore, this is the point from which I notice that the entire room, and later what I will discover as the entire house, has turned a very mellowed, emerald green color. Just about everything in the room has assumed this color, save for the television and stereo system, and the people, who are more of blueish hue. My one friend to my right however, we'll call him B, has turned or is turning hues of blue to purple, and appears to have little orbs, which I recognize as tiny planets almost orbiting around him. This strikes me as both strange, but also normal at the same time, and so my mind does not question it any further. I talk alittle to B as if I don't notice the orbiting globes at all, and don't make hims alert to it in any way.

T+3.5hrs I have for the most part been enjoying the experience, and have become completly used to the green color, which remains through the trip until I leave the house. I have been talking and still chilling in the room, and the trip has been better than usual so far. I find that my skin feels very different, almost rubbery from time to time. My temperature fucks around for awhile at this point, and I begin to get the chills and shivers all over, while also feeling as tho I am sweating profusely, which as my friends tell me, I'm not.

I ask my friends to turn out the light, and they do so. I feel confortable sitting right next to the speaker, where the music can flow out and right into my body. I can feel the vibrations, and I can feel the music, which is both powerful and relaxing. I close my eyes for along enjoying the CEV's (closed eyes visuals). In my CEVs, castles are being built out of squares appearing one on top of the other, while kliedascope patterns are born beyond them.

T+4hrs. A drunken friend bursts into the room, falling all over himself, and acting like an idiot, slamming himself against walls, which begins to upset me in the state I'm in. I begin to get very angered, and especially pissed at him, and I begin to yell at him to sit down and stop acting like a jackass. I have no problem with drinking, or people drinking except when people become violent or just plain stupid around me where I'm in a state where I find it difficult to deal with, such as shrooming.

I yell for awhile, getting very worked up in the situation. eventually my friends manage to calm me down, taking the drunk friend, who I will call N, out of the room. For some reason however, which I still don't know, I begin to cry for about 5 mins, while I sit and talk to Blais. At this time, my emotions shift up and down very rapidly and I'm laughing and crying and smiling and frowning alot all within a 15 mins period until I begin to calm down and relax abit.

T+5hrs. after calming down, I finally decide to venture forth from the safety of the room. Walking feels new and different, since I really haven't walked or even stood much since I injested the mushrooms. My legs are wobbily and walking feels as though I am doing it for the first time in my entire life. I walk out, down to the kitchen, conjoined with the family room. Immidiatly as I come out, K's older brother begins to make fun of me for my somewhat disoriented appearance as state, which doesn't really go very good with me, but I try my best to ignore it and sit down with a few friends. The visuals have died down abit already, though the green is still there, along with the breathing walls and living furniture. I talk to a friend (W) and we chat about my trip and other common things, such as the weekend, school etc. My thoughts however are elsewhere.

T+6hrs. I have become throughouly involved in thoughts about the entirety of my life, and meaning of my existance. I question my presense on the planet and in the lives of those around me including my friends and family. I wonder what purpose I serve and how I'm supposed to serve everyone and be a good person, which is generally all I want in life, to be a good person and live a good life. I feel a great deal of pressure in my head, and almost begin to cry again, but don't let my friends in on what's happening to me, and still try to keep on with normal conversation.

I think about all the choices I've made, and all I'll have to make including things coming soon such as college etc, which is a fairly important educational decision in one's life. I question wheather I even deserve to go, and whether I've put 100% of myself into my education and into attaining a career or a future. Who am I and do I want to be?

I keep trying to escape the pressure of everything, and keep thinking to myself 'I wish I was asleep' or 'I wish is was a bright summer day and I could just lie in a feild' I'm tripped out by the thought of society and culture how we no longer shape them, but rather they shape us, which is a frightening thought to me. The thought that I have to live up to what someone else wants for me is horrible, and I want to escape it, but the mushrooms push keep pushing it back to the forfront of my mind, assaulting me with it, forcing me to accept what's around me. I feel like I want to die for a time.

T+8hrs 8 or so hours later, it's time for me to leave. my only ride back home, a friend named G, is taking off, and he's my only ride back home. The mental assualt is fairly over, and the though I'm not completly back, but as back as I need to be to confront and communicate with my parents when I return home. I get home, feeling especially good for some reason, like something brilliant has happened to me. I talk to my parents about the usual shit, tell them I'm going to bed, and that I love them and will see them in the morning. I have myself a big bowl of honey-nut cheerios, call a friend, and chill in bed watching TV, feeling good, before finally getting to sleep.

Overview: this was by far the best trip I've ever had on mushrooms. Following the trip, I felt amazing. I felt clean and refreshed. Mentally cleansed. Though there was a tough part near the 6-8 hr point (the metal assault as I called it), I now feel that it was a good thing in the end. I feel I needed it, and the trip pushed those thoughts to the front of my mind. I could not escape, because those were thoughts, problems and feelings that I needed to deal with and come to terms with. It was very eye-opening, and one of the more meaningful experiences I've had. I now feel that I wish to explore more with Mushrooms and similar psychidelics which I had previously been somewhat shy of, with a better understanding of them, and their potential.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31254
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 30, 2007Views: 4,475
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4), Large Group (10+) (19)

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