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A Delerious Experience
Datura inoxia
Citation:   Maverick. "A Delerious Experience: An Experience with Datura inoxia (exp3286)". Oct 14, 2000.

2 leaves oral Datura (leaves)
    oral Datura (seeds)
This incident occured in march 2000, and since I have been seeing an increase in questions about datura. I am sharing what was a bizarre and amazing experience. Its a pretty long post, bear with me. I am just putting in what I experienced. Most of this text has been recreated with inputs from people I interacted with over the period of 3 days and tape recordings that were made periodically by the sitter during these three days. Please bear in mind that there are some gaps here that I would love to fill, but cant, and dont think ever will.

I would highly recommend a sitter to someone attempting it, i always had someone or the other in my house, though never interacting with me unless I initiated this interaction.

This experiment was with what is identified here as Datura inoxia, a common plant where I stay, it grows in profusion on every piece of wasteland around.

I had eaten 2 datura leaves and half a seedpod. The leaves were mature about 5 inches in length and almost 3 inches in width. They were a deep waxy green. The seedpod was small about 2.5 inches in diameter. Very very bitter taste and compounded by a metallic taste that lasted through the early part of the trip.

what follows is one of the most bizarre trips that I have ever experienced, not something I would recommend unless you like playing at the edge of functional reality. It lasted almost 60 hours.

17 March 2000
It was around 5 (T 0.00hrs) in the evening when I decided to collect a fresh specimen of plant material to begin with. Just went out of my house to the nearest playground, which is 3 minutes away. And just as I turned the corner i saw 3 fine specimens of Datura Inoxia, the plants were a deep green, growing to about 3 feet in height, there were numerous flowers and seed pods. Invoking a silent prayer I cut of 2 leaves and what seemed to me to be a tender seedpod (not completely matured).

I took these home. I skinned the seed pod using a peeler. I cut this peeled datura pod into half. Half went into the compost pit and the other half into my stomach with the 2 leaves. Ingestion was a gruelling process and I almost threw up twice before i could get the plant material down my throat. I used some water to get it down. The taste was extremely bitter. I retired into my room and played some music, john mclauglin with shakti; i think. The first effects of the trip were obvious within approx 20 minutes; i felt a dull throbbing pain in my stomach; not surprising considering that I had fasted for 12 hours prior to ingestion. And felt like I had a rise in body temperature. The feeling rapidly changed into a flu like feeling. This was getting me worried, and i was only 1 hour into the trip. I thought a change of scenery would be ideal, so a friend of mine (who was sitting me), said we would go for a ride. I wasnt too sure of my physical co-ordination because I was feeling pretty nauseous... but my sitter assured me that there was no obvious physical response. He didnt seem to find me off balance at all. The elevator was really something, and I felt my stomach move into my throat, i would have thrown up had it not been that we reached the ground floor. As i sat on my bike I noticed a distinct change in my mood. A change that I just cannot describe in words. (T+2.00 hrs). It was like an upliftment of my physical body, a lightness, the entire environment was beginning to get a little dreamy edge to it. I said to sitter 'is this beginning of the trip, has to be', and he looked back at me and smiled. I felt compelled from deep inside to laugh. But my lips they refused to move, for an instant a wave of nausea racked my insides. And then it subsided again. It did not affect me during the next three days at all. Things were definitely starting to get weird now, there was a distinct change in my visual field, a blurring of things, it was like the whole environment around me was smeared as soon as I attempted to change my field of view, gradually all inputs from the peripheral vision area were gone, it was like looking at a painting. Move my head, and smear ... then painting again, so on ... this went on for quite a long period of time. During which my sitter also said that I was continously talking to myself, the sitter mentions that I distinctly talked about time, and that there was no such thing as time, it seems i was way off from my usual rants, he said I was looking into space and blabbering about how time is always warped, and that there is no such thing as time. This went on till almost (T+10.00 hrs) 1 in the morning ... when the sitter reports that I started to get agitated about something. The sitter thought it prudent for me to have a shower. I have no memory of the shower, though I have distinct memories of what followed.
It almost felt like my body was coming back together ... this was just as i was getting out of the bathroom, i felt cold and weary. My sitter reports that my pupils are completely dialated and there is some amount of redness in the eyes. All lights around look really bright, so I put on a night lamp, lie down and decide to read. The book makes absolutely no sense, the text looks like bar code, or the UPC... when asked what book I am reading I have no clue. I have obsolutely no idea what book I am holding. I have no visual focus ? At this point I tell the sitter that I am not feeling well and that I should see a doctor. My sitter reminds me that I have ingested some datura. Dont seem to have a memory of that, i spend half an hour trying to convince my sitter that I havent had any datura, and that he must be crazy, saying 'i would never do datura man, i think shrooms are the best.' (writing this down I can imagine what other people who have tripped on datura go through, there doesnt seem to be a distinct difference in tripping and not tripping, you feel completely normal, yet you are in serious delirium and blabbering about all sorts of things.). All of a sudden i feel the need to lie, down ... and I lay down. Sitter turns of the light. I begin to fly ... well I had this feeling of enormous speed, like when you are skydiving or bungee jumping. It felt like my heart was going to thump out of my ribcage. my skin was all crackling with electricity. And then i saw my mother ... at that moment the feeling stopped. And I asked my mom what she was doing here in the morning, she should teaching, the spring term is about to begin. She just laughed at me and asked what I wanted, and why I had come. At that point I got really confused, I told her she was the one who had come to me, i thought she wanted to meet me. She said to me; no I dont want to meet you. And then I get the feeling again. I feel really sweaty and damp, its like the air all around me has become really humid. I feel someones hand on my shoulder, i look up, a blurry outline of my sitter.(T+18:00 hrs) He said that for the past 3 hours I have been curled up in a fetal position on my bed. Just shivering with cold. He felt a distinct rise in my body temperature, and decided it was time for a shower. (When on datura showers bring a distinct back-to-normal feel, regardless of the fact that you are in extreme delirium; this can make you do really stupid things.)

