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Four Experiences
Citation:   Mushrooms. "Four Experiences: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp32487)". Nov 16, 2007.

  repeated oral Mushrooms (edible / food)
Me and my friends had all been looking for mushrooms for a very long time. Finally, one of my friends talked to this girl from his old town and she had some. She had chocolate bars that each had an eighth (3.5g) of mushrooms in them. The first time I got one of the chocolate bars I drove down to that town with a couple other guys, gettin stoned on the way of course. When we got them we were skeptical about paying 30 bucks for something that looked like a piece of candy. That night I ate my chocolate by myself.

Mushroom Trip 1: I was at my house alone, and ate my chocolate. One of my friends also ate his that night, alone at his house. Everyone else saved theirs for later. That night alone at my house was very trippy. First I felt very emotional about everything, which remained throughout the trip. I got some very intense visuals. I saw symbols that were rainbow colored, constantly moving around and changing on my ceiling. The carpet was swirling around a lot, and the posters on the walls kept changing into different pictures very rapidly. I wasn't hungry, but decided to eat some chips. Every time I put a chip in my mouth, my mind would go off, completely leave my body. All of a sudden I would appear back in my house again with nasty chip crumbs in my mouth. That was an awesome trip.

Trip 2: The second time I ate a chocolate bar was at my friends house during the day. There were about 6 people there tripping, but 3 of them had eaten their chocolates long before me and 2 other people. This trip was very very strange and odd. I got some visuals, but not nearly as good as the first trip. We giggled a lot and drove around. Everything just felt completely insane and crazy. What the fuck were we doing? INSANE! We got into my friends car and ended up with pot and cigarettes after about an hour and a half of pointless driving. We got to smoke and stuff. This trip was my worst one. I might call it a bad trip. We watched a home video we had made a few weeks before. We watched it while I was tripping. When I saw myself on that video, I had such a low opinion of myself. I'm not really the best lookin kid, and the mushrooms made me focus on that so much. It kind of sucked just thinking about how ugly I was the whole trip. This trip was only a week after the first one, and I think I built up a tolerance, making the trip weaker.

Trip 3: This trip was definitely the best one. I hadn't eaten one in a long time, so no tolerance was built up. It was me and my best friend in my house. We each ate a chocolate, and tripped pretty hard. We got really good visuals, talked about so much, smoked a lot with no worries. At one point my dad came home so we turned off the light and pretended to be asleep. While the light was off, we both got really intense visuals. My friend thought my Dad had came up there, and he never did. I remember looking at things and seeing them a certain way, and the next day they looked totally different. This was also a really positive trip. And we had a lot of weed to smoke that night, so that was awesome.

Trip 4: This was my last mushroom trip so far. Me and 2 friends that I was with during trip 2. Not the friend from trip 3. Anyway, we all slept over my friends house and ate our chocolates. My friend kept the TV on for a long time, which pissed me off because that ruins the trip. Finally he turned it off, and I got some awesome visuals. He had one of those blacklight posters and it was fuckin awesome looking. We had a lot of really cool mushroom talks that night. We talked about how weird it is that out of everyone in the world, us 3 just happened to be friends, and how we wouldn't even know each other if we lived far away. We talked about how each person's life is so different from everyone elses. It's really strange and amazing.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32487
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 16, 2007Views: 5,214
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