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Broken Glass On The Wooden Floor
by clueless
Citation:   clueless. "Broken Glass On The Wooden Floor: An Experience with Datura (exp34140)". Jun 6, 2004.

2 flowers oral Datura (tea)
  2.5 buttons oral Datura (tea)


My buddy jon, who moved to the midwest (where I lived) from Florida had always brought up some great plant which he called Angel Trumpets. They grew fluently where he used to live. He had brought some back home after visiting his native land one time and I tried his tea but only got tired and fell asleep.

Well one night some time later while walking into my girlfriends house with her, jon, and two other buddy's, jon made the discovery that she had these 'trippin flowers' growing in her garden. She had the house to herself for the weekend so we figured what the hell, lets boil some up. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

We picked about 7 good size flowers and about 8 pods and broght them back in. After boiling all this up and mixing it with some tea, my buddy Brent, my girlfriend, and I split it up evenly and drank our glass. This was at about 10:30. Within the hour I felt the drowziness of being extremely drunk. I felt normal, just off-balance and woozy. My mouth had dried up very bad and my speech was starting to slur. At about mid-night Jon, and my two other friends decided to leave. I had wanted to buy a dime bag off Brent for the last 30 minutes but couldn't pronounce a single word I tried to say. Everything just came out as one big mumble. As they left I rememberd my girlfriend, Shannon, left her car down the street at a friend's. We hopped in my car and took the short cruise to hers. At this point I had still felt very off-balance, and had an extremley dry mouth, but other than that was more than able to maintain. Those 7 minutes of quick driving however was the last time I would feel normal that night.

Shannon and I got back home and decided that we were just very tired and wern't upset seeing as how we hadn't spent any money, just simply picked the flowers from her garden. Now this is where the night gets extremely intense. After filling a large glass of water we went upstairs to retire, put on some more comfortable atire and crawled into bed. By now my mouth was so dry it seemed as though the water was only making it worse. As I was settling into bed Shannon was scurying about her room like a teen cleaning his room after school only to see his mom home early from work. She was picking up random items, 2 or three at a time, and mearly switching there placment on her dresser. She continued this around her whole room while I layed there and tried pleading with her to just get into bed. At this point it was about 1:00 and I could not utter a word that made any sense at all. After 5 minutes of trying to get her to come to bed I gave up and she finaly left the room. Shortly after I heard a bang, she had slipped down the stairs. I thought 'no big deal' and just layed there. A minute later I heard a loud crash, but thought it was her cat who had knocked something over. Now we had been dating for quite some time and during the time she had never had a cat. Laying in bed I was spinning but not nauseated. My mouth was so dry I almost gagged.

I had to pee so bad so I got up and stumbled to the upstairs bathroom, running into everything in my way. I stood in the bathroom confused, as there was nothing in it. I then remembered, which was my only rational thought the entire night, that the upstairs bathroom was being re-done. I stood there confused again not knowing what I was going to do. I saw the pipes sticking out of the wall and decided thats where I was to take aim. I quickly realized that there must be a better place to pee and walked down the hall to the computer room. This room was being used to store the counter which was removed from the bathroom. With the top completely removed I felt that this is where I what I was supposed to go in. Again I realized it wasn't the place and started down the stairs. I had run into the shop-vac at the top, which I had already hit on the way to the bathroom. I got downstairs, opend the front door and deemed it the proper spot to pee. I even got my pants down before ceasing activity.

Now this whole time I was being rushed through a chain of thoughts which seemed perfectly fine but suddenly hit me as a bad idea. By now time and thought train were completley irrelevent. While I think it was about 2:00 now, I was totally oblivious of a concept of time. I couldn't make sense of anything and could only think of what I was doing at the moment.

I turned twards the downstairs bathroom where I saw Shannon sitting on againts the wall in a pile of broken wood and glass; I mean all over the kitchen floor. She was awake and just sitting with a blank stare. Nothing registerd that this wasn't right. I walked into the bathroom, finally relived myself and walked back into the kitchen. As I did this (I was barefoot) I stepped on a big piece of glass, which went deep into my foot. This is where the hallucinations started. Though I saw all the glass, it didnt seem wrong to walk right over it. I worked in a stock room where the floor was always covered in glass, so it seemed fine to walk across the wood floor with no shoes or socks on. I sat down to remove the glass and then looked up to see all three people who where there earlier. Someone said that I should get a bandaid so I limped back into the bathroom, passing my semi-consious girlfriend on the way. Once again I felt as it was normal that she was laying there not moving. By the way, she wasn't hurt exept for a bump on the head. I knew there was no bandaids in that bathroom but looked hard anyway; hell there aren't even cabinets in that bathroom, just a sink and a toilet. I went back to the kitchen to join the crowd and told them of the shortage of medical aid. Now you have to realize that this whole time no one else was in the house. The hallucinations were so real that I had no feeling of tripping. Not once did it cross my mind that anything out of the ordinary was going on. I stumbled back up the stairs, once again hitting everything on the way, and climbed back into bed. Now like I said I had no concept of time but the period from when I had left the bed to when I came back was probably 5 minutes.

No more than 3 seconds after getting under the covers I had to go to the bathroom again. And not just had to go, but I was about to burst. I jumped out of bed and ran quickly downstairs running into everything that I had before. These things included her desk, the door, the shop vac, and the wall to the stairway. I once again used the john and went quickly upstairs. At this point I stopped paying attention to the mess in the kitchen and my girlfriend who was laying in it. I ran back up the stairs, climbed into bed and again instantly had to pee. This was really going on, I was really peeing, and having to go again a minute later. On one of the trips I carefuly walked out of the bedroom trying very hard not to run right into the shop vac, but failed miserably. I continued this same pattern over and over until I passed out.

Somehow I acually woke up in the bed that I had so desparately tried to settle in all night. It was morning now and Shannon wasn't in the room. I was out of the crazy trip I had fallen into that night. I still had a very dry mouth but was able to achive rational thought. I eventually found shannon asleep downstairs in her basement, which we had not been in all night. She was practically still in her daze but could function, unlike the last time I saw her. I couldn't read anything all day long. My vision wasn't blurry until I tried seeing numbers. My phone was impossible to focus on and that continued throughout the day.

To say the experience was intense is an understatement. Unlike being extremely drunk, or tripping very hard where one could exlain to themselves the effects of their mental state, datura leaves one helpless to differenciate mind from reality. All of the hallucinations caused by this drug are as real as if they were actually there. That night the third guy who drank the tea was arrested leaving a gas station at 5:00 a.m. after he had left a buddy's house. This gas station was two towns over 10 miles in the opposite direction of his house. He was alone but called his buddy as soon as he was let out and sent home, thinking that they were together. 3 months after the event I found out things that I saw or experienced were completely non-existent. My buddies had to literaly convince me that they were not there to see any broken glass that night. Datura will put you out of your mind and is something only to be experienced, not done recreationaly. The dose that the three of of took was enormous and way more than what three people should have taken. Be extemley cautious when taking this drug as it will put you into un-reality.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 34140
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 6, 2004Views: 12,673
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Datura (15) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Difficult Experiences (5)

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