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Good for What Ails You
Catnip & Cannabis
Citation:   Mistymountain. "Good for What Ails You: An Experience with Catnip & Cannabis (exp3407)". Oct 22, 2000.

1 cup oral Catnip (tea)
I am a college student and really into herbal medicine. I use st. johns wort everyday for depression and occasionally valerian root to help me sleep. I decided to try catnip one friday afternoon after smoking a lot of weed every night for a week, i had read that it was good for digestion and for colds, one of which i had been fighting all week without too much luck. The marijauna was doing little more than make me jittery and cough a lot.

I bought two ounces of dry cut catnip at a local headshop and proceeded to go home and make some tea. it had been about three hours since i had smoked with my friends and i was down and pleasantly relaxed, i filled up my diffuser and brewed the tea for about fifteen minutes, more time would probably make it stronger but i dont know. Before i had even finished the cup of tea i was beginning to feel very calm and relaxed, laughing a lot just like a good mellow pot buzz. its not as visionary as smoking pot is for me, but i can say that for a decent tasting tea (with a peppermint in the bottom for taste) it has a very nice effect. I would suggest it to anyone who really likes a good mellow high. peace..

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3407
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 22, 2000Views: 25,775
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Catnip (68) : Unknown Context (20), Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1)

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