Playing Games with My Mind
by The Blue Cuckoo
Citation:   The Blue Cuckoo. "Playing Games with My Mind: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp34103)". Dec 12, 2007.

  repeated oral Mushrooms (dried)


I first started doing drugs about a year and a half ago with marijuana. Since then I've also tried DXM once, MDMA once, and of course, mushrooms. So far, I've ingested mushrooms five different times, taking a half quarter of them to myself each time except for the first. I'll be mostly focusing on two different trips: the first time I got a high from them and the latest. I was in a pretty good mood before each of these trips and for the two I will be discussing in detail, had prepared a bag containing music, toys, things to write with, etc. Both times I forgot all about it.

Before commenting about my two big trips, let me summarize the others:

My first time trying them I split a half-quarter with my best friend Mike while walking through our town. We are very avid walkers, especially after smoking pot. Although Mike, who had several experiences with them before got a nice buzz from them, I got next to nothing, with only a slight drunken feeling. Most likely because my friend ate most of the powder.

My third time was relatively tame and fun, done with a lot of friends. Lots of music, talking, and some walking. About the most trippy thing was getting a slice of pizza and being tripped out at the way it slid across the plate it came on when I jerked it a bit.

My fourth was a bad trip taken with the same friends, in the same place, a jam room they had rented out for their fledgling band, but which was more a place to smoke up and do other drugs. It started out neat. We were watching the Chili Peppers video for the Zephyr Song. However, then we had the HORRIBLE idea of putting on A Nightmare Before Christmas. Jesus, this movie scared the hell out of just about everyone watching, but it was like no one could muster up the courage to just stop it. Finally, when we were kind of approaching normality, I mentioned turning it off, to which everyone rushed to agree to. It was an interesting trip, but for most of it I just felt like curling up into a ball and waiting for it to stop.

Throughout all of these, I didn't really experience any kinds of hallucinations, besides the typical rainbows around lights.

Now my second time, this is where things really kicked in. It was on the eve of the first day of summer in 2003. About two hours after getting very nicely stoned with a friend at his house, we ate all of the shrooms. After something like an hour, I was really starting to think that shrooms just didn't have any effect on me after nothing much happened the first time. But of course, I was very wrong.

Mike had brought some Camel Lights with him but we needed to buy a lighter. So we went to a nearby truck stop and I went in to buy it. It was getting dark outside at this point. It was when I was at the cashier's desk and looking for a lighter that I felt it coming on. First of all, I was spending several minutes looking for a yellow lighter out of all the coloured Bic ones before the clerk asked me if I needed any help. I quickly picked out a green one and, being aware that I was soon just going to explode, dumped all of my change on the counter and payed her the right amount, with a little help from her.

I burst out the door and went around to the back where Mike was waiting for me, all smiles, and I insisted that we go lay down on the grassy hill behind the truck stop. The moment we hit the ground, we were both peaking incredibly hard. Both Mike and I were laughing our heads off and we just couldn't stop. Eventually, we started walking down a main road to get back to the friend's house we were at earlier. I was getting very hot at this point and repeatedly exclaimed 'It's like a jungle out here!' Colourful shapes and 'pixels' were flashing all over my vision and we decided to instead head into the heart of the city.

I stumbled into a ditch and had another burst of uncontrollable laughter. It was at this point that I took out my water bottle and poured a bit over my head. It felt almost like I was swimming. We continued walking, past the street where I live, and into a park. We were walking along a small creek and supposedly I was talking about God and Jesus, but I don't remember this. All of a sudden, I find myself on the ground, just looking at everything ecstatically. My friend asks me to get up and I reply, in Fear and Loathing style, 'Is this not a reasonable place to be?' Eventually, I get up and we continue walking through the park, on the verge of leaving it when...

I'm staring at a chair that's right in front of me and I decide to sit down. At this point, I have no idea where I am or what I'm doing. I have forgotten what I am and what humans are. There are people wandering about, on what seems to be a front porch of a house, but I have no idea who they are, including my friend. I try to make sense of things and in my bemushroomed state, seeing people drinking and smoking bowls, which I then thought were some kind of tools, I come to believe that we're some kind of aliens who drink some kind of liquid for fun. I'm doing some strange things at this point, like putting my hand in my mouth feeling like it's going through my head, and everyone else is asking Mike, 'Are you sure he took as much as you?' Someone passes me a joint. I look down at it and thinking it was a mushroom stem wonder aloud, 'Mushroom?' I try to eat it but they stop me. Finally, it comes time to leave the porch, which was a bit frightening as it was the only existence that I knew at that point. We left along with this other punk that wanted to go with us.

Around here, I start getting cold and ask Mike to, 'Get in my car,' my car being, at this point, any parked car that I saw. At one point, I ask (I think jokingly), 'Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto?' which kind of freaks Mike out. Eventually though, things start becoming clear and I start remembering who I am and where I am.