18 March 2000
My sitter is prompting to eat something, he said its been like almost 20 hrs since I have been tripping. I tell him I am not feeling hungry, if he feels like that he can eat something. I say why is light so bright and he says its daytime, the sun is out. I ask him when i rose, and when i will set, the light hurts my eyes, I complaing continously, almost whining. He gets me some bread and milk. Suddenly I say I am hungry and wolf down 4 slices of bread and swallow the milk. (strange normally I hate milk). I have puked all over the table and have shit in my pants. My sitter has changed, and I have no clue where I am and who I am. There is darkness everywhere I look. There was no nausea and I puked everything out, and my rectum has voided. (T+31:00 hrs)

no nausea just a puke, and all shit out, almost like a purge. At this point I say out loud 'R you think I'm dead ? ? cause I think so, and I am not feeling so great can we call a doctor.' Again my sitter from now R., reminds me that I am tripping on datura. I say 'so what if I'm tripping on it, I think I am dead anyway.' R laughs a bit, and says ' its been 34 hours since you ate it, and you are still very very delirious' I seem to find it funny and laugh too. When he gives me a handmirror I cant see a thing. And say it isnt a mirror, just a dumb piece of plastic, he says its my girlfriends compact she had left it behind. I say I dont have a girlfriend. (if you ever read this G, i love you) I dont remember any of what follow so its a rough reconstruction.

19 March 2000
I curled up in my bed, was talking to myself for hours together, urinated in bed two times. Lacked any sense of place and time. And R reports that my body had become flushed; where the skin get all red, like when you blush. Seems towards the end of day two, i was no longer agitated. I wanted to read a book, but still couldnt, i keep complaining about my inabililty to read. R says he will put on some music. Plays something on the cdplayer. (T +40 hrs.) I cant hear a thing. he says its the doors and I say it sounds like he is playing back some kind of sound frequency. I talk animatedly about how I can fly when i close my eyes. R says ' why dont you relax and try to fly ?' It seems after this i went lay on my bed for almost 10 hrs.
(t +50 hrs) it seems i was blabbering in the beginning, but gradually i stopped and then at some point during the day I fell asleep.

20 March 2000
I wake up at around 6:00 am (T +61.00 hrs.) I feel cleansed, i can read and write, listen to music. I feel like i have that heavy headedness you get when you smoke through the nite, and sleep very little. R says he has never seen someone trip on datura like that, and that he would never like to try it, he says I have been completely mad for the past 2.5 days. I dont agree with him, but keep my mouth shut.

My head hurts, I am taking a paracetamol and going to bed.

21 March 2000
I have slept almost 20 hours, had very vivid dreams, woke up thrice to drink water. I feel like I have been reborn. I feel perfectly normal.

Datura has to be without doubt the wierdest deleriant there is. It had me completely deluded about what i saw, what I heard, what I ate, what I felt.
It is a complete acting drug, one that should be used only if you are ready to walk the fine line. datura is really taking it close to the edge, never have i felt elation, depression, anger, hate, love and insanity all in one trip. Never have i felt such emotive physical fear and sadness, and I didnt know i could fly.

Additionally most people think i have been closer to death that i could have imagined. Though i stil dont know if the amount of plant matter I consumed could kill me.

Not recommended for minors.

Open your mind.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3286
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 14, 2000Views: 98,983
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Datura (15) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Multi-Day Experience (13), Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5)

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