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Two Lives
by Un4GiV3N
Citation:   Un4GiV3N. "Two Lives: An Experience with Datura (exp34121)". Jul 18, 2004.

400 seeds oral Datura (tea)
  5 leaves oral Datura (tea)


Ok this incident was the first and last time I tried Datura:

9:30: I succesfully find the plant and pluck about five mature leaves and two of the spiky fruits. At about 9:45 im brewing some tea with all the leaves and seeds.

10:00: I brewed the tea strong until it was dark black. I drank about half a mug and thats it.

10:30: It hits me. HARD. Everytime i stand up it feels like an intense force of gravity is pulling me down. I am forced to sit back down. After this i only remeber bits and pieces but very specificly. I lost complete track of time and i was tripping and hallucinating intensly.

I found my self falling in and out of reality and dreams.... It feels as though i was living two lives.

One incident happened where i get out of bed in my dream state and open the bathroom door and i see my dad behind the sink adjusting some pipes... the thing is that my dad had left at 9:00am in the morning for work. Thats all i remember... then i find myself going to the bathroom again in a semi-dream state and i see the water running and the bathroom flooded. (And i had done this without realizing what happened) VERY strange now that i think about it.

Another incident that i was smoking imaginary cigarettes and when i woke i found myself holding a pack. I still dont see how this happened.

This is all i remeber.... it was as if i had gone through two days of my life but it had only been about ten hours..... I was stupid and acting retarded for about two days after my trip. Also note that during my trip i would walk around semi-concious nowing i was awake but still asleep... i have to admit though i felt very powerful for some reason and i liked it. Also i remember talking to people and hearing myself talking to people who werent there... for instence a good friend of my 'A' was standing by my bathroom and i said 'whats up' and waved to her and she waved back... but shes in Germany...

This is the strangest incident.. This happened when i was semi-concious... I get up outta bed and ask my dad if he wants a drink... i go down to the kitchen bring up two beers and sit down on my chair and repeatedly tell my dad to take his drink i saw him walking around but he wouldnt reply. Again my dad had left at 9:00am in the morning... This was so strange i actually laugh now when i think about it. There more but im too tired to type.

Though i wont try Datura again I have to say i underestimated its power... I now respect the drug and i may try it again (maybe) with my friends and a sitter.

A word of advice: If anyone is thinking of trying Datura please go slow, have a little and see how you feel. If you feel you need more gradually increase the dosage. ALWAYS ALWAYS have a sitter. I know if i had i wouldnt have done such stupid shit... I feel quite embarrest now, when i think of what i did. Anyways go enjoy the 'Datura: The Holy Drug (i consider it this cause it really changed me in a way i cant describe).

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34121
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 18, 2004Views: 26,139
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Datura (15) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Mystical Experiences (9), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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