Before I end this, it's time to fill in the blank space between the park and the porch, of which I still have no recollection of, as Mike tells it. Right after the park ends, there is a bridge that crosses train tracks and opens upon a street that leads to downtown. Upon going onto the bridge, Mike tells me that I started to try drinking from the bottle, except that I held the bottle about a foot above my head. Then I started to violently spill all the water out and then, with an angry expression, crumple the bottle up and throw it with all of my strength onto the ground. Mike says he couldn't stop laughing. After that, we came to and crossed downtown and met some drunk people who invited us to get stoned at their place, which is where my recollection kicks in.

To finish this up, after we left their place we crossed downtown again and went behind our highschool and smoked some pot with the punk that came with us. At this point, it seemed to me like the whole mushroom trip was just a dream or distant memory, and it was just another night of getting stoned. This was the first of two times that shrooms had played tricks with my mind after the main high. I started to come to terms with the fact that we had done mushrooms that night at about that point and, still unsure about the reality of the situation, decided to go home. It was on the walk home, something like a ten minute walk from my school, that I really started to get more control of my mind. I got home (it was around 1:30 or so now) and everything seemed incredibly quiet and still, like it was just a reconstruction of my house, not the real thing. Not much happened after that though, besides me going to sleep.

Overall, it was an incredible experience, and about tied with my latest one, which I'll describe next. It makes for some great and funny stories, though I wish I remembered more of it.

I had begun to think of myself as being somewhat experienced with shrooms. Mike, two other friends (I'll refer to them as R and J), and I were planning a mushroom trip at Mike's house using the shrooms that J was planning on dealing. None of us had tried them yet. R took two grams while the rest of us each had a half-quarter. Suffice to say, these shrooms were POTENT. Night time had fallen as the shrooms kicked in.

At that point Mike and I decided to walk around and go to the same park that we went to on the trip I've just described. As we were walking, I started to feel very uncomfortable. I can't really say how, though I guess it was me trying to hold my mind together. Eventually that subsided though and we were really tripping. Our minds went all over the place and we realized that there was no point in communicating what we felt as it was too hard to explain. I was wondering about existence, time, and such common shroom thoughts. Mike kept talking about how mustaches were the American Dream or something like that. It was an incredible atmosphere though, as mist covered the ground of the park. We started back to Mike's house, perhaps planning on walking a bit more later on, but realized that wasn't happening as regular traffic seemed like some kind of great disturbance to us. So the rest of the night was spent at his house.

We had thought that we already peaked at that point, but we hadn't. It seemed to come on in waves. The greatest part of the trip was that we all had great hallucinations. In a painting that Mike had done the paint was swirling around and around like it was alive. We turned on the TV and onto a hockey game (a Calgary Flame playoff game). It was surreal. The colours kept changing, sometimes giving the whole image a different hue. Hockey players left streaks behind them and then came the trippiest moment: a goal was under video review. The referee, as he was talking to the video judges, was expanding and retracting, and everything just seemed ridiculous. The others seemed to have problems of their own. Mike stayed pretty cool, while J kept hitting his head on the wall and saying he was melting into the floor. R kept telling us to keep out voices down even though we were relatively quiet and in our own house and generally freaking out. It seemed to me that everyone was panicking but me, as I was just chilling on the bed. Laying my head on the bunched up blanket felt incredibly good.

Now comes the second time that shrooms have messed with my mind, and they did so to a FAR greater degree than the first time. For a long time afterward, I thought that I was dreaming. I was laying down on the bed, watching the walls and mirror doing strange things. R and J left at around two or three o'clock. Meanwhile, I was convinced that I was still dreaming. It must have been around 4:00 or so when I started to get suspicious. I started walking around the house (Mike had gone to sleep in a different room) and looking at things and thinking that this is far too realistic to be a dream. I talked to Mike several times that night as well, thinking I was just dreaming all the while. Finally, I put one of Mike's coats and went outside, wondering how the outside world would look like and thinking it would be fun to just walk around outside in a dream. I went out and it still felt too realistic.

My nocturnal shuffling eventually woke up Mike. I explained my situation to him very calmly and rationally. The way he took everything like it was perfectly normal just made me think I was dreaming even more. He keeps a pet rat in an aquarium which was covered by a blanket. I threw it off and took out the rat, watching it move around, which helped me to think that I was indeed awake, and kept asking him questions to try to deduce whether I was dreaming or not. I asked him to look at the temperature and tell me what it was, then I checked it myself, to tell me the time and then I checked my watch, and to hit me in the arm, to which he replied by slapping me, which was quite the surprise.

We finally took a walk toward downtown. It was a bit past five o'clock, and I bought a coffee. Seeing people wander about and have conversations was what truly convinced me that I wasn't dreaming all of this. I later drove home and went to sleep.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

While the trip was quite unique, especially the incredible hallucinations, the fact that mushrooms could play with my mind like that freaked me out. It was a very interesting experience, to say the least, to have to prove to myself I wasn't dreaming and to do stuff like put on someone's coat and go outside, both of which felt very tangible, while thinking that it was all going on in a dream.

In conclusion, I plan only doing two grams of shrooms next time, both for a clearer and more controlled mind high and to avoid a repeat of what happened during the last time I did them.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 34103
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 12, 2007Views: 6,287
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