Flying and Sinking
Citation:   Mushrooms. "Flying and Sinking: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp31429)". Jun 12, 2007.

4 shots oral Mushrooms (tea)
The night started out as usual, waiting around for people to get their act together and figure out what our plans were for the evening. It was starting to look hopeless and my boyfriend and I where getting ready to turn in for the night, when by some twist of fate I get a call from one of my friends. She had taken xtc and the people she was with were ready to go to bed. Feeling sympathetic, I said she could come over and we would try again to find something to do. Just then we get a call from a good friend of ours saying he found an awesome party going on and that they had gone shrooming earlier in the day and were planning on tripping. Of course this sparked my curiosity, and we are on our way.

The house where the party was at was insane!! It was in a secluded location right on the water, which allowed for some pretty amazing scenery. When we went inside we were greeting by the host, an upbeat Australian guy who had just remodeled the house and wanted to show it off. He gave us the grand tour which included a room with a space ship on the ceiling, that's right a SPACE SHIP equipped with colorful strobe lights and all, a dj booth, a chill room with big screen TV, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, trampolines the works!! We meet up with our friends and they handed me a water bottle filled with a brownish looking liquid 'shroom juice' they called it. I passed it to my boyfriend and he took about 3 big gulps without hesitating, then it was my turn. I wasn't sure how much I should take but there was about 2 or 3 inches of it left and they told me just to go for it so I did. And that's when the craziness began.

I sat down on the couch with everyone and started watching the crazy anime porn on the big screen :) They said that when I started to yawn a lot that's when it was kicking in. About 10 minutes went by and I started feeling cold and I got goose bumps, I grabbed my sweater and wrapped it around me, which felt great since I was starting to get a tingling body buzz. Next thing I know I was giggling at everything and had a goofy grin plastered on my face. I'm not sure why but I decided to close my eyes and hide my head in my sweater. As soon as I did this I could see a faint kaleidoscope image, and the more I concentrated on it, the brighter and more detailed it became. I probably sat there for 20 minutes amazed at the show that was going on in my mind. I had pretty much forgotten about what was going on around me until my boyfriend tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was alright. I glanced up at him, and he too had the perm-a-grin on his face, which I found hilarious and couldn't help laughing at him.

At this point I guess about an hour into the trip, I started feeling sick to my stomach, and a little nervous. That caused me to think 'Oh no! What have I done to myself!?' I remembered that my friends had said that if I started to get scared just to take deep breaths and tell myself I was fine, which I did. I started to feel a little better and again closed my eyes to see what was going on in my mind. I dropped my head between my knees and I felt as if I was spiraling downward. This kind of startled me so I sat up quickly and leaned back on the couch. Not the best idea because as soon as my back hit the couch it felt like the couch had become quicksand and I was sinking fast.

I took a minute to regroup and got up to go to the bathroom. My body felt not quite solid, like a rubbery liquid feeling, which was pretty awesome once I got used to it. While in the bathroom I began to stare at the walls which where red, with a swirled pattern on them, almost immediately they began to change, pulse, and breath. The swirled pattern spun and moved and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. After what seemed like forever I managed to snap out of it and make my way back to the couch where my friends where waiting. We decided to go for a walk, and see if we could jump on the trampoline. As I mentioned before the backyard was facing the water, and it was breath taking to look at. Even though it was the middle of the night, the sky was pink and purple and I felt as if I was in a painting.

My boyfriend and I climbed up on the trampoline, which was not an easy task! But once we started jumping we couldn’t stop. Each jump felt like I was being launched higher and higher. It seemed as if for a moment I was suspended in the air. I laid down on the trampoline and my boyfriend jumped around me and each time I was in the air it felt like I was flying, and each time I fell it felt like I was sinking into the earth. A few hours went by and we couldn’t stand the cold anymore and had to go back inside. We went into the space ship room to visit our friends who were rolling. The music was loud and intense and there were people dancing with glow sticks and fiber optic toys which looked like bright rainbows in the dark room.

Now every time I looked at someone’s face it began to change, and it was like I was looking through a camera that was zooming in and out. We went back into the “chill room” after that and I again closed my eyes to view the colorful display inside my mind. This time it was even more intense, the visions where bolder and brighter and changed with my every thought. I can’t even begin to describe what I was seeing, the dimensions and colors were out of this world. My boyfriend leaned over and said something to me and I couldn’t hear it, but each word he said appeared brightly colored in my mind. I opened my eyes and the walls had rainbow colors on them and where moving and breathing and it felt like the entire room was shifting shapes. I again got up to go to the bathroom, but this time I caught my own reflection in the mirror. I thought I looked horrible and took a step closer to get a better look, it was like I zoomed in on my face and it was slightly morphing and changing hues.

Another couple of hours went on like this, pretty intense, but not too entirely overwhelming. Throughout the night, I kept saying things like “Why aren’t we out doing normal things, like going to the movies, like normal people.” or “Why are we taking drugs, its just not right” and things like “Is this real, am I dreaming? Am I going to wake up tomorrow and think this is real?” At about 6 in the morning I began to slowly come down. We started watching the movie “The Labyrinth” which was crazy, and the subtitles where moving and changing colors. I began to reflect about what had happened that night, and I felt a since of closure and awakening all at the same time. I don't believe I had any sort of spiritual awakening, but I do believe that I will never be the same person, because the things I saw and felt were more amazing than anything I had experienced before. At this point I am not sure if I will ever try it again, but more than likely if the opportunity presents itself I wont be able to refuse.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31429
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 12, 2007Views: 4,696
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Mushrooms (39) : First Times (2), Large Group (10+) (19)

